Hire the right candidate without any fuss

You have four people applying for a job. You’ve just finished the interviews. Or, rather, you spent most of the time telling them the company’s strengths and why they should want to work for you. Now you must decide which candidate to choose. But you have no notes in front of you and each individual seems a blur. In fact, you hate this part of the process and are thinking of deciding by pulling a name out of a hat.

Maybe there’s a better way.

Before you begin advertising, consider your expectations and requirements. Whether you are hiring someone to

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Mikhalevich: Lukashenko has shown its inability of the West

"On my eyes, is fully consistent with reality. Indeed, there were small improvements in the process of the election campaign. For example, much less people wasabout arrested and sit in jail, but that does not mean that the elections were free and fair. Straight "and" had to arrange the process of counting the vote. The counting process in comparison with previous campaigns have not changed. Observers again were sitting far away from where the number of votes. When they tried to get closer, they are simply removed. Was rigged all previous vote. State that these elections free and democratic, no

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MPs no one but worth participate

They noted that none of the opposition representatives in the vicinity of the area did not get into parliament, but there is a positive thing — they were able to carry out a broad information campaign to spread a huge amount of leaflets, hold pickets do reverse connection with voters. From which a candidate has received hundreds of calls.

Sergei AntusevichNumber of votes acquired at the press conference were not called, they will be known later. Their worldview expressed about the campaign of the candidate: Yaroslav Romanchuk (UCP) Victor Padchynenkau (UCP) Vadim Saranchukou and Sergei Antusevich — Both of the

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European Coalition believes the elections were rigged

"The situation in the This time was even worse than in the previous parliamentary elections organization on all fronts campaign. Implementation of administrative resources to promote candidates from power became even more ambitious. Percentage of unregistered candidates for the democratic opposition became more overwhelming than in past elections. Municipal vote-counting machine — Precinct election commissions — in these elections was formed more regulated, 100 percent of municipal officials dependent workers. Premature vote, which "voluntary-free" procedure organized by the authorities in all electoral surroundings, this election was still plenty than in the previous, which is also confirmed by statistical data. Preventing

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One congressional Democrats list may not be

Anatoly Lebedko, who heads the political council of the current time, so commented to our Radio the discussion: "To bolshennomu chagrin, I have to admit: while part of the subjects of the regional coalition that has not signed an agreement to participate in campaign, As before continuing support role in the election of not one but several columns. And it falls out of our overall strategy. " As for prospects of unification, then Anatoly Lebedko evaluates them as follows: "Time is not a lot. The problem becomes trivial. And part of the subjects of a democratic society still does not

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A.Buhvostov: nothing has changed

"Nothing to viewpoint democratization process failed. It’s all in a style that exists in Belarus, when trying to rub all points that Tipo have any changes that we all give equal rights, equal rights but no no. I sure like this MP candidate. Leading the agitation, I beheld works for whom Administration of Industry district of Minsk Their is a "separate" candidates, in which they operate. And so everywhere.Observation suggests that the same principles are preparing to rig. This premature vote when all the people are forced to go to a premature vote in different ways — coercion, intimidation or

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Protest at the heartstrings

The action took place in the center of the deepest, and the audience there were manynumerical passersby. — I was on the neck of a poster reading "No — the administrative resource! No — besprintsipialnoy Election Commission! The law is equal for everyone! "I stood on the porch of the Executive Committee, where the district is located Election Commission. Secretary came out and asked if I have a permit for the rally. I replied that this was my way of campaigning and I am now I have the right campaign — said Jaroslav Bernikovich.Passers-by, who approached and asked, what’s happening,

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Grodno region removed candidates

They said that the CEC had received an oral statement from candidate by Ivie constituency number 53 Vladimir Borscheva that it stops the election race. So makarom, in this environment, there is only one bidder on the mandate of the deputy — vice-chairman Oshmiany Executive Committee Valentin Lusin. It also means that there is another — the 15th in a row, the constituency where voters will not be candidates for whom to vote. In each of these districts have only one candidate. With 15 uncontested constituencies 7th fall on the Grodno region.

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Sergei Dubovets. How to vote?

Elections — the rite for those who vote and those who count the votes. Rite — the only thing that can stop fraud votes, not now, then later. After read the truth and not to impale — it is also rite that we make from our own upbringing and education — this is the ability. People know now rite of election is formal in nature, as in the Russian time. But rytualnasts procedure allows hope that in other historical criteria elections can go right. Impose on that frightening role to play here criminality for rigging the results should not, otherwise

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Bernikovich Andreychenko offered to withdraw from elections

The opposition candidate, who is running for 22 minutes Glubokoe constituency, published on the web an open letter addressed to Vladimir Andreychenko — Enemy on his own pro-regime parliamentary elections. Jaroslav Bernikovich chairman of the executive committee offers voluntarily renounce upcoming role in campaign, because the one on Bernikovich views, hold it with the introduction of "administrative resources", thus violating the principle of equality between candidates, is declared by the Electoral Code of Belarus."Open Letter to Andreychenko was written after, as to the district commission were filed three complaints. They dealt with such violations of election laws as the introduction

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