Human doubles pursue masters

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In the center of Minsk settled stork

Unusual neighbor appeared at the Grand Opera House staff. In the center of Minsk in the park for several days walking stork. In this case, the bird does not look at people. In any case, our operator posing with pleasure. Theater employees say that the stork also refuses to eat. While it is not known how the bird became a citizen. She could get hurt — for all these days, the stork has never left the ground. People have been applied to various services to help the stork, but for him so no one came. (Ludmila Brzhozovskaya,

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At the heart of Sledge had an unusual exercise

In the center of Sochi Luge "Sledge" held teaching service professionals timing. Employees of different simulated emergency situations and the actions in case of their occurrence. For example, if the power supply fails equipment, the need to quickly connect a backup power source while maintaining the functionality of the entire system of timekeeping.

 "We have here is two-timing system, let's call them" A "and" B ", both of them duplicates — tells the operator the bobsleigh track Denis Annikov. — We are always working on 'A', but in the case of a failure, switch to the second

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MP in Buryatia suspected of poaching — killing female deer

Investigators in Buryatia opened a criminal case against a municipal deputy, who is suspected of illegal hunting in the state reserve and killing female deer, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the regional Souskiou.

Suspects, except deputy municipality "Bilyutayskoe" are also his two friends.

"Investigators believe that a deputy with two villagers fall of 2012 illegally hunted down and shot a female deer in the state reserve" Altacheysky ", despite the fact that the shooting of animals in nature reserves is strictly prohibited", — he said.

Men butchered and divided the meat of an animal, and then tried to escape, but

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In the tunnels combined Adler — Krasnaya Polyana install information signs

In road tunnels combined railway and road Adler — skiing resort "Alpika Service" began work on the installation of safety signs intended to indicate the direction in evakuatsii.V case of an accident or any other emergency evacuation plan to implement a service-culvert, which are built parallel to the existing tunnels.

— Under existing rules, in each of the three road tunnels will be installed following information symbols: fire safety signs ("Fire-cock", "fire extinguisher", "Telephone for use in case of fire", "power button of the fire control system"), evacuation signs ( "Out here," "Exit-right", "Exit-left," "Discovering the movement

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France is trying to recover from the snow

Paris noticeably changed when his taker has hidden fairly dense snow covered, but the last snowfall has made adjustments to the operation of all types of transport of the French capital and other cities. Calculated as meteorologists in the most affected parts of France fell to 200 mm of snow that led to the announcement warning about a quarter of the regions. Snowfall is not stopped.

Due to the ice and unexpected snowfall in Paris for the whole day stopped moving buses. Their work will resume only by 50% in the next day. Work underground storm practically unaffected,

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Legends of our city. The truth is out there.


Flying Saucers is visited daily by a city of metallurgists. A Vologda field has recently been used as a launch site. These are not empty words. To everything there — the evidence and witnesses. Regardless of whether we believe it or not, there are UFOs. Because it is a UFO — an unidentified flying object, and you never know what is flying, we can not identify? By the way, every tenth Earthling believe in the existence of other worlds and aliens, and one in a thousand claims that they have seen.

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Vasilevich charged

Society Ilya Vasilevich, one of the suspects in a criminal case on the riots, January 19 charged.

As the Human Rights Center "Viasna", it was announced by one of the members Vasiljevic. 19-year-old Ilya Vasilevich was arrested and detained for 10 days. January 5, he was detained as a suspect in a criminal case, and with of the day he is in custody.

Ilya Vasilevich was the 33rd citizen, who was charged under criminal case about the events of December 19.

UFO appeared in Latgale


Ufologists from all over Russia predicted rise in UFO sightings in October 2008. In addition to the now familiar scenes in the European part of the world, there are new forms of manifestations of UFOs, which until this year did not meet.

The main argument of the existence of the UFO phenomenon, we often pay attention and give comments as direct observation witnesses, with special technical or methodological expertise. Usually contingent witnesses inspire much confidence, were pilots, military and engineers, but this time, witnessed strange events was the one who himself by

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The court decided that fill with blood to Moscow — is a legitimate procedure

It is reported that a criminal case against a lawyer Dagirov Hasavova discontinued. Recall Khasavov famous statement on REN-TV on behalf of Muslims, "We believe that we are at home. Maybe you are wrong, and we are at home. And we'll set the rules that suit us. Do you want it or not. Any attempt to change it will cost blood. We fill the city with blood. We will then dead sea "(see attached video). In fact the statement was a criminal case under Article 282 ("incitement of ethnic hatred"), but after careful review prosecutors concluded thatMoscow

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