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Tangle of contradictions in the nuclear triumvirate

Our homeland, the United States and China are different strategic stability in the world Eugene Druzin On the background of the financial and economic problems plaguing the West and echoed in Asia, Africa and Latin America, the tumultuous events in the Middle East Bolshennom global media attention attracts almost one permanent problem, which is still the main factor in preventing a hypothetical global catastrophe. Weekly «VBC» tried to figure out the available on this day specifics of mutual nuclear deterrence, also features views on the prospects for the reduction of strategic offensive arms (START) 3 powers — their main

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Fathers love gay foster children

A resident of the UK, who as a child survived sexual violence by a gay adoptive father, took years to prove his guilt.

Now Andy Cannon '23 and he has two children. He said he had not once complained about the adoptive social services, but they ignored his appeal.

For the first time adopter, David Cannon, has applied to child abuse when he was 9 years old. Around the same time foster father started dating men. In 2004, Andy for nine days ran away from home, unable to withstand abuse.

However, social workers have returned it to the family.

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Brazilian Colt M1911 or Taurus PT 1911

  It is not so long ago did several articles on Brazilian Beretta 92 from the company Taurus, in which, albeit in passing, mention that it’s far not the only version of the famous gun in the embodiment of the company. This article will try to meet with another model implements a direct relative of which is, for sure, the most eminent gun Colt M1911, which in various modifications has been living for more than a century and remains with all this quite popular instrument, however, no longer in the midst of the civilian population. Will talk about the pistol

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The last stronghold of the Russian Empire

She could not resist the pressure of the enemy, so as not meet modern requirementsOne reason for the defeat of Russia in the first world war was a hell of swift delivery in 1915 of Russian fortresses. Whereas in France the fortress (Verdun and others) stopped coming of the Germans in 1914.


Construction of modern fortresses on the western borders of the Russian Empire began at the behest of Nicholas I as early as 1831. After 6 decades, to December 20, 1893 at these frontiers were the fortress first and second lines (Modlin, Brest-Litovsk, Ivangorod,

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Congressmen removed from the road «Rosoboronexport»

«We can not even indirectly subsidize mass killings of civilian persons in Syria.» Specifically, the words Republican John Cornyn, full of universal humanism and real democratic notes of almost all U.S. senators urged to press the button «AGAINST» — are opposed to the Pentagon collaborated with the «Rosoboronexport». Senator Cornyn, who is so concerned about the safety of the Syrian extremists became the main initiator of the ban to head the U.S. military in terms of cooperation with the department itself above Russian company. Recall that in the summer of 2012 leaving such an initiative supported South American House

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Post-war anti-tank artillery. 45-mm anti-tank gun M-5

German anti-tank guns captured 75/55-mm RAK.41 on Russian designers made a strong memory. In the OKB-172, TsAKB Grabina, OKB-8, and other design bureau made several experienced trunks with tapered channel. But in the Russian Union adopted any one gun with the channel for service was not accepted. The main reasons were the highest price trunks, tech manufacturing complexity, and comparable low vitality.

Second highlight 75/55-millimetrovoy RAK.41 was carrying a shield that changed the lower carriage — also found application.

In the design bureau plant number 172 (not to be confused with the OKB-172) in a 44-year projected 76-mm regimental gun

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Weapons of the President

In a small Russian town of Tarusa on the Oka River, about two hours drive from Moscow, in a small one-story building there is an amazing company "Tsar Cannon". Even if she has put on the flow of the production of the very king-guns, more amazing it would not. "Tsar Cannon" is known among professionals in high-precision firing their rifles. The finest in Europe. Nothing more, nothing less!


Among the people who can easily get there from a distance of a kilometer, shall we say, a soccer ball, Wladyslaw Lobaev famous man. Almost permanent judge of the

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Top 12 most unusual pistols

In today’s hectic world, even the life of the secured rights can not be harmless. Naturally, great to have a lot of bodyguards around, but sometimes it is better to impose on themselves. Gun, of course, may well contribute to self-defense, but the everyday modern gun — it’s so boring, but rare, except for the basic functions of their own, able to entertain at least some pride collector. Even more so if the outside of the gun is very unusual. By the way, do you realize how much cost the most expensive gun in the world? How do you

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Prospects for development of reckless tank

The imminent improvement of the main tank, it may be going in the direction of loading and the introduction of a mechanism to reduce the number of crew members from 4 people to 3. Russia began such work in 1960, the creation of the T-64, they were followed by the French with the tank "AMX Leclerc." But the least, a number of world-oriented professionals against classical tower because of the enormous size and weight, as well as the large size of the tower represent a target that is affected by enemy fire, and now the idea of offering small-sized, better

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First experiences in the development of Russian tank guns

The first Russian tank guns with some stretch of the imagination be considered 76-millimeter cannon protivoshturmovye standard in 1910, set in 1915 by 30 armored languid like "Harford." This gun is often incorrectly called by the name of armored vehicles. For example, in the Museum of Artillery gun billed under this sign: "Harford gun."

76-millimeter cannon protivoshturmovye first take on armament for forts and they were equipped with wheeled carriage. At the Putilov after the First World War was designed to set the gun cabinet in armored vehicles. Tumba was attached to the bottom of the machine with the 12-bolt.

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