The main objectives of that foreign military experts confer on mobile facilities maintenance and repair of vehicles are maintaining vehicles in constant readiness for use; recovery efficiency of cars damaged during the battle (operation); assisting drivers (crews) in the implementation of time-consuming and complex operations for maintenance and current repairs in the field.

In times of peace and in times of local wars in the armies of the capitalist countries provided use mobile workshops, designed and manufactured under special orders of the military departments and included in the respective states of repair. However, I believe that in the course

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Undefined Released

Genre Comprehensive car simulator


West Racing

Tell me, how do you see the perfect car simulator? Imagine that there is no such thing as a «budget», «expensive», «very heavy», the «problem» … Let’s just dream. So, how do you think he will? Go ahead!

— Of course, it will be beautiful. — Oh yeah. — Cars will be very real. — Of course. — Physics is so fancy that, just like in life. — Of course. — The sound is beautiful, energetic, and indistinguishable from the real. — No problem. — Will be modeled all-all

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This summer, the US company Motus finally revealed the production version of its much-touted sportturera MST. Recall that this machine is equipped with a unique power plant — designed on the model of the large automobile longitudinal V8 V-shaped «Quartet», a working volume of 1650 cm3 and 160 hp, with a sucker rod (OHV) drive top flaps. Equipping the machine — at a high level: adjustable suspension, brakes Brembo, forged wheels, color LCD display as dashboard. However, the price to match: $ 30 795. At the same time the company introduced version MSTR with uprated to

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Disparities replacement

Over the past five months, the circle on available vehicles with automatic transmission significantly narrowed. And although the place of retired cars were declared the Chinese model, which partly offset the non-combat losses, to name a replacement of equal value can not.

Deserters turned four Korean «Almeria-Classic» completely replaced the new «Almere» from Togliatti and «Bestёrn», «Citroen» and «Peugeot 208» rose. So the automatic modification «Giglio Emgrand» and «Cherry-MH», where the role of the box takes the variator proved handy. On the way, by the way, has two models in the near future «Lifan» will begin selling sedan «Solano»

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Intensive gardening PREVENTS huge amount of manual work. Is created in the All-Union Institute AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY MACHINE mechanized one of the most labor-intensive operations — pruning fruit trees. The machine is controlled by one person. She cuts herself unneeded branches to pick them up. PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES seven times, and the costs are reduced by seventy percent.

Always thought that fruit trees need a space, then the harvest will be. Agricultural science has proven the opposite — give birth to larger fruit trees, if planted densely, only need to limit their crown, thin out. The well-bleached branches fruiting accelerated by three


Legend №11.

Four years ago at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Anton Ivanov saw a strange picture: the people sat in front of the stage with a 911-m, in which sat a man and step on the gas. The audience listened to the roar of the different keys, and then "soloist" applause retired. During the 50 years of history 911th everything in it, including the sound of the engine, it has become a legend. So he went with us to the test.

The last half-century the Porsche 911 was growing up. Not me, and it was growing up, as it does

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Their element — CROSS

For true connoisseurs of racing wander in the Technology Park, which houses the machine athletes hardly less pleasure than the contemplation of the competitions. In this sense, the European championship in autocross — a spectacle that will probably have to taste the most fastidious gourmets road. Not to mention the buggy, even in the group of cars affects the abundance of a variety of machines, many of which only the outlines resemble their production counterparts.

Such a diversity of techniques in cross-country there was no accident. On the one hand, so far, none of the companies does not produce

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B. I. SHABOTENKO, chief of signaling and communication Southwest Road

C. V. Solovyov, head of laboratory automation and robot AP KIRIKASHVILI, head of the wagon-meter

A feature of the maintenance of modern devices of railway automation and remote control is carrying out numerous measurements in order to monitor compliance with the required parameters of the established norms and identify predotkaznogo state. The timeliness and accuracy of this work depends largely on the reliability of the devices to ensure the safety of trains. Therefore it is quite natural that in this area there is a tendency to improve techniques and


To rally a lifetime

What qualities Subaru Outback gives his «boxer heart»

In this car it is possible to go to the rally — thanks for familial genes. But Subaru Outback wagon-road comfort is able to compete on a business sedan, and on cross and capacity — with this SUV.

A few facts about SUBARU OUTBACK

• Word outback in Australia called the local Bush — large sparsely populated arid region in the interior of the continent.

• The name was first used Outback Subaru in 1994, it was of «off-road» version of the wagon Legacy. Model gained full independence only in 2009,

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Grape-testing machine (Fig. 1) in 1962 in California (USA) have shown promising results, allowing for the next season to release the car for sale.

The estimated cost of the machine 6750 rubles may seem high, but it should be borne in mind that one machine replaces the work of 50 collectors.

Commercial use of the machine will require significant changes in the methods of growing grapes.

Still used methods of forming the vines are expensive and are not suitable for mechanical harvesting conditions. Therefore, large areas are trellis vines should be replaced — the L-shaped type. This — the

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