The Hub Airport Debate

It’s a crisp early autumn morning in the Province of Quebec, Canada, and the world’s biggest airport is just hours from its official opening.

Coach loads of VIPs are heading north-west from Montreal to watch the Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau welcome the first arrival at Mirabel International Airport.

Among its more noteworthy features, the new airport boasts an area bigger than that of the city it serves as well as the potential to handle 20 million passengers a year. Inevitably, the farmers who had to sell their land to make way for it are disgruntled. Some of today’s guests are

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Big three to set join forces

On 18 June the world’s three largest container shipping companies announced that, from the second quarter of 2014, they would be joining forces in an operational alliance under the name P3 network. In a surprise announcement, Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) & CMA CGM stated that they will deploy 255 owned or chartered vessels on 29 loops on three major trade lanes, Europe-Asia, transpacific and transatlantic, offering a combined capacity of 2,600,00 TEU.

Maersk, who made the first move by approaching its two biggest rivals about the operational alliance, will contribute 42 per cent of the capacity in the

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ask Harvey Norman

Is there any routine maintenance needed for my washer?

Most washers require a routine maintenance. One of the many ways of doing it is to leave the washing machine lid open when it is not in use. This allows moisture to escape, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. Follow recommendations given by your washing machine’s manufacturer when loading your unit. An overloaded machine will not work efficiently and can be damaged by the extra weight. Furthermore, keeping it level helps reduce noise and additional wear and tear. Every once in a while, give your machine a good wash by

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Yaroslavsky GCC laid the head of river bunkering tanker project RT18

At the Yaroslavl Shipyard (CEO Svetlana Chekalova) a ceremony of laying the first in a series of three bunker tankers project RT18 (building number 10901).

(C) photo Yaroslavl CVD

Customer — PKU "Rechvodput" Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation.

(C) photo Yaroslavl CVD


RT18 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.

Bunkering tanker is designed to receive from the shore or another ship, transportation, delivery to shore or another ship petroleum products with a flash point above 60 ° C. Provides for transportation of diesel

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Energy-saving technologies JSC LEAZ

As has been noted by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, the current situation in the energy sector and the high price of Russian gas to Ukraine prompted the modernization of the energy and industrial complex in order to ensure the energy security of the country. In many areas of a transition to energy-saving technology. To perform these tasks, the regional authority Lugansk directs all of the key enterprises in the region. Among them Lugansk Electrical Equipment Plant, which today with a press tour visited Lugansk journalists.

The problem of energy conservation is extremely important for

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EMSS upgrades machining process

On Energomashspetsstal (EMSS) (part of the group of companies "Atomenergomash") commissioned a new roll-turning lathe "Hercules", which will handle the details of rotation of up to 300 tons. In addition to carrying capacity, this unique German lathe and milling machine makes the presence of a grinding tool.


Before installing the machine German company "Hercules" model lathe with the largest capacity in the Energomashspetsstal was KZH16165 capacity of 250 tons. The benefits of "Hercules" can also be attributed to its accuracy. When processing of the items can achieve accuracy up to 0.01 mm in the diameter of

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Power unit number 1 Nyagan GRES passed comprehensive testing and certification tests

Fortum has started commercial operation of the facility and begins commercial operation and sale of power under the contract for supply of power (PDM) from 1 April 2013.

"Hydroelectric power station — the largest in the Russian project to build a thermal power plant from scratch, and the biggest in scale to Fortum's investment program in Russia. The new unit has been certified by capacity in the amount of more than 420 MW, and is one of the most efficient in the Tyumen energy system. Efficiency of more than 57 per cent will provide the high

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Power unit number 2 of Rivne NPP connected to the grid

Today, unit number 2 of Rivne NPP is connected to the grid. This was reported in the press service of "Energoatom". Now power unit is 50%. Increasing capacity is carried out in accordance with the schedule of the load.  Power unit number 2 of Rivne NPP since May 19, was held in reserve after maintenance. Radiation, antifiretion and environmental condition on the Rivne NPP and the surrounding area has not changed and is within the existing rules. UNN:Rivnenuclear power plant (Rivne) is located in the northwest of the Rivne region. On the Rivne NPP operates four power units

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Energy PermEnergo received 23 new car UAZ Pickup

Carport industrial branches of "IDGC of Urals" — "Permenergo" filled with new cars "UAZ-23632 pick-up." Total purchased 23 UAZ totaling more than 13 million rubles. The car is equipped with an engine capacity of 2.7 liter capacity 128 hp, which allows it to reach a top speed of 150 km / h  

The car can comfortably accommodate up to five people, and the cargo area will accommodate the necessary equipment, which can be claimed power engineers in the daily work of maintenance of electrical networks, up to snowmobiles and swimming facilities. New equipment will be used by

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2018 FIFA World Cup. Five years before the dream

Recently, the site has a project Samara stadium for the 2018 World Cup in football. I decided to find out how things are going with the preparations for this major event. And that's what we have:




In Kaliningrad, which will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the stadium was built on the Island. In the course of geological research experts have assured that the soil in this place is quite solid and allow you to build any kind of structure. It remains unclear why the construction of such a

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