Antibiotics for sore throat

Modern approach to treatment of acute tonsillitis (angina) is as follows. Antibiotics should be used in well-defined cases where the objective methods (bacteriological examination of throat swab) confirmed that the causative agent of the disease is bacteria. In practice, antibiotics are used unnecessarily broad, often without a doctor's prescription, based on their own ideas about the proper treatment of the patient or on the advice of the employee pharmacy, including in cases of viral tonsillitis and pharyngitis. This leads to the fact that bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. Thus, in Russian resistance (stability) A beta-hemolytic streptococcus A to

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KGB conducts interrogations in the letters of the RNE

Giving a subscription to disclose Undercover investigation sovereign Svetsik does not know the details of the interrogation. But he saw that the activities of the KGB this case activated for some reason two years law enforcement refuses to initiate criminal case against those who 2006 Vitebsk residents sends letters on behalf of the dangers of "Vitebsk RNE branch", referring to the fact that such an organization is not registered in Belarus. But on May 20 this year on the initiative of the case under article 130.1 "incitement of ethnic hatred" still was undertaken.Not counting Leonid Svetsik, during the last 2-weeks

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Unreasonably detained may seek compensation

Investigators specializing thing about the explosion on July 4, detain and interrogate people who practically impossible to put the prosecution because no relation to the explosion they had no a priori. Striking example — Yuri Karetnikau detained, which was during the explosion abroad. Some detainees investigators have released without any result, and not asking for forgiveness. At the moment, seek out new ones. Favourite unregistered Belarusian Freedom Party Sergei Vysotsky — A number of those questioned in the case. He was detained on July 10 after a search of the apartment. Released 12th. Sergei Vysotsky interrogated once — for 8

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What if beaten or mock the police?

Meanwhile defenders recommend what to do in case of abuse and torture by the police. Social democrat Statkevich not so long ago he suffered the same izymatelstva as Ales Yasiuk. It a couple times in the bullpen razdyavali naked in Akrestsin after detention per share on May 1 in Minsk. "Apparently, they preferred razdyavanne … May 1 for the first time in the slammer administrative radyavali me what it is, absolutely … that they are not clear. I think it was an attempt to mental pressure. After the trial, I searched three times, once to his shorts, and later want

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A. Gulak: Acts policemen even lead to death of people

"From time to time such acts even lead to a languid consequences perishing people.’s Very difficult to such cases case to bring closure for logical. We can not examine these statements themselves, we can only appeal to the law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, courts, lawyers help find, connect the press. "By Oleg Gulak, Police usually mends izymatelstva not political activists, and individuals with little social status — the homeless, zapivoh alcoholics. "With such a category they do not stand on ceremony, and you can believe in any fears that the police are doing with such people, because, unfortunately, it is very

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To be excluded students in Austria, you must fail the exam 5 times

Austrian students then organized a protest to mark the arrival in Vienna rector of the Belarusian economic institute Vladimir Shimova known because of the wide resonance in connection with the expulsion student Tatiana Homa. Tatiana while already trained in Vienna. Lisa Schindler said that her organization connects voedinyzhdy nearly a quarter million students who pay of mandatory contributions, the chairman of the Student Union is elected for two years. Listen to excerpts from our conversation with a student favorite in Austria.

Lisa Schindler (on the frontal plane right) at the picket against the arrival of the rector of Belarusian

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Herpes and Pregnancy

Many women with recurrent genital herpes are wondering how their disease can affect the unborn child. In order for someone's opinion is not illiterate led you to unnecessary abortions, read about what to do if you have herpes, and coincidedpregnancy.

Herpes neonates results from fetal infection with the herpes virus predominantly of the second type. Contributing factors for infection of the child is the primary maternal infection or exacerbation oftime pregnancy.

In fact, the risk of fetal infection is not as great as it is described. In addition, it can not be reliably determined. And in cases

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TsAGI scientists are working on a new plane of small aircraft

Specialists of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute. prof. NE Zhukovsky (TsAGI) have developed a technology platform (a set of interrelated technologies) available light multipurpose aircraft (LMS) with enhanced home. The platform can be used to create a long-term aircraft on 9, 13 and 19 passengers, which must meet the requirements of the Russian market of small aircraft and to have competitiveness in the global arena.

The contract with the Ministry of Industry began in 2011, the press service of the institute. TSAGI proposed set of technical solutions in the field of aerodynamics, materials and structures,

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Irkutsk Technical University scientists have developed a navigation device to search for tourists

The patent for device to monitor the position of the satellite groups and individuals received by employees Irkutsk State Technical University.

As the author of the design, an assistant professor of general studies, deputy director of the Irkutsk Technical University Technology Park Sergey Zakharov, device is the type of GPS-navigator, but with feedback function that allows finding lost travelers in remote places.

"Places that are attractive for tourists, often carry the potential emergencies. During the summer tourist season are lost every year dozens of people — explains Zakharov. — The possibility of occurrence of landslides,

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Three activists under house arrest, one — in custody

He is suspected of forcibly action against an employee bullpen Akrestsin Street. After three days, the investigator must determine the metropolitan area — to indict or release a detainee from custody.Meanwhile, the investigative committee charged with gross violation of public order committed Tipo January 10, presented an activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Vladimir Sergeyev, activists of the civilian party and Misha Misha Kryvau Pashkevich.Entrepreneurial movement activist Sergei Parsyukevich is in temporary detention. Now day he visited the prosecutor’s office of the Metropolitan District of Minsk, which considers the application policeman Alexander Dulub. Policeman blames businessman in forced action.

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