Western District supplemented with 2 pieces of equipment tyschami

Western Military District in 2012 he got about 2-thousand units of the latest and upgraded technology, said the Ministry of Defense. Supply of Machinery carried out in the framework of the municipal defense order. Warranty service is supplied equipment manufacturing companies on the criteria of outsourcing.

In general, the troops WEST last year received modern main battle tanks T-72B1, BTR-82 armored recovery vehicles ARV-K for the BTR-80, multi-purpose tractor carrier MT-LBVMK, 900 trucks of family "Mustang", 200 trucks " Ural ", as more than 200 tractors and trailers.

In September 2012 it was reported that the car park of

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The Western media: The Terminator — 52-ton tank killer, killer, from which startled even hell

BMPT "The Terminator" (Our Fatherland, UralVagonZavod) at the international exhibition of arms and military equipment "KADEKS 2012." Photo courtesy of "Institute of Steel"

During the Battle of severe Chechen rebels completely destroyed tanks Russian Federation. Snipers punched narrow armor fighting vehicles from the rooftops. While our homeland has not yet used an anti armor, and BMP-2 could raise the gun is quite high, in order to give back fire. Since the beginning of the development of our motherland "Terminator" — armored support vehicles, set up to fight in urban criteria. This is magazine writes GIZMODO.

BMPT (tank support

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Top Gear America / Top Gear USA Watch Online

The well-known Car-show Top Gear, now and in America. «Top Gear"- Is popular Car-show, dedicated to cars. «Top Gear America »- created as a spin-off of the UK version. Transmission enters the channel NBC, as a substitute Car show "Knight Rider", which has fallen rating and was not profitable to create the transfer.

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Revisiting BMPT

The car with a mass of bugs, but still it can bring to the brain

1st Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin said that in the program from the state defense order, along with some other standards did not include more than one year to create a tank support combat vehicle — BMPT. With all this "major procurement" expressed surprise at the fact, for which general design and build such a machine, as, say, the tanks are self-sufficient in the field, and no support for them is not required. Leaving aside the question of the sufficiency of tanks on the

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Egyptian variant of MLRS SAKR Kamaz

On Egyptian resources of Facebook appeared snapshot latest modifications Egyptian 122-mm multiple rocket launcher SAKR (A clone of Russian BM-21 "Grad"), which comprise the army has Egypt. In this case, the standard 30-round launcher RL-21 battle MRL machine SAKR mounted on the chassis of the new Russian KAMAZ-43118 6×6. One can imagine that the programm is reset launchers fighting vehicles MLRS SAKR on the old chassis the newest wheelbase KamAZ.

Creation of combat vehicles MLRS SAKR different options with the 1981 Egyptian state-owned enterprise produces Helwan Machine Tools Company in Helwan.

A new variant of the Egyptian armored 122mm

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Critical mass in Minsk riot police broke up a

Society Detention as at least 15 people over the regular action bike rider "critical mass" in Minsk. Told Freedom velolyubitel Boris Oshchepkov.

"Every Friday, every month we hold rally in support of our right to travel around the city by bike. We demand the establishment of these modalities for the ride on the bike, we are against zyasillya in cars. May 27th we gathered 70 people, we rode along Independence Avenue, never stopped anyone. And in front of the store "Ocean" We stopped the police car, and then there were a few cars and buses with riot police. Cyclists began

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Catching up with the United States

Russian aircraft will be able to compete with overseas "Predator" and "Lightning"

January 29, 2010 for the first time flew the most experienced Russian fighter T-50 Sukhoi. Flights newest machine identified the next step the long history of the Russian plane fifth generation, which began over 30 years ago.

Requirements for a future car for tactical aviation management Soviet Air Force initially defined at the turn of the 70-80s, when there were tests fighters fourth generation — the MiG-29 and Su-27. Almost working on a promising aircraft in the Russian Union and the United States began immediately, with our

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The new armored created unique protection

Russian businesses are beginning to build war machines of the latest generation protective materials, which by their features or what is not inferior to the best world standards.

Military leaders from more than one occasion expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of the protection of Russian armored personnel carriers. The essence of their criticism was to ensure that the traditional steel armor, Having a huge mass, does not provide sufficient protection against the damaging various reasons in modern combat. But in military vehicles Western models are widely used as composite materials that are lighter and stronger. Now is not

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Detective adventure limousines Defense

The story of the rarity limousines Ministry of Defence has already claims to be a detective. Car found, but the residue remained. Machines are where they are supposed to be on the documents — on the 147th carpool Rublevskom on the highway. But questions from investigators, to understand this complicated case of less is not, check lasts. FSB officers work directly at the Museum of military equipment in Ryazan and spetsgarazhe in Moscow.

The main question — whether all the old cars on the spot? Investigators have requested documents related to the relocation of exhibits and remembered the math. Most

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Landing on the armor. Why no one trusts the Russian BTR?

"BMD-4 — a version of the BMP-3, no protection, all over the top, but it is more expensive than the tank. We are on that car did not look like, and do not look "Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces General of the Army, NE Makarov

What was and what came

The footage war newsreel rush "Thirty", sits on the armor thick ruddy tommy. In the most terrible heat and the fiercest cold Russian soldiers went into battle, pressing shoulder to bulky turret, scorning the idea that in every moment a stray German bullet

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