Spiny eels: they do breed in captivity!

When I bought my Macrognathus maculatus almost three years ago (they were sold to me as M. circumcinctus), I had no idea that one day I would breed them. It is amazing how little information is available about this group of fishes, since they have been established in the hobby for so long. The notion that they would not breed in captivity, at least without hormones, was well known to me. But soon I was to be taught a lesson!

I acquired my Frecklefin Spiny Eels in a group of three because of my deeply held view that no animal

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Negros in zoos enlightened Europe

Only in 1935-36 in Europe were eliminated last cell with blacks in zoos — in Basel and Turin. Before that white people are willing to go to look at the black in captivity (as well as the Indians and Eskimos).

Already in the XVI century negros were brought to Europe as exotic, about how the animals of the new open land — chimpanzees, llamas and parrots. But until the XIX century blacks lived mainly in the courts of rich people — are illiterate commoners could not even look at them in books.

This all changed with the modern

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Dolphins are people too

March 11, 2012 12:02

Dolphins give people the rights offering to U.S. researchers. They believe that these mammals have sufficient reason to treat them as his own kind.

© Flickr.com / Cayusa / cc-by-nc

Environmentalists urged to adopt a "Declaration of the rights of whales," the provisions of which will comply with international and national law. Many of these amazing creatures in the Red Book, to destroy them is prohibited. However, even the contents of dolphins in captivity is unethical and unacceptable, consider zoozaschitniki.

Tables unusual decision was taken in Vancouver, Canada at the annual meeting of

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Rare white tiger cubs and the South China Safari Park Chimelong

Chimelong Safari Park in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou — the owner of the largest collection of tigers in China and one of the largest populations in the world, kept in captivity. Over an area of over 30,000 square meters of living and successfully breed white tigers and tiger cubs.

The last white tiger in nature, was killed in 1958, and since then the white tigers freestyle considered extinct, although it may still be red tigers, which are carriers of the gene white color. To date, white tigers are found only in captivity.

All white tigers are Bengal subspecies

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The Nature of Things: crocodile escaped from captivity first went to the beauty salon




50-year-old owner of a restaurant in Tokyo, raised in an aquarium established in catering establishments, large crocodile, and one day found her pet in place.

Polutorametrovy South American caiman somehow freed from captivity and wandered through the streets of Tokyo. After some time in the beauty salon,

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Chimpanzees are crazy in zoos

The authors of the study published in the journal PLoS One, point out that many chimpanzees that are in captivity, there were cases of strange behavior — for example, some monkeys inflicted self-mutilation, and other long danced on the spot, and other symptoms that occur in people with mental illness . One would assume that the reason for all the bad animal welfare, but strange behavior was observed even chimpanzees living in a very nice zoo, but wild animals always behave normally. "Deviant, that is not relevant standards of conduct was observed only in animals that are kept in

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Rescuers rescued dog primerzshuyu to the bridge in Bryansk

Staff search and rescue service came to the rescue mongrel whose tail vmerz in ice sidewalk on Black Bridge in Bryansk, reports EMERCOM region.

According to authorities, a red yard dog got into the emergency situation for her last week. The air temperature in the region, then drop below 20 degrees Celsius.

Mongrel, has arranged to lie at the beginning of the pedestrian walkway on the Black Bridge, was there for a while waiting for pedestrians which it fed. However, when the dog lunged toward another nurse, an older woman, she howled with pain in her tail vmerz ice sidewalk.

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