New ships LSZ Pella for the Russian Navy

15 August 2013. implemented Launching head speed patrol boat project 03160 "Raptor", designed and built by JSC "Pella" on the instructions of the Russian Navy.


The boat is designed to perform in the bright and the dark of the following tasks:

delivery of personnel at least 20 people with ensuring the maximum possible speed at landing and landing the group; incurring duty in designated areas; capture and detention of the minor goals; rescue people in areas incurring duty.

Navigation area — coastal zone of the seas, straits and estuaries in

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New ships LSZ Pella

September 8, the State Acceptance Commission signed delivery and acceptance act tugboat "MB-92" (building number 503) PE-65 project


Preparations are being made to transport the ship to the place of deployment — the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation.


Towing of ships and floating structures in the open sea and harbor waters Escort operations at speeds up to 10 knots Fighting fires in floating and onshore Participation in oil spill response operations Search and rescue operations Breaking the ice thickness up to 0.8 m at a speed of up to

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New Developments Ltd. MZ Tonar

LTD MH "Tonar" developed a tractor-trailer dump truck with Side Load 95.7 tons!


Same LTD MH "Tonar" developed semi-truck Thonar-95234 dropside

Tipper semi semi-circular cross-section have been used in various fields of activity as an alternative to the widely-known-bodies of rectangular cross-section. The plant started production of dump semi semi-circular cross-section of 37 cubic meters and a capacity of 45 tons, the first and second axes — lift (standard equipment). A semi-circular cross-section body with no loss of body stiffness reduces the curb weight of the vehicle (road builders increased

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New Orthodox churches in Russia. 1990-2010-ies. Photographic (Part 1)

This year, the entire Orthodox world widely celebrates the greatest historical date — 1025 years of Christianity in Russia. "On that day, in the Dnieper font born Russian statehood, a new country, a new nation was born with the special moral system of coordinates."

By 1917, Russia had 78,000 churches and 1253 the monastery. During the Soviet regime were destroyed tens of thousands of temples. The exact number of exploded or disassembled (and not, for example, converted into warehouses) churches still unknown. By 1991, Russia had about 7,500 churches and 16 monasteries. In the 25 years of

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The new rail cars are manufactured in the workshops of Azovmash

Active innovation policy PJSC "Azovmash" with engineering support brain Specialized Design Bureau railcar (GSKBV) allows the company to offer the instability of the market highly competitive new products. Innovative products created in GSKBV, no worse freight cars produced in the CIS, and in some respects superior to them.

  This was confirmed by Technical Board, held with the participation of heads of PJSC "Azovmash", PJSC "Azovobschemash", PJSC "Azovelectrostal", which presented new developments trolley with an axle load of 25 tons, model 18-1711 and 12-1905 innovative gondola with Truck 18-1711. — Create products with increased carrying capacity by

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The new production of acrylates in Russia

"Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical" has signed an agreement with Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. with the support of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and the Japanese trading house Sojitz Corporation for a license and basic engineering of the complex of acrylic acid.


The new complex will be located on the territory of "monomer" of "Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical." It will include the production of crude acrylic acid capacity of 80,000 tons per year, butyl acrylate (an acrylic acid and butanol), capacity 80,000 tons per year and an ice acrylic acid capacity of 35,000 tons per year. Due to the unique

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New items Russian crane building

Highrise bezogolovochny crane KB-477 is intended for mechanization of construction and installation works in the construction of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures.

CB-477 is the building permanently attachable bezogolovochnym, hooking an electric mixer with a non-rotating tower and the swing arm.

The maximum capacity of the crane KB-477 is 8 t capacity crane on boom 1,65 m height freestanding crane 50 meters, maximum height 160 m Maximum boom length 55 m crane design allows you to transport all of the nodes in the motor envelope.

The base of the tower can be installed in a monolithic foundation using

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New to the lineup machinery KrAZ — car charger MH-3B-16

PJSC "KrAZ" in partnership with the market leader in pump trucks and machines rotary drilling machine building plant "Star" (city Karpinsk, Russia), on the basis of KrAZ S20.R created a new special car charger MH-3B-16. Technical performance of emergency vehicles — 600 kg / min.   KrAZ S20.R (6 × 4) is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine JAMZ Yaroslavl-6511 (Euro 4) with a capacity of 362 hp, produced by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant under license from Renault, single disc clutch MFZ 430. In addition, the car has a comfortable cabin Renault Kerax, equipped with a manipulator Palfinger, load

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The newest tractor giant from Tambov


The latest development of the designers of CJSC "Agrotechmash" tractor TERRION ATM 7300 with an engine capacity of 354 hp at the 13th All-Russian Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Autumn-2011" was awarded the Gold Medal. Exclusive model fills up empty for the last time in Russia niche wheeled tractors classic layout 7th grade.

Work on the creation of the machine was made by Russian producers in close cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture. Tractor is versatile and consistent with global trends of the tractor. The high

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The new power plant delivered in Ust-Kamchatka area Bolsheretsky

JSC "KamGEK" has completed the construction of HPP-2 on the river Tolmachev. On Wednesday afternoon, power plant will be put into operation. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tulaev Kamchatka. JSC "KamGEK" was created in 1995 for the construction of energy facilities using local energy resources of Kamchatka. JSC "KamGEK" is constructing a hydroelectric power station on the Cascade River Tolmachev, which includes the construction of three small hydro power plants with a total installed capacity of 45.2 MW, including hydro-1, the installed capacity of 2 MW, GES-2 — 24.8 MW , GES-3 — 18.4 MW.

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