Argentina UFO in sight

In Argentina will soon see a special commission, whose task will be to collect and analyze information about unidentified flying objects in the air space of the country. According to the army, the Commission is already in the making.

Incredible contact with extraterrestrial intelligence

Earlier, the Argentine Air Force has been collecting information about UFOs, but now the work will involve meteorologists, air traffic controllers and civilian pilots. Authorities urged drivers of military and civil aircraft to report all encounters with unidentified flying objects and send the Commission any available documentary evidence of contacts.

However, according to Argentinean ufologists,

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As innovative ideas are born …

Part 1 of the

The birth of an idea.

My brother, Sergei, watching as I give birth to the idea of Technopark Skolkovo and get them real patents, pestered me with his "invention." The essence of his ideas was as follows. Everyone, or almost everyone on the planet have a mobile phone or smartphone. And many people are using mobile or internet connection can be in the pocket of 2-3 or more SIM cards of different operators, which he regularly uses in everyday life! And to SIM-ki is not lost, Sergey

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Politicians and aliens

Recent advances astronomy boldest hypotheses implemented. By mid-November 2011 confirmed the existence of 701 exoplanets (planets around other stars) in 576 planetary systems! In practice, the number of reliable candidate exoplanets much more and their "official" number will grow to dizzying pace.

Only the project "Kepler" 1200 exoplanets discovered to reliability of about 99%, but for verification status requires re-registration of such planets from ground-based telescopes. It is not surprising that in a few years, these planets will be in directories astronomers thousands, tens and even hundreds of thousands! At the same time, according to preliminary estimates, only in

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How to cheat Russian tourists abroad?

Not all the travelers returning from abroad happy holiday. And they can understand. Taxi drivers wring exorbitant fares to attractions, waiters in restaurants discharged astronomical bills, and staff accommodations "just in case" takes the collateral value for the towels and then stealing them. The fact that our visitors make a fool abroad — not news. But the industry of deception is not in place, and year after year, "Grifters" invent something new.

This article describes the most common ways of cheating Russian tourists.

Method one

Most scams involve credit cards.

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The success story of the Russian company will examine the students at Stanford

History and development of one of the leaders of the Russian market monitoring and control of vehicles, the company "Russian Navigation Technologies' (RNT), in the form of a business case is included in the curriculum at Stanford and other universities in the United States. In this example, American students will be able to get acquainted with the technology of the successful launch of innovative start-ups in Russia, they are "growing" to the state of a sustainable international business and the withdrawal of the company's IPO.

Business case RNT included in the report Global Enterpreneurship and the Successful

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Levitation has become safer

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Fishermen arrested poachers in airboat in the Transbaikal national park

Task force in the Trans-Baikal National Park was first detained fishermen poaching by airboat — aerolodke, which allows you to move through the thin ice and frost, damage from illegal fishing is estimated at 88,000 rubles, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a representative of state institutions "reserve Podlemorye."

Inspectors during a raid on a protected territory federal detained residents of Angarsk, Irkutsk region and the village Makarinino Barguzin region of Buryatia, which on airboat with homemade nets illegal fishing on Lake Arangatuy about 150 fish, including ide, perch, cisco, and over 100 pike.

"This is the first opening of a

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The African continent is hiding underground water tank

Scientists believe that the dry continent of Africa are huge deposits of underground water. Moreover, in their view, the total amount of water in the aquifers under the ground a hundred times greater than at the surface. Now in Africa more than three hundred million people lack access to safe drinking water. Also, demand for water will grow significantly in the coming decades due to population growth and the need for irrigation to grow their crops. Freshwater bodies are a temporary source of water, as the drought may not be available to the public and agriculture. Currently, only 5% of

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War flying saucers

Human thinking sometimes amazes stagnancy. Tell me, please, why the majority of people (of those, of course, those who believe in the existence of flying saucers) tend to see the UFO as a product of the same civilization? What is the basis confident that our space brothers in mind represent a united people with a common history and culture? After all, our own history shows that people can be a great multitude, and their culture can be so different that it is difficult or even impossible to find a point of contact between them.

Eyewitnesses had observed a UFO,

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Contact with aliens humans confirm implants

From ancient times to the present day, from time to time, the pages of newspapers are full of information about human contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations. Someone believes these items, someone is skeptical and waiting for actual evidence, not allegations.

But there is evidence of human contact with aliens, or have to continue to be content with eyewitness accounts? Evidence is! Many of those who had previously thought of crazy stories about meeting with UFOs, the opportunity to confirm the truth of his words, thanks to the development of medicine.


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