Well-equipment shop

Price-Cutting Saw

Got $100? That’s about all it takes to buy Deltas MS250 compound miter saw—a saw that recently sold for as high as $170. Miter saws are great for the shop and as fix-stuff-around-the-house tools, and compound miter saws provide even more versatility. On a compound saw you can angle and bevel the blade. This is especially useful when installing crown molding.

With its 10-in. blade, the MS250 will cut through 2×6 and 4×4 (nominal) lumber at 90 degrees and at only 28 Ib., this machine is a breeze to move around.

A 13-amp motor powers the MS250. This

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Think big

For a woodcarver, making your mark on the world is an essential part of the activity. But sometimes, those marks, however brilliantly executed, can only be seen by the privileged few who can get sufficiently close to examine your handiwork. Perhaps that’s why many carvers like to push the boat out once in a while and create something that has real impact, not only at the emotional level but physically too. The summer months, with the possibilities of working comfortably outside, can help to make such ideas a pleasant reality.

Here at The ToolPost we stock a range of tools

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Ribbon and bow

This bow and ribbon is an example of what is known as applique work — a posh way of saying ‘stuck on’. The carving can be glued to a fire surround, mirror frame or box, for example, pinned discretely in place through the central knot and the deep junctions.

This is a simple design, especially in its surface treatment. However, it’s worth exploring the many other ways of carving and decorating ribbons and bows; you’ll find them joined together or with complicated rucks and folds in their surfaces.

Orientate the grain across the design; this will give the most strength.

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Although traditionally trained, Auguste Rodin managed to upset the establishment of his day with lifelike clay maquettes and models, which didn’t conform to the more traditional methods used at the time. By 1904 though, having just enlarged ‘The Thinker’, one of his most popular pieces, he had become world-renowned as a major force in sculpture. He would quickly capture the essence of a sculpture in lively clay maquettes, which would then be worked on and improved or altered before being cast into bronze or carved in stone. Rodin had an assistant called Henri Lebosse who under supervision would carry out

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The three-dimensional configuration thread rolling tool

The threads on the fastener products are manufactured using dies, roller or flat, depending on the design rezbonakatnogo machine.

The thread on the product formed by plastic deformation of the metal. It is important to correctly configure rezbonakatnyi tool that is exactly the position of the one thread rolling tool relative to the other.

There is basically one single position of thread rolling dies in space, which will allow to produce high quality threads.

The task of the three-dimensional interpolation, where the change in the value of a coordinate axis changes the physical position of the threaded grooves on three

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How to make a limewood lily

Limewood foliage carving is most closely associated with the stunning swags and garlands of the great 17th-century master Grinling Gibbons and in modern times with the equally stunning floral bouquets of David Esterly.

If you are not quite ready to aim that high, this project provides a single flower to help you practise creating delicate petals and leaves with ultra-thin edges before you tackle more complex compositions.

The flower is an arum lily originating from Africa, but grown as a garden flower in Britain since the 17th century and a favourite of florists. Its charm lies in its beautiful bell-shaped

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Getting started in woodcarving

As active woodworkers and readers of this magazine, you already know how satisfying it is to make something in wood; whether it’s a chest, chair, mirror frame, or a host of other projects that have been described in past issues. The beauty of many of these objects can be greatly enhanced by decorating them with carving, which will give them an even greater variation of texture and add to their grace and beauty. You can combine your manual skill with an artistic feeling, and make your project a distinctly individual piece.

In recent issues of Popular Woodworking I have been

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Carving a classic European womans face

The model for this project is a typical white northern European woman. Donna is a professional model who has very little body fat and a rather angular face with few lines. Despite her leanness, there is very little visual evidence of the anatomy of the face. This is due to the fact that many of the differences among women’s faces are the results of bone structure and fat deposits, not the muscles that support the face.

Tool choice

The tools that can be used to carve this face are many and varied. Long experience has shown me that many of

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Wood carving in ancient Russia

Craft wood carving, used in Russia since ancient times. True to have survived only a few samples. This is due to their low cost and the fragility of the material of which they are composed. Of wood craftsmen and ordinary people were made figurines of animals, birds, various amulets, which are passed from generation to generation. The inhabitants of that time believed that the tree is a link between the sun and the ordinary people. However, very often the wood products were purely practical or were religious objects, which were used by almost all the family.

According to some

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