VSW in late October launches complex Stan-5000

 Photo source:omk.ru

According to the September 29 journalists complex construction project manager Alexander Rybkin, all work 99 percent completed and in late September, is scheduled to begin hot testing. According to him, at present, are commissioning.

The volume of investment in the construction of the sheet mill was 45 billion rubles.

By itself, the idea and concept of the camp-5000 is the same as that of other mills, but because of the huge dimensions of the sheet has a disproportionate increase equipment. Such equipment is much larger and more expensive, and it has to stand on a

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The second power Kurgan HPP-2 passed comprehensive testing

On the Kurgan HPP-2 successfully completed comprehensive testing equipment and certification of the second power operating capacity.

In the test unit operated for 72 hours with a rated load, and then passed the tests required in various operational modes. Was tested reliability and availability of capital equipment and auxiliary systems, deviations in their work have been identified.

According to test results declared power station has been certified by the System Operator of the Unified Energy System. Completion of comprehensive testing allows us to speak about the successful completion of the construction of the Kurgan

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The second power Ivanovskikh PSU commissioned

Power unit number 2 PGU-325 Ivanovskikh PSU in the group "INTER RAO UES" has successfully passed comprehensive testing (after working for 72 hours at rated load with the issue of electricity to the grid), as well as testing for certification of power in the framework of the program agreed with the System Operator EEC.

Currently, the Department of Energy being coordinated process of assigning the second power equipment Ivanovskikh PSU status of "innovative equipment". This status was approved by the Commission, the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Energy in April 2012.

The project for

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Voronezh region in recent years has increased the elevator capacity of 400 thousand tons

Voronezh region in the last 2.5 years has increased the storage capacity of grain by 400 thousand tons. About the same number of elevators to be built in the next 2-3 years, said Voronezh Governor Alexei Gordeev.

On the eve of the launch of Open Company "Anninsky elevator" capacity of 140 tons, was built with the participation of the Moscow Industrial Bank. The project cost is about 1 billion rubles. In addition, the Company launched the elevators "Voronezhmyasoprom" (150 tons) and "Agro-Invest" (15 thousand tons and 40 thousand tons). elevator "Agro-Invest"

 Photo source:agroinvest.com

 Photo source:agroinvest.com

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Volchansky mechanical plant started producing cars vesopoverochnyh

On Volchansky Mechanical Plant (Volchansk, Sverdlovsk region) started production of a new species — vesopoverochnyh cars.

Two months ago, Volchansky mechanical plant produced the first prototype of the hopper car for transportation of bulk cargo with increased load capacity. Today, the plant started manufacturing batch vesopoverochnyh new generation cars.

Volchansky mechanical plant is the city main, with its stable performance due to both the welfare of factory workers and the entire Volchansk urban district.

The buyer of these cars will be Railways. New products Volchansk mechanical plant will gradually replace the exhausted

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Volkhov aluminum factory passes to the output of motor alloys

UC RUSAL the world's largest aluminum producer, announces realigning Volkhov Aluminum Plant (VAZ) for the production of alloys for the automotive industry.

The plant is being installed new equipment. Foundry capacity is 24 thousand tons of aluminum alloys per year, which corresponds to the volume of production of primary aluminum in the WHA. The new production will employ an additional 250 people.

Repurposing is scheduled for December of this year, the company will invest $ 3 million dollars. The general contractor of the project — the German firm JASPER. Casting complex will produce A356.2 aluminum alloy used to produce automobile

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Volga-Don canal provided work to the limits of capacity

Need to transport through the Volga-Don canal only oil cargo in 2013 was 11 million tons, while its capacity currently stands at 10.5 million tonnes. But there is still grain exports. This was during a meeting of the Board of Rosmorrechflot in Moscow, the head of the FBU "Volga-Don State Basin Department of Waterways and Navigation" Oleg Shakhmardanov.

He noted that it is necessary to work on a uniform distribution of the fleet for locking from the beginning to the end of navigation (in April loading is only a third of the boot in August after harvest),

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Volgograd refinery upgrade production

Volgograd refinery is the largest producer of fuels and lubricants in the Southern Federal District. Today the company is intensively re. The company "LUKOIL" has invested in upgrading the plant about $ 1.5 billion. A program of further reconstruction, providing for the construction and commissioning of large projects.

The distillation unit is built-1 for primary distillation capacity of 6 million tons per year. Its commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2014, will increase the plant's capacity to 12 million tons of oil a year.

Launched a new installation of diesel hydrotreating capacity of 3 million tons per year. Since

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Volga-FEST upgraded electric bridge cranes

At the Electric Frolovskoye Zabdiel (Volga-FEST) The modernization of electric bridge cranes lifting capacity of 60/15 in that the main activities carried out in the replacement trolley. Total volume of work performed in conjunction with the acquisition of new equipment units amounted to about 12 million rubles.

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Unique in design of electric overhead crane Italian production capacity of 60/15 m — one of the main technical devices in the whole production process. Crane performs several key process steps: charging in an electric furnace replacement and make-up of the electrodes, filling the furnace magnesite, etc.

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In the port of Vladivostok earned two new gantry crane

At present, after the completion of installation and commissioning, a 53-berth container terminal of Vladivostok commissioned crane Liebherr. Gantry crane maximum lifting capacity of 124 tons was purchased Sakhalin Shipping Company for the treatment of a 53 berth VMKT vessels servicing import and export lines, including ships, working on lines SCL (SASCO China Line).

At the same time, a 50-berth VMKT began operating gantry crane Liebherr, acquired Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port. Crane lifting capacity of 63 tons is designed to handle vessels SASCO, serving the coastal steamship line Vladivostok — Korsakov, Vladivostok — Magadan and Vladivostok — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.


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