100,000 km manufactured cable.

Summing up the results for May Ltd. "Saranskcable-Optics" be congratulated on a double victory. Speed, elapsed now reached 3000 km / month and 13 years of existence has been marked by a digit 100000 km produced by the cable! Reached the level of passing that it is safe to say that the company is firmly back on its feet, gain experience and aims to conquer great heights and expand its capacity. To do this, all the conditions. The new production facility will be equipped with special equipment for indoor Cable. Purchase of equipment for self-production and drawing of steel

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The second power Ivanovskikh PSU commissioned

Power unit number 2 PGU-325 Ivanovskikh PSU in the group "INTER RAO UES" has successfully passed comprehensive testing (after working for 72 hours at rated load with the issue of electricity to the grid), as well as testing for certification of power in the framework of the program agreed with the System Operator EEC.

Currently, the Department of Energy being coordinated process of assigning the second power equipment Ivanovskikh PSU status of "innovative equipment". This status was approved by the Commission, the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Energy in April 2012.

The project for

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In Moscow, is set to launch the world’s largest block UV wastewater treatment

On Kuryanovskoy treatment plant began commissioning the world’s largest block of disinfection of treated waste water by UV irradiation. Unique equipment on May 29 praised the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin.

The design capacity of a UV disinfection — 3 million cubic meters per day. The installation consists of 160 workers and 10 reserve UV modules and their total capacity exceeding 3.6 MW. 6120 is used for disinfection of UV lamps.

This technology ensures that sanitary requirements for purified wastewater prior to discharge into natural water bodies. At the same time destroyed the bacteria, viruses and parasites

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To Novovoronezh NPP-2 shipped a second steam generator

Production of "ZIO-Podolsk"

On the block under construction Novovoronezh NPP-2 (NV NPP-2) with production capacity of the plant "ZIO-Podolsk" (included in the power engineering division SC "Rosatom" — "Atomenergomash") sent a second steam generator.

The device supplied heat transfer equipment and is designed to operate at power with pressurized water reactors increased capacity to 1,200 MW.

Whole Plant for NV NPP-2 produced a series of four steam generator PGV-1000 MCP. The general design of equipment — OKB "Hydraulic", the creator of design documentation — IR "ZIOMAR." Transportation of the steam generator, as of extra cargo locomotive is made up

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USC has formed a portfolio to 1 trillion rubles

United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) has received orders for the $ 1 trillion rubles, while 200 billion rubles will be allocated for the production of civil vessels, the chief of the department of civil shipbuilding USC Dmitry Sapov speaking at the plenary session of the 4th World Maritime Technology Conference.

She began work on Tuesday in St. Petersburg, gathering experts of world maritime community, scientists, shipbuilders, makers of components of systems and equipment from 20 countries, reports ITAR-TASS.

"The Corporation, now consisting of 45 companies, 14 bureaus, research institutes, design bureaus, implements production concept with the" Maritime Strategy of Russia

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Power Machines produced steam turbine for the plant Fosforit

OAO "Kaluga Turbine Works" OJSC ("GTC"), part of the company "Power Machines", manufactured and successfully tested a steam turbine with a capacity of 30 MW for "Industrial Group" Fosforit "(city Kingissepp Leningrad region).

The contract to supply turbine JSC "KTZ" signed in the spring of 2011 with JSC "Mineral and Chemical Company" EuroChem "(which includes" Industrial Group "Phosphorite"). By its terms, JSC "KTZ" was to design, manufacture and supply the steam turbine PT-25/30-3, 6/1, 0 of 30 MW.

Steam turbine PT-25/30 with two adjustable steam extraction — district heating and industrial — serial production of "GTC", but for

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In Novorossiysk construction of a modern cement plant

In the village of Verkhnebakansky at the plant "Day" construction of a modern cement plant.

Modern production will run on energy-saving technology, meet all the necessary international standards in the field of ecology.

Investment in the project is 250 million euros. Construction is scheduled for completion in 2013.

The estimated annual capacity of the plant 2.2 million tons. After the commissioning of this latest production will create 340 new jobs. As the development work started in capacity, it will be possible in 1.5-fold increase in Novorossiysk production and sale of cement.

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A new airport terminal Kiev

May 17 opening of the international terminal of the airport "Kiev". The total cost of the new international terminal at the airport "Kiev" was 340 million USD. This was stated by Director of "MasterAvia" Alex Yakovets. "The total investment is about 400 million USD. Estimated cost of the terminal, the improvement of the neighborhood, boiler and internal networks — 340 million USD., And about 60 million USD worth arrangement for aircraft parking apron type Boeing-737" — said Yakovets. We note, today is the opening of the international terminal. Of the 14 thousand square meters. of the total area of

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In Zherdevsky region Tambov region opened pig

In Zherdevsky today’s grand opening of one of the complexes in the framework of a mega-project of "RusAgro." In the soon to be built three pig. Each will include three production facilities — a loudspeaker and two of Feeding.

Ltd. "Tambov bacon" in Tambov region is implementing a project for the construction of pig farms in Zherdevsky, the Sign and Sampurskaya areas. The capacity of each pig will amount to 4.8 million sows.

There will also be erected two plemfery by 1.2 thousand units and 1.7 million heads, feed mill production capacity of

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In Iskitim Novosibirsk region after reconstruction opened bridge

The reconstruction of the bridge allowed to increase its carrying capacity, the capacity to expand the roadway. Overpass through the railway in the street Soviet Iskitim is one of the strategic transport facilities in the city, connecting the two parts of it. It is essential to ensure the passage of passenger vehicles and heavy-lift-forming enterprises Iskitim. Reconstruction of the object began last year due to its poor condition. Overpass opened today meets all the requirements of traffic safety.

After the reconstruction of the full length of the bridge was 38.8 meters (4.4 feet), size of the carriageway — 9.5

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