The first solar power plant has earned the Carpathian region

The company "Solar Energy Plus" has constructed and commissioned the solar power plant, located in Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region.

The installed capacity of power plants, the construction of which began in 2011, is 5.4 MW. Photovoltaic panels will annually produce about 4.8 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, enough to provide more than 1.3 million households with a monthly consumption of 300 kWh.

The National Energy Regulatory Commission (NERC) on Thursday allowed the Company to implement the electricity produced by the solar station on the "green" tariff.

Alternative Energy in Ukraine over the past year and a half developing more intensively

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In the Tver Region is building a unique fish-breeding complex

Near the village of Romanovs Kimry district in full swing, construction of a unique fish-breeding complex. The commissioning of all the planned capacity for growing sturgeon make a local business with one of the industry leaders.

Earlier in the practice of breeding sturgeon were only used a small (up to 20 meters long) pools. In Romanovskoye fisheries initially decided to improve the traditional technology. The first pool is 200 meters long and 20 meters wide was built in less than six months. In February, here launched the first batch of two species of sturgeon caviar: Russian and Lena sturgeon.

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Energoinvest launched the first Galzhbievskoy gelioelektrostantsii

Ltd. "Energoinvest" commissioned Galzhbievskoy first solar power plant (Vinnytsia region). Capacity of 267.9 kW, the head of the National Commission for licensing control of the regulation of the energy sector (NERC), Yuri Antoniuc during a meeting of the regulator in Kiev on Thursday.

According to him, the whole plant will consist of five bursts with a total capacity of 1 MW 446.66 kW.

Construction of the plant is scheduled for completion by 2013.

NERC has established a "green" tariff for the electricity generated by the first burst of solar power plants, and adjusted the total installed capacity of the

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In Kasimov (Ryazan region). Put into operation a new gas turbine CHP

Branch of OAO "UES", "Regional power grid dispatching the Ryazan region" (Ryazan RDU) regime provided the conditions for the commissioning of equipment gas turbine combined heat and power (CHP GT) in Qassim. August 14 GT CHP put in the work to include it on the parallel operation of the Unified Energy System of Russia.

New power is for the supply of electric and thermal energy consumers in Qassim. Power capacity of 18 MW thermal capacity — 80 Gcal / h.

Construction GT CHP in Kassimov conducted by OJSC "GT CHP Energo" (Group of companies "Energomash") in accordance

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New housing Confectionery Company Conti-Rus opened in Kursk region

Investment in the development of JSC "Conti-RUS" in 2004 amounted to more than 4 billion rubles.

In 2007, a group of companies "Conti" has launched a new investment project — the construction of industrial and logistics complex with total area of 57 thousand square meters. m

New confectionery factory of Russian-Ukrainian company CONTI-Rus was commissioned in February 2012. The building consists of the production building and administration building. Area production and logistics unit is 86 000 sq. m. m

Launched the first four production lines with a total capacity of 37.2 million tons per year, as well as the

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In Moscow, began assembling two new moedeley Renault

At the Moscow plant "Avtoframos" began SKD two models Renault — Koleos crossover and sedan Latitude. On this Monday evening news agency reported "Autostat" referring to the representatives of the Russian office of Renault.

Renault Koleos crossover is offered in our (as in Russia) market with two engines: a 2.5-liter gasoline engine (171 hp..) And a 150-horsepower diesel engine capacity of two liters. Transmission — 6-speed manual, the "machine" or CVT.

Latitude Sedan is available with 2,0 — and 2,5-liter engine capacity of 139 and 177 liters. s. respectively. On the "Avtoframose" is also available in the model Renault

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Clinical Medical and Surgical Center updated equipment

Clinical Medical and Surgical Center of the Ministry of Health of the Omsk region has received new equipment for bacteriological laboratory.

Bacteriological laboratory in 2012 Bouzou "KMHTS MZOO" commissioned a blood analyzer, which will quickly detect sepsis bacterial and fungal etiology, significantly reducing the time of the analysis.

Bacteriological BACTEC 9120 blood analyzerof Becton Dickenson made in the USA, acquired the Centre to increase the capacity of the bacteriological laboratory, began its work. The volume and throughput is the only machine in Omsk this class.It is designed for screening analysis of blood cultures. The equipment allows you to:

Promptly detect

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Collection of winter in the Kursk region

According to the operative data, as of July 16 threshed 170 hectares of winter wheat, or 40% of the total area. It is noteworthy that, in comparison with the previous year harvest campaign gained a higher rate. A year ago, July 16, in the margin area has been threshed a total of 64 hectares of grain, and this year — more than 170 thousand hectares, or 2.8 times more. Along with thresh no less important task is to place the grain. To store it in the cereal company has 31 total capacity of 1.6 million tons of agricultural producers and

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Modernization Chepetskiy mechanical plant

Since 2006, the modernization of CMP (Glazov, Udmurtia) has invested more than 21 billion rubles. Of these, about 15 billion — in the development of zirconium production. By 2016, these figures increase to 29.9 and 18.6 billion, respectively. So much money from the "Rosatom" has not received any enterprise sector. The funds were used primarily for the purchase of equipment to increase production volumes and capacity utilization of the plant.

The update primarily affected zirconium production, and metallurgical production, the production of rare earth metals, technical ceramics and superconductors. In the near future there will be created industry-center industry. For

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New kindergarten cantonment Stavropol

August 1 kindergarten number 17 in Stavropol, which is in the 556-quarter, better known as the "military town", will take new students, and then running, they say, at full capacity. Visit it will be 360 children. Garden — Municipal. About half of the students — the children of war, half — city.

Kindergarten together with the adjacent territory covers an area of 11 thousand 260 square meters. Area — 4000 270 sqm. in the yard — seven pavilions for walks in any weather, with new play equipment.

Pre-school institutions such capacity in the Stavropol region today some more. In

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