In Krasnodar, earned a new rice plant

The group of companies "Krasnodarzernoprodukt" launched its processing plant rice cereal. The new production is organized in a regional center in the grounds of a mill-of-elevator complex "Krasnodarzernoprodukt."

Risopererabatyvayuschy own factory "locked" the chain, from raw material production to the delivery of finished products to the final consumer.

The processing plant rice cereal is located in the immediate vicinity of the granaries EWC capacity of 70 thousand tons of storage, in one of the buildings, completely renovated.

Through the use of existing facilities the company has significantly reduced the budget for the organization of a new production.

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Power Machines remodel Volga HPP

OJSC "Power Machines" produced the first of 22 hydroelectric generators in synchronous vertical umbrella by the maximum capacity of 144.5 MW for the Volga hydroelectric power station. It is designed for hydraulic unit number 21.

The contract for the replacement of the "turn-key" hydro turbines 10 and 22 on the Volga hydro-power plant was signed with JSC "RusHydro" in 2012. In accordance with the terms of the contract "Power Machines" will provide the design, manufacture, testing and supply of hydropower station on 10 turbines maximum capacity of 145 MW and a maximum output of 22 generators of

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Governor on the post, but the change is already preparing

In Russia began designing a new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which will replace the famous "Governor", better known under the intimidating name of "Satan."

The fact that the works are carried out on such a missile, was not a special secret. Officially, it was stated Arthur Usenkov — CEO "Corporation Rosobshchemash" at a reception to mark the 51th anniversary of the SRF.

According to the director, the task of designing heavy ICBM was received in 2009. The new missile, as well as "Governor," will have a warhead of 10 warheads with individual guidance. For her, it

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At OAO NCSP received a large shipment handling equipment

As part of the modernization of the fleet of cargo handling equipment in the NCSP arrived 21 unit handling equipment. In particular, JSC "NCSP" were delivered:

8 forklifts Toyota 62-FDF 25 carrying capacity of 2.5 tons for transshipment of aluminum, copper and cellulose; 2 ladle tracked loader Liebherr LR614, to process sugar in the hold; 7 terminal tractor Terberg RT223, designed to work with any goods; Forklift Kalmar DCF-330-12 LB capacity of 33 tons; 2 reach stackers (truck for container handling) Kalmar DRF-450-65 S5X capacity of 45 tons.

Gantry crane "Stork" carrying capacity of 40 tons, the

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Yuzhuralkonditer (Chelyabinsk region). Launched a new line

Today, "Yuzhuralkonditer" is being phased modernization — a system introduced the newest Italian automatic production line of sponge cakes and mini-rolls, with a capacity of 20 tons per day.

On the confectionery industry in Chelyabinsk and Zlatoust Kishtim where the branches of "Yuzhuralkonditer" work 900. The average annual rate of productivity growth is 105%.


JSC "Yuzhuralkonditer" is the biggest holding in Eastern Europe — "United Confectioners’. In recent years the production capacity of the factory increased by 30% and net profit — by 2.5 times, compared to the year 2011, return on equity

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Alrosa brought mine Aihal the design capacity of 500 thousand tons

"ALROSA" led an underground mine "Aykhal" the design capacity of 500 thousand tons of ore per year. Solemn ceremony of launching the third stage of the mine "Aykhal" and exit the mine at full capacity took place on April 6.

Mine tube "Aykhal" — one of the oldest fields "ALROSA", his opencast mining began in 1961 and was carried out over 30 years. In 1997, the project has reached the bottom of the career mark of 320 meters, after which the open pit mining at the deposit have been completed.

According to an audit in 2012

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Krasavinskaya CHP work in full capacity

Krasavinskaya combined heat and power installed capacity of 63.8 MW started working in full. This possibility is confirmed by the results of tests carried out in test mode at the end of March. CHP earned in full.

Connecting Krasavinskaya GT CHP to the grid of the branch of JSC "IDGC North-West" "Vologda" was achieved through the construction project RP-110 kV in the investment program of the branch.

Work power will further the development of the infrastructure of Veliky district and the whole of the Vologda region, and will help ensure reliable and uninterrupted power

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Improving the capacity of the line Barnaul — Novoaltaisk — Zarinsk

The company "T8" successfully implemented a project to improve the capacity on the existing line of "Barnaul — Novoaltaisk — Zarinsk" for the Altai branch of OJSC "Rostelecom". Altay branch network — the largest in the Siberian region.

As part of the project on the site "Barnaul — Novoaltaisk — Zarinsk" was installed new equipment DWDM, by which line capacity has been increased to 10 Gb / s, despite the fact that the modernization of equipment to the maximum speed of the channel was 2 Gbit / s. The quality of communication with the new equipment has

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In Kaliningrad, commissioned treatment


In Kaliningrad, after the reconstruction of sewage treatment capacity of 5,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day were commissioned in Gurievsk — on this day, April 4, 2013, reported the Ministry of regional development.


For the reconstruction, started in 2011, spent about 240 million rubles. The share of co-financing by Gurievsky municipal area was less than 10 percent of the total cost. Most of the work has been performed in the past year.

As explained in the ministry, now waste water from Gurjevsk will take place not only fully mechanical, but biological treatment,

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Russian reactor has attracted the Finns

The Board of Directors of the company Fennovoima (Finland) decided to invite the State Corporation "Rosatom" to direct negotiations on the construction of nuclear power plants. Fennovoima is interested in the proposed Rosatom reactor pressurized water capacity of 1,200 MW for the project "NPP-2006", the press-service of JSC "Rusatom Overseas." The project will be enhanced to its compliance with the latest Finnish safety requirements.  

Evaluation by Fennovoima options regarding the use of the reactor medium power reactors with a capacity covers a range of 1,000 to 1,300 MW, supplied by Areva, Areva / Mitsubishi and Toshiba.

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