Cartridge 6h49 and sniper rifles CRS CRS-C, TKB-0145K

In the near future there is quite often about what one or another manufacturer began developing a new weapon, or even already graduated, which vary from one vserasprostranennyh rounds, moving cannon, its uses, to a new level. Against this background, our "breakthroughs" in the weapons actually look a little palely, and we have something to brag. However, you can almost always brag that was created at the Russian Union for different reasons have been abandoned in the far corner. Yet, if the clean up anything that is stuck in attics and basements majestic country, you can find a lot of

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Indian machine gun INSAS

The machine gun was created on the basis of an assault rifle in a single family. As a result, most of the parts are interchangeable machine guns and rifles. INSAS abbreviation stands for Indian Small Arms System — «Indian system of small arms."

Machine gun was created to equip the army infantry divisions of India. The only differences gun INSAS from assault rifles are more heavy and very long detachable barrel and bipod presence. Compared with a rifle barrel weighted, its channel chrome, and the steepness of the rifling and the profile changed. This allows for the best mid-range

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