Electric boy died from water

May 29, 2012 7:23

Until recently, the family Borodins living in Engels's Saratov region, grew unique child. 5-year-old Bogdan felt electric shocks and could easily touch the exposed wires.

Extraordinary abilities with his youngest son, Elena Borodina said after the accident, which occurred with the older child.

— Senior Sergey growing restless. One day he was walking down the street and got into the transformer vault, which is near our house — told mom "elektromalchika." — His strong electric shock. He stood in the box and could not get out, he was shaking.

At this

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Case H. The investigation continues. (04.12.2012)

December 5, 2012 5:39

Case of premature aging.

Mysterious Life

Beginning evidence that people can live without a head, is the story of the 14th century, which occurred during the execution Shaunburga. Convicted of rebellion, he and four of his associates were sentenced to death by cutting off the head.

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But Shaunburg took the floor with King Louis of Bavaria, that he will have mercy on 4 convicted if he will run

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A powerful earthquake could occur in the south of Sakhalin

In the south of Sakhalin to March 10, 2012 an earthquake of magnitude can occur 5,5. This was reported in the press service of the regional emergency department Russia, referring to the announced at the meeting of the Russian Sakhalin branch advisory council on earthquake prediction, seismic hazard assessment and risk. In this case, the Emergency Ministry said that "earthquakes with a magnitude usually do not lead to catastrophic damage."

To prepare for the possible consequences of a natural disaster, is currently undergoing inspections preparedness capabilities of municipalities. Intensified its efforts to refine the action plan forces and funds for

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MIA: solved a case of theft of 29 million at a defense plant Star

July 17. In the Far East, disclosed the case of a major theft at a defense plant "Star." Former company director and his deputy are accused of embezzling more than 29 million rubles allocated for disposal of Russian nuclear submarines.

The investigation on the high-profile case began in March 2011. Then MVD revealed the fact of fraud to withdraw from circulation FSUE "Far East Plant" Zvezda "6,000,000 rubles. As explained in the Ministry of Interior in DFO, investigators at the time were inclined to believe that the funds were transferred to the ship repair company on the Russian-Japanese intergovernmental

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Interior has exposed a criminal group of bankers

More than 100 billion rubles abroad illegally brought a group of bankers, the exposure of the police. This amount attackers managed to get in just one year. One of them is taken into custody. The Interior Ministry did not rule out that the criminal case will be delayed a few more heads of commercial banks.

Interior Ministry stopped activity of a criminal group, whose members are suspected of illegal withdrawal abroad more than 100 billion rubles, said on Thursday, RIA "Novosti" with reference to the deputy head of the Main Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK)

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Europe offers the most powerful earthquake of 7.5 points

In Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands could be 7-7.5 earthquake on the Richter scale and the possible catastrophic consequences, such as the earthquake in Haiti in early 2010. The question is when will it happen?

The earthquake, which occurred in the Netherlands, it was nothing compared to what lies ahead. According to geologist Ronald van Baalen (Ronald van Baalen, University of Amsterdam), this is not a question of "if" but a question of "when" a very large earthquake hit the country?

In this case, particularly affected the province of Limburg and Liège. "The eastern part of Belgium is more

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Bulk Lesopovalny

Orange (white) revolution in Russia/ 19.07.2013

Power wisely defused one of the leaders of anti-state "swamp the opposition" …

Sentence to Alexey Navalnycaused a stir in the community, which was immediately divided into supporters and opponents of the decision rendered by the court. For some, the decision was purely political, others believe, in spite of the fact that Navalny took over for political reasons, have condemned him for something very real economic crime.   "Swamp" opposition immediately hurried to organize rallies in support of the convicted in major Russian cities. The intention of

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Nightmare enfildskogo poltergeist

November 15, 2011 0:22

Rough male voice made everyone in the room run cold with fear. Announced, he brought the message from the grave, detailing the time of his death. "Before I die, I'm blind, I was bleeding, I passed out, and died in a corner at the bottom." Creepy voice, the recording of which can still be heard in the film, presumably belongs to Bill Wilkins.

The recording was made in the 70's in Enfield, north London, a few years after his death. Most frightening, however, was that the voice came from the body of 11-year-old girl named

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Gregory Kastusiou summoned to prosecutor's office

Society Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Grigory Kastusiou summoned to Minsk prosecutor's office. According to the policy, call him as a witness in the case of the attack on the subway on April 11.

He said that he called us and urged prosecutors to appear on April 2611th hours.

Gregory Kastusyou has not commented on the challenge. He states that he can not explain how witnessed in the case of a terrorist attack.

Ex-presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou a suspect in the case of riots in Minsk Independence Square December 19. He is charged with the organization

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