C-17 Dual-Row Airdrop

THE 58TH Airlift Squadron, Air Education and Training Command’s C-17 ‘schoolhouse’, based at Altus AEB, Oklahoma, made the first dual-row airdrop from a C-17 Globemaster on July 5, 2005. Dual-row airdrops allow twice the amount of cargo and heavy equipment to de dropped during the vulnerability time over a combat zone in comparison to a single row drop. The US Air Force is introducing the method to the C-17 course at Altus in support of the US Army’s requirement to drop an entire brigade onto a drop zone in a certain amount of time.

Aircrew must use different drop procedures

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Ass and Trash haulers

OPERATION DESERT SHIELD in the last quarter of 1990 was a graphic reminder of one of the basic essentials of war; «getting there firstest with the mostest», as Andrew Jackson pithily put it. The tremendously rapid build-up of force halfway across the world, from the country which supplied the majority of it, can be regarded as decisive. In terms of size, speed, and distance, it was unparalleled in the entire history of warfare, and one day, when the definitive history of the Gulf War is written, air logistics will be acknowledged as the foundation of victory.

Once the shooting starts,

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Milestone Chemical formed tanker

Japan’s Tokyo Marine and Jo Tankers of Norway will merge their chemical carrier fleets into a new pool company, to be known as Milestone Chemical Tankers, this autumn. The pool will be owned on a 50/50 basis by the partners and will be commercially managed from Singapore, with regional offices to be established in Bergen, London and Houston. The combined fleet will total 63 ships, with 52 coming from Tokyo Marine.

Feeder vessel

In mid-June Angola loaded its first cargo of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). Angola has become the first new supplier of LNG to come to the global market

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From time nedavneshnego humanitarian goods at customs equal to commercial

"Farmer’s Field""Farmer’s Field", year 1927. The newspaper writes as present day"Mine outside science and return to the region — this is only useful for the region, but to produce science and sent abroad after not spin at home — it is death for the region … If we get up to the Belarusian intelligentsia only for export, the thereby will do offense, we will help the Polish government Polonized our region. Everybody should know about all those conscious Belarusians who allow Belarusian maturystym produce science. ""Star""More than 100 years ago in the villages reverse Kanorenki, Ravens, tract Kutsovka and others.,

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Yaroslavsky GCC laid the head of river bunkering tanker project RT18

At the Yaroslavl Shipyard (CEO Svetlana Chekalova) a ceremony of laying the first in a series of three bunker tankers project RT18 (building number 10901).

(C) photo Yaroslavl CVD

Customer — PKU "Rechvodput" Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation.

(C) photo Yaroslavl CVD


RT18 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.

Bunkering tanker is designed to receive from the shore or another ship, transportation, delivery to shore or another ship petroleum products with a flash point above 60 ° C. Provides for transportation of diesel

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Transit blockade

Further the report states that from January 2007 Belarusian customs authorities inspect all Russian products that come from the Kaliningrad region via Belarus to the rest of the territory of Russia, also in order of mandatory escort ts, reports Prime-Tass.As a result of these measures on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border segment is heavily are in anticipation of the delivery procedure and design outfits arrival of the convoy. In addition, this led to additional cash embezzlement for making electrical and control documents cardboard shipping products, payment of the convoy, also are in each idle Fri decision notice on the Russian-Belarusian border.In order

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Yurginskie mechanical engineers have developed a draft of a new machine for the transport of persons in mines

At Bucyrus completed drafting the new rubber-tired vehicles with diesel drive on the technical task of "SUEK-Kuzbass". It is designed to transport people and cargo in hazardous mines of dust and gas.

According to the developers, this technique has no analogues in Russia. The machine is used articulated design that allows for the rotation of increase agility equipment in the mine. Steering is performed by two hydraulic cylinders that move poluramy designs against each other during movement. The car will use a diesel drive engine (producer — Italian firm Miretti) will be carried out in an

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WIG from the Russian company TRACK

JSC "Scientific and Production Company" TRACK "is commissioned by the EC-type WIG 12 and WIG design is different dimensions to individual orders, especially foreign ones, said" AviaPort "Director General and Chief Designer of JSC" SPC "TRACK" Vyacheslav Kolganov.


The main activity of JSC "SPC" TRACK "- the creation, operation and sale of WIG. Everyone working at the company's specialists have an excellent school of research and development work on ekranoplans Robert Bartini, founder ekranoplanostroeniya in our country.

JSC "SPC" TRACK "is a developer, owner and manufacturer documentation light multi-winged series" Oriole ": EL-7,

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Kherson shipyard launched the cargo vessel «LEDA»

"Kherson Shipyard" launched the cargo vessel "LEDA", for the company "Vestra LTD", built using elements of the donor vessel, intended for transportation of general and bulk gruzov.V a result of construction of the project RSD58 vessel has received a bulbous tip with thick skin 20 mm and transom stern. Produced as a complete replacement of bottom shell along the entire length of the vessel, made of sills extensions of holds, the cargo area is divided by new corrugated transverse bulkheads into 4 hold.

Manufactured and installed a new Sliding hatch covers, lifting lids which is carried

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Kherson shipyard launched the second of complete tanker

Kherson Shipyard, part of the shipbuilding areas of Smart-Holding — Smart Maritime Group, launched the tanker project RST27 "SVL loyalty." This is the second vessel of tankers that the company is building commissioned by the group of companies SVL (Malta). The total contract value of more than $ 50 million.

Kherson shipyard launched the second of complete tanker

The vessel is designed for marine and mixed ("river-sea") transportation of crude oil and petroleum products, including gasoline, without restrictions for flash, ensuring transportation of cargo to maintain the temperature of 60 ° C. Provides simultaneous transport

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