We all love a mystery. They are divided into two types. Small private who pass each other's ears, and global. For example, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle or Stonehenge. And yet — the mysterious encounter with strange creatures, mysterious place where unexplained phenomena and people die

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Atlantic coast of the United States threatens new storm

U.S. national meteorological centers, watching the air masses of the Atlantic, found a new storm that could reach the coast of New England and the middle part of the east coast on the day of elections. This system will not have such a destructive force as Sandy, and she did not come from the tropics. But the coast should be wary of snow and blowing snow with strong winds of 50-60 km / h and beach erosion coast, already affected by previous supershtorma.

Direct threat does not exist yet, but the status has already been monitoring the storm, and

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Released information on potential combat module Epoch

A photograph from Vitaly Kuzmin, more fully revealing the shape of future combat module "Epoch", which is planned to be installed on new models of wheeled and tracked infantry fighting vehicles. 

The basic structural features of the new module are fighting block-modular design and versatility of combat use.

Weapon system is a 30-mm 2A42 AP with ammunition, 500 rounds (160 BPS / 340OFS), and range up to 4000m

and ur "Cornet" (4 pieces on two launchers), and range up to 8000m ATGM, SD "Cornet" with NDC — up to 10000m.

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The Novosibirsk park scattered dangerous poison that kill dogs

Animals struggling in convulsions and died within hours.

Novosibirsk online forums are teeming with reports of mass poisoning pets. The victims of the potent poison that is scattered in a park in the city, getting a dog, and the homeless, as well as having the hosts.

— In the Park "Pine forest" Kalinin district expanded food bait for dogs with strong acting poison — wrote one of intrenet forums Olga Bulgakov. — Dog dies within one hour in terrible convulsions. Save fails. Since February 16, 2011 after a skiing trip in the "Pine Forest" day destroyed a large sheepdog, and

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On the Armata against secrecy

Newspaper Military-Industrial Courier publishes for the first time on future Russian taknka.

/ / Alexander Basharov

August 8 RIA Novosti reported, "First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov said that the first samples of military hardware on the basis of heavy tracked platform" Armata "can go on trial for almost a year before the announced deadline."

Let me remind you, according to the plans of the Russian Defense Ministry, these testing should begin in 2014. In turn, guide Uralvagonzavod which is developing "Almaty was," says mass production of the new Russian tanks, created on its basis, will unfold

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U.S. Navy aircraft carrier MAY LOSE FOUR

USN will be required to disable and mothball four nuclear aircraft carrier if the South American legislators and whitewashed house does not reach a compromise with regard to the upcoming budget sequester March 1, according to a report submitted to the U.S. Congress.   Navy Command of the country shows that have «with different time intervals incapacitate» aircraft carrier «John Stennis», «Eisenhower», «Ronald Reagan» and «Roosevelt», reports the radio «Voice of Russia» with reference to «Interfax».   Earlier, the U.S. Navy has said that due to the potential defense budget cuts decided not to send a carrier battle group

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Turboatom has completed a new generation capacitor for the Rostov nuclear power plant


On the "Turboatom" completed extensive work on the design and manufacturing of new generation capacitor for the turbine million-unit number 3 of Rostov NPP

Almost all units and services of the plant have been involved in a difficult work to create this design. For its production were formed special teams of welders and fitters. Work in the shops was in three shifts — day and night.

The novelty and uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that for the first time on "Turboatom" was made capacitor modular design. Also in this case a first

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Dyatlov Pass: The version of the incident a secret missile


In the archives of the Fund's memory of the deceased in the pass band Dead Mountain climbers led by Igor Dyatlov, there are 64 (!) Version of what happened — from avalanches to "Bigfoot" — but none of them has not been fully explained, that there still happened. It turns out that they all go in circles.

In their investigations of journalists of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has gradually come to the conclusion that the cause of the drama could come any unsuccessful military trials. A number of very serious facts to the pushes.


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Cases of visits by UFOs

Very often recorded cases of visiting the land unidentified flying objects, witnesses of this mysterious phenomenon all over the world and even hundreds of thousands.

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But few know what is the "balls", "cigarette" and luminous objects. Version put forward a pretty different. Some UFO researchers say that the earth is visited

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Poltergeist phenomenon in Kirov

April 28, 2012 21:20

For two years, a poltergeist in Kirov excites the minds of many researchers. The first attack "Barabashka" began in mid-December 2010 while she lived in an apartment with 11-year-old son and her elderly mother and father.

It all started with the discovery of broken eggs at the door apartment. After the eggs have appeared arrogant notes and even obscene content. In one of the memos was a threat: "My snipers will beat you all the windows."

Soon the apartment window threw stones (Fig. 1). All the windows were broken, and I had a carpet of

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