Против правды не попрешь. Обдумывая название рецензии, никак не мог отвязаться от слова “утюг”. И что вы думаете? Открываю февральский .EXE и вижу название превью, включающее в себя именно этот обидный образ! Налицо как штампованные аллегории со стороны вашего покорного, так и оставшаяся абсолютно невыносимой игровая физика.

Cпрос на братишек и сестренок TOCA 2 никогда не исчезал. Правда, не в РС-индустрии, а в более приземленном мире игровых автоматов. Под хруст пережевываемого попкорна и бульканье пива в жестянке круги нарезаются значительно легче, а сложность “симулятора” увеличивается по мере поглощения выпивки. Требования чавкающего гонщика невелики, времени всегда в обрез — трасса должна

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Off road in a hybrid Rangie

MONDAY A relative’s new car suffered a serious breakdown today. Normally this wouldn’t be a disaster; our region is well served by decent dealers. But it was more difficult this time round because (a) it was the August bank holiday and (b) the Steering Committee and I were due to be away from home for a couple of days.

Quick action was needed. We contacted the AA without much hope, this being their busiest time of the year, but within 90 minutes a nice bloke called Chris arrived, and he decided briskly that our machine should go back to its

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Matt Prior

Tester’s notes

Skids. Drifts. Oversteer. Churlish, childish stuff that is inefficient, irresponsible, wears through tyres and slows cars down. All true. A colleague came back to the office the other day and reported that an industry test driver had told him one of the “problems” with car journalists is their obsession with going sideways. True, too, perhaps.

This driver, and the company he works for, likes cars that go fast. Flipping fast. If there’s too much lateral slip, too much looking out of the side window, too much smoking of tyre, with knuckles visible through the windscreen to amply demonstrate

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Is the new 911 Turbo too easy to drive?

HOW EASY SHOULD a car be to drive? It sounds a daft question, of course, but when you apply it to supercars and their ilk, it becomes a little more interesting. Such cars have never been faster, more agile or more driveable, across a broader range of circumstances from city street to race track, than they are right now.

But is this how we want it to be? To a large degree, yes.

The simpler these cars are to drive, the more they can be enjoyed and exploited by a wide range of talents. The car makers love it, because

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Infiniti Q70L 2.5

Infiniti broadens the appeal of its 5-series rival with a long-wheelbase model

INFINITI’S Q50 COMPACT saloon is the brand’s vanguard model during its nomenclature rebirth (‘Q’ prefixes for saloons, coupés and cabrios, ‘QX’ for SUVs), and by default it’s the only one that immediately backs up its new badge with engineering changes. So the BMW 5-series, Mercedes E-class and Jaguar XF-rivalling M-series saloon won’t change a jot when it starts being called the Q70.

However, Nissan’s business plan calls for Infiniti to become a leader among luxury brands by 2016, so without a large luxury saloon in the line-up, it’s

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Fast track to the future

Anki Drive lets iOS users race with robots in disguise

When Apple makes a keynote presentation, it’s about the company’s own products first and foremost. So when Apple CEO Tim Cook chooses to share his forum with an outside developer, people tend to take notice. That’s what happened several weeks ago at the Worldwide Developers Conference when newcomer Anki was invited to demonstrate Anki Drive, a technologically advanced miniature car-racing game powered by iOS. «They’re using iOS devices and the iOS platform to bring artificial intelligence and robotics into our daily lives,» declared Cook.

Boris Sofman, Anki’s cofounder and CEO,

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Ukraine offers Black Sea-Baltic highway

The ministers discussed the prospects of cooperation in internal cfery aqua, railway transport and international car transport. Autobahn will allow more cargo increment as 10 times.By Rudkovskyi, within the next 5 years in Ukraine will be built above five thousand kilometers of highways — similar to that which now connects Odessa and Kiev. Modern high-speed motorway Ukrainians want to finish the Belarusian border. With the active participation in the project in Belarus, Lithuania and Russia autobahn can be extended to St. Petersburg and such makarom connect the Black Sea and Baltic ports also auto transport.

Yaroslavsky firefighter handed a new technique

December 21 solemnly handed the keys to the firefighters and auxiliary vehicles structural units of the Main Directorate of MOE Russia in Yaroslavl region.New operational and service cars, trucks, articulated booms and fire staff cars went on duty to protect the area from fire.

Latest designs will perform the priority task of providing security. New equipment worth 120 million rubles just to help firefighters in this difficult task.

South Ural received 11 ambulances

11 cars "ambulance" arrived in the municipalities of the Chelyabinsk region. On the new "FORD" on the program of modernization of health care, now will transport residents Kopeysk and Magnitogorsk, Etkul and Troitsk, Kartalov and Castle, Kyshtym and Chebarkul, Coosa and Yuzhnouralsk and Krasnoarmeyskiy district.

Medical Class cars are not only equipped with the latest technology, but also very comfortable for drivers and doctors: climate control system allows you to maintain in the cockpit and cabin desired temperature in winter and summer, there are airbags and filtered ventilation system. Machines are equipped with GLONASS.


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The evolution of quality

Consumers say that the daily comprehensive work on the quality of LADA gained momentum — today's "Priory" or "Kalina" is much better quality analog previous model years. The belief that our cars are bought solely because it was cheaper to have lost relevance.

"Luxury" equipment of the same Priory at a cost of close to foreign cars, but if you look at the sales statistics for the first 9 months of this year, it is clear that this car is picked nearly 90,000 people. Is a foreign brand can boast of such a market share of a

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