September 22 rally against the Juvenile Justice

September 22, on Saturday, this Saturday will be the main antiyuvenalnaya action "Essence of Time" and our friendly antiyuvenalnyh organizations. I emphasize again: this is a major event, the key. We walked to her painfully collecting signatures, went to see her performing other actions. Now depends on it very, very much. The action consists of the march and rally. For the first time our action consists of the march and rally, and it is also very responsible. Collection will begin with 14 hours in the metro "Glade" … The procession will start — we move — at 15-00. Will move

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Heavy cross Gundyaeva


— What servant of God is not a slave to thank Cyril galleys.

"The journalist Vladimir Solovyov released Patriarch comment on the case of" The House on the waterfront. " I just have to say that, in the form in which the position of Patriarch voiced by the trial of his property, it is this position and the case could have disastrous consequences for the mission of the Russian Orthodox Church. At least in the countries.

If His Holiness actually confirms that he gave permission for the action and taking away another person's property,

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Profile case. Rejuvenation death

Profile case. Rejuvenation death. The film is about a young man by the newborn to prolong his life. Intentional earnings doctors newborn deaths Deagnoz downs trial of the theft of babies in the Kharkov hospital № 6. Currently, there are institutions, clinics that offer rejuvenation embryonic cells and in Russia and Ukraine. They continue to offer their services openly and kill for money defenseless unborn children.

This business is thriving!

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10 common methods of fraud in Madrid

Friday, May 10, 2013 Spain Spain Spain

With the help of his account @ policia in the microblog Twitter Spanish police warn citizens about the different types of fraud.

The newspaper ABC led a list of 10 of the most popular ways of cheating found in Madrid.


Because of the difficult situation on the Spanish labor market, many residents of the country are paying attention to any job offers. Police warned that enticing job, suddenly coming to the e-mail, which was not signed by the recipient, are a

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Yandex has presented navigation service

"Yandex" has presented a navigation service for smartphones. About the company said March 13 at a special press conference.

Free app "Yandeks.Navigator" is available for smartphones and tablets iOS and Android. It allows you to build road links with the traffic jams. In this case, the application will "lead" the driver with voice prompts.

Total application can build itineraries in 519 cities of Russia and Ukraine.

Service allows you to specify as the destination as a specific address, and organization. The application provides the user with two options — the best time and the

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Kuvada XXI century

Partnership delivery — both new and old phenomenon. This tradition is practiced in our hotels for families wishing to meet with a baby into the world, there is a private room in the hospital Abakan. Professionals — doctors and psychologists — virtually unanimous that partnership is delivery support and encourage … but considers duty to warn — this experience is not suitable for every family. To understand why this is so and what is required of both spouses, tried and members of the second forum of young parents.


It is believed that the practice under the title

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Tulenergo operates only in Russia copy SHUOT

At the substation 110 kV "Shcheglovskaya", a project to introduce a universal cabinet Control current (SHUOT) for different voltage classes.

By the way, used by power engineers Tula SHUOT developed by "Energotekh" (Moscow) on special order and this is the only instance in Russia.   This unique equipment is included in the emergency reserve "Tulenergo". Its use is particularly important to ensure the reliability of the electric grid complex and shorten the elimination of technological failures. So, in case something bad happens, the mobile device can be easily transported and installed in place of the battery

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Anomalous zone

The world map has long been no more white spots. But there appeared to anomalous zones, where, if you're lucky, you can shake hands with a stranger, if not go to a parallel world. However, in case of bad luck, "tourists" are guaranteed in serious trouble. Tell a "step" on how to behave in an anomalous zone, consent of the Director of "Russian UFO station» (RUFORS) Nikolay Subbotin.

— Nicholas, so what is anomalous zone and how it manifests itself?

— If we stick to the concept adopted by researchers, the anomalous zone (AZ) — it is a

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Fairy rings in Irkutsk region

November 23, 2011 13:13

"Fairy rings" in Irkutsk region

In practice, research groups often there are cases when the abnormal phenomenon of eyewitness has quite prosaic explanation. Unusually, it seems only a layman in a particular discipline. For example, so-called "witches 'rings', people have long been attributed to the antics of evil spirits. Members of the association "Kosmopoisk" occasionally have to deal with such messages, and this time next occasion for this case in the Eastern Siberia.

Message about the mysterious circles received from a resident of the village. Elantsy Irkutsk region Seeds Govorova that about five

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