One High-End GPU vs. Two Midrange GPUs

One of the most common questions we get here at Maximum PC, aside from details about our lifting regimen, is whether to upgrade to a high-end GPU or run two less-expensive cards in SLI or CrossFire. It’s a good question, since high-end GPUs are ex­pensive, and cards that are two rungs below them in the prod­uct stack cost about half the price, which naturally begs the question: Are two $300 cards faster than a single $600 card? Before we jump to the tests, dual-card setups suffer from a unique set of issues that need to be considered. First is the

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In the Speed of Flash



One of the best upgrades you can gel for a notebook is probably a SanDisk Extreme SSD. Not only is it designed to withstand shocks and vibration from traveling, it operates silently with no moving parts, and helps save precious battery life through lower power consumption compared to a regular mechanical HDD. It boosts application performance and load limes with lightning fast read/write speeds and SATA 6Gb/s support. Also gone are the days where storage is sacrificed for speed as the SanDisk Extreme SSD comes in

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Flashy stuff

UK distributor Kenro has added the Nissin Di700 flashgun to its range. With a Guide Number of 54 at 200mm (ISO 100), the Di700 offers zoom coverage of 24-200mm, 180° horizontal rotation, 90° upwards tilt and 7° downwards tilt. It also boasts sync speeds of up to l/8000sec (depending on camera), wireless TTL support and an external power socket, making it compatible with the optional Nissin Power Pack 8 battery. The Di700 is available in Canon and Nikon fit now for £195, with Sony-fit due in September.

The world’s fastest cards

Toshiba has announced that it is set to launch

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Universal electronic cards have started to give the residents of Krasnoyarsk

Issuance of universal electronic cards (UEC) with a valid digital signature and transport application started today in Krasnoyarsk. In seven specialized points of the citizens, who wrote the application for the UEC in the coming days will be issued to the first 477 cards.

As Itar-Tass learned at the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, now for the majority of subjects of Russia remains an unresolved problem of the interaction between the two systems of government — federal and regional UEC single portal of public services. With the card you can not enter

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Satellite payphone for Capital of the World


It does not say "I'm going to Vorkuta," and "I'm going to Vorkuta," that is, as it is not in the city, and on the island. After all, except on the winter road, getting there by car is impossible.

What can we say about the construction of 150 km of Vorkuta? You understand that blizzard (with the accent on y), the Bears, the annual average temperature of minus 5.3, and six men around the gas pipe. Telephone the men — no. In an emergency, had to travel for 100 km to the point where catching

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What is the U.S. number 1 in the world? Part 2

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12  Number of lawyersper capita. Total operating in the country of 1.1 million lawyers, ie on one lawyer has 256 Americans (for example in France for one lawyer has 1,403 people). The ratio of lawyers to prisoners — 1:2!

13 Leader in the production of pornography.89% of the world pornography made in USA.

14 The Americans most of all in the world drink drugs with or without reason. Drug abuse about 36 million Americans. From pharmaceuticals die each year 200,000 U.S. citizens.

15 World's Most Expensive prescription drugs. On average, Americans overpay

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I work in a queue for bread

The picture that comes to mind for most people when they think of the Great Depression — all over the bread. Black-and-white photographs of people standing in a queue around the block to get a loaf of bread and take it home to his family. It was a time of great famine that not all survived. It has been estimated that from hunger and disease due to malnutrition died about 7 million people.

Today, in this great depression, which some call a recession, and some even say that it ended four years ago, the bread

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Execution without trial suspected of a crime carried out by a street crowd (mob rule). Official government never seriously struggled with the courts and the practice of lynching their mass application existed in the United States until the 1950s. Executions often ended joint photography. From photo cards made and sent to relatives, for example, with the inscription: "I am second from the left." Inside are two such cards


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Dear fans! In recent days, upon receipt of club cards, many of you have questions, what is needed CLUB CARD? What advantages does it offer? What to do with it? And for how long the club card is issued? We would like to remind you that the details of the loyalty program for season ticket holders and club cards published on the official website in the subscription. For those who do not have the possibility to get acquainted with her, reported: 1. CLUB CARD given to you in perpetuity and will be exchanged only in the case of loss or


As innovative ideas are born …

Part 1 of the

The birth of an idea.

My brother, Sergei, watching as I give birth to the idea of Technopark Skolkovo and get them real patents, pestered me with his "invention." The essence of his ideas was as follows. Everyone, or almost everyone on the planet have a mobile phone or smartphone. And many people are using mobile or internet connection can be in the pocket of 2-3 or more SIM cards of different operators, which he regularly uses in everyday life! And to SIM-ki is not lost, Sergey

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