The new international airport terminal in Vladivostok will take passengers on June 1

International air terminal "Vladivostok" is ready to take passengers from June 1. This was reported to the acting Primorsky Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky during the retreat on the objects of the APEC summit, said the regional administration.

The reconstruction of the runway and the construction of a passenger terminal will increase several times the capacity of the airport "Vladivostok" and put it in some of the largest airports in the world today. In the summer of 2012, before the start of the main activities of the APEC summit, the airport has to work with a full load.


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New housing Confectionery JSC Conti-Rus opened in Kursk region

Investment in the development of JSC "Conti-RUS" in 2004 amounted to more than 4 billion rubles.

In 2007, a group of companies "Conti" has launched a new investment project — the construction of industrial and logistics complex with total area of 57 thousand square meters. m

New confectionery factory of Russian-Ukrainian company CONTI-Rus was commissioned in February 2012. The building consists of the production building and administration building. Area production and logistics unit is 86 000 sq. m. m

Launched the first four production lines with a total capacity of 37.2 million tons per year, as well as the

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New dredger designed Rostov designers

Rostov Design Bureau "Stapel" handed over to the customer dredge DGF 2000 performance at 3000 m water3/ Hr

Type dredger — a floating, self-propelled, diesel, collapsible dredge frame with replaceable tip for cutting and hydraulic excavation method. Purpose of the dredger — maintaining the size of the channel, approach channel and the depth at the berths. The vessel was designed by Russian River Register class "M-SP3, 5 (ice 20)" in accordance with the Rules of the PPP, the 2008 edition of the Technical and safety regulations for inland water transport facilities and the rules of PPP. Stability, damage

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New order Lipetsk metallurgical

PJSC "Azovmash" started the implementation of a new contract with Novolipetsk Steel for the supply of three cranes to the converter shop number 2 OJSC "NLMK".


Two magnetic lifting capacity of 60 tons for the first time the company produces. Another model of semi-gantry crane capacity 2h130 tons have already been delivered Lipetsk metallurgists in 2008 and 2010.

Based on the results of their work, Russians, modernizing production, ordered a new faucet.

In developing the drawings 3 cranes azovmashevskie design took into account all the wishes of the customer.

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Sika Group’s new plant was opened in St. Petersburg

September 27 in St. Petersburg earned third Russian factory Swiss group Sika. Two other plant of a capacity of 20 and 60 tonnes are already working in the Tver and Moscow regions.

The company produces chemical additives that alter the original properties of concrete, such as changing the time of its solidification, water permeability, strength, etc. The main product of — superplasticizer SikaPlast, which occupies 70% of the its production. Speed of the Russian branch of the concern — about 70 million Swiss francs (2.3 billion rubles).Despite the fact that the company still did not have a local factory, now

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The new plant in Vinnytsia. Ltd. Bastion produce facade materials from polymeric compositions

The plant will provide jobs for more than 300 vinnichan

May 31 at the winery opened a new modern enterprise —Ltd. "Bastion". The plant produced facade materials from polymer compositions. A red ribbon during the inauguration of the enterprise cut chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding company "Alta Profile" Sergei grouse, chairman of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Ivan Movchan and Vinnytsia Mayor Vladimir Groisman. 

The company "Bastion" is part of the holding company "Alta profile." Previously, production was located in Brovary (Kyiv region)., But investors decided to move all

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The new plant PENOPLEKS opened in Khabarovsk

August 22 at the opening of the Khabarovsk Seventh-plant of "PENOPLEKS." Currently the production line with capacity of 100 thousand cubic meters per year are loaded to full capacity, the plant operates around the clock.

The total investment in the production facility was more than 5 million euros.

The new plant "PENOPLEKS" became the first company in the Far East for the production of energy-efficient thermal insulation based on ekstrudirovnannogo polystyrene, which is important for the economy of the region and is particularly relevant in connection with the launch of sectoral programs for the development of the Khabarovsk Territory construction

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The new kindergarten cantonment Stavropol

August 1 kindergarten number 17 in Stavropol, which is in the 556-quarter, better known as the "military town", will take new students, and then running, they say, at full capacity. Visit it will be 360 children. Garden — Municipal. About half of the students — the children of war, half — city.

Kindergarten together with the adjacent territory covers an area of 11 thousand 260 square meters. Area — 4000 270 sqm. in the yard — seven pavilions for walks in any weather, with new play equipment.

Pre-school institutions such capacity in the Stavropol region today some more. In

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New hydroelectric Power Machines commissioned in Mexico

In Mexico, the power plant "La Yesca" put into operation the second hydraulic unit capacity of 375 MW. As for the first, the equipment for it manufactured and delivered "Power Machines".

The first hydropower unit was put into operation in October this year. The warranty period for the delivered equipment is 24 months from the beginning of its operation.

The project of creating plant "La Yesca" "Power Machines" act as a subcontractor to the Mexican construction companies CPH — a subsidiary of the largest construction firm ICA, which won the tender organized by the Federal Electricity Commission of

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The new GS … Stels

Stels company introduced a new bike for traveling on bad roads, and possibly even a light off-road. Deciding to bask in the glory of the famous "rogues» BMW, for motorcycle chose the same name — GS.


Stels 400GS got the chassis from STELS 400 Enduro, and fairings were borrowed from Stels 400GT. Comfortable and roomy seat fuel tank together with a modest fuel consumption promise the possibility of hundreds of miles on wind-wheel motorcycle. Strong spoke wheels with steel rims, rigid upside-down fork and swingarm with a monoshock linked via a lever system, promises

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