Bigfoot filmed on tape





In very hot Africa, as usual — in the most central part of it, scientists have discovered a hitherto unknown to science being chelovokoobraznogo species. Experts believe that the creature may be a new species of primates. In that case, if this hypothesis is confirmed,

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Finally, brothers in mind?




Telescope at Arecibo, more than any other, is capable of receiving radiation of the most distant objects in the universe. And therefore it is used for ongoing for many years of searching for extraterrestrial civilizations. Unfortunately, until recently unsuccessful. But here on the first day of this

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Navigation and coherent set ARKAN Security Case shown at the exhibition Moscow-2011


The company "Arkan", the federal operator of the security services and monitoring, made a presentation of their decisions at the "Moscow-2011" exhibition under the affiliate group of companies "Tetrasvyaz" on the stand telecommunications industry.

In particular, the stand has been demonstrated navigation-connected set ARKAN Security Case, designed to meet the challenges of first responders, law enforcement agencies responsible for public security, collection services and other security structures, tracking of valuable and dangerous goods. Navigation and coherent set ARKAN Security Case is a rugged waterproof box that houses the monitoring equipment (module GLONASS / GPS), GSM-modem

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Rabies quarantine animals introduced in one of the villages of Tuva

Two cases of rabies have registered specialists in Tuvan Balgazyn village, in the village quarantined, according to regional management Rosselkhoznadzor.

It is noted that the case of rabies found in foxes in the rural town of Morachevka Balgazyn Tandinskogo region of Tuva. The second confirmed case was identified in the study of body lynx, which had been found in the town Krasnoyarovka the same village.

According to the management, in this territory, "introduced quarantine, which is extended to April 18-19 this year." The specialists of the state veterinary control visit Tandynsky district in March to assess the situation.

Rabies —

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Otitis media: Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnostic examination

In many cases, an accurate diagnosis of otitis media is difficult. If the doctor when viewed in the ear otoscope (device inspected ears) finds all the typical features, it will put an accurate diagnosis. If the symptoms are vague or not fully present, the diagnosis is imprecise and may take time to refine it. In this case, the doctor will discuss with you which treatment is more suitable. Most accumulation of earwax difficult viewing, and its removal is required for an accurate examination of the eardrum.

Suspicion of otitis media in children requires a

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In Orel fish strikes aeromonosis

In Orel Saltykov pond fish sick aeromonosis. An infectious disease of many species of fish, also known as German measles carp, ascites or eroshenie scales.

Recently, in the Oryol region became increasingly meet defeat the infection of live fish. According to Rosselkhoznadzor, the last case was recorded in the pond and creek Saltykov Good Oryol region. Acute outbreaks are the most numerous in the spring and summer. But by the fall of the disease already taking chronic. More resistant to infection by herbivorous fish species. But in the latter case suffered carp. Now the pond, where sick fish, running veterinary

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Guessing on wrinkles




Not a single living being is not so much of facial muscles, like a man. The representatives of the human race sometimes spend enormous efforts to get rid of the residual effects of "mimetic activity" or, more simply, wrinkles. And not for nothing is done. The abundance

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The truth about exorcism

The reason for writing this article was the information that in the Maritime Territory, during the ritual for exorcism (exorcism) killed four year old. I certainly do not expect that my paper will somehow change the situation around this ceremony, but still I can not remain silent and not tell you what is Exorcism actually.

To blame for the death of a child of local folk healer, which is a criminal case. However, an accomplice of the healer can also be called, and the Christian church.

Despite the fact that in the 21st century, church continues to intimidate naive

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Removal of moles and warts

Specialist for permanent scars, as well as moles and warts is called dermatology and beautician. He has to have a medical degree and undergo specialized in dermatology and dermatology and cosmetology. Best of all, if the place where you go over the "skin defect" is a famous institution or beauty salon with a solid reputation.

By the way, the optimal time for such surgery — autumn. In the summer, in the heat, there is a risk of inflammation operated stations. In winter and spring the body is weakened, his immune system is not enough for a quick and

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Statues of the Virgin Mary came to life?

In 1985, scientists of Bollenshpigl that in Ireland, there were a surprising phenomenon. In the words of many witnesses, the statue of the Virgin Mary, vesivshaya 152 kg, took a step towards the exit door of the church, and then went back to her place!

After that, the town came to wanting to look for a miracle from different corners of the earth, and they came not in vain: the stone statue of shrugged her shoulders, turned her head and showing signs of life. A few days later she left

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