Vaccine against the swine flu — necessity or propaganda?

Swine "flu rampant. Growing number of cases, and can not be accurately assess, causing a lot of speculation and causing a panic. Nearly all European countries have already started mass vaccination. The discussion about the "swine flu" is not terminated, and their severity subsides. Do I need to do to produce vaccine against this type of flu? Proponents of "conspiracy theory" in one voice say: in any case and under any circumstances! Opinions of experts are divided. [Cut]

"If we talk about the arguments of the supporters of the so-called" conspiracy theories "that a dozen years ago, many

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A little life.

I dedicate this paper to the memory of five boys,

brutally tortured by "the powers that be" — in Krasnoyarsk in the spring of 2005 …

Victory Day May 9, 2005 in the collector’re in Krasnoyarsk were found obgorit-Chiyah body of missing one and a half months earlier than boys 9-12 years Lavrenova Sasha, Dima Ma-kar, Maxim Taumanova, Galash Mamedga-Savona and Safar Aliyev — so I launched its first-vuyu article in "Soviet Russia", published in May 2006.

A 16 April 2005 — one year before that my article — the children were gone. And if that article was about

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Like this

If Kohli and Oli asked that day: "What is the shortest month of the year?" — They would not hesitate to answer: "Honey." Only four months after it began, when Oli finally for the first time there is a need to dress (at least on the weekends), they came out with Nicky out of her room in a hostel, holding a segment of crepe de chine, bought the young to the wedding by clubbing all the students and native teachers college, and went to the ladies’ tailor Perel’muter. On that day, Nick knew that his wife — the most beautiful

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The problem of the perfect lens


1. Focusing of electrons in graphene, the right side is due to the applied confining potential has a negative refractive index. Red asterisk denotes an emitter, a blue — reservoir.

Scientists from Russia and France have analytical solutions for focusing light in the half with a negative index of refraction. The results indicate that in the case of such media must radically change the formulation of the problem of the well-known in optics ideal lens.

In 1967, the Soviet physicist, then a staff member of FIAN, Victor Veselago hypothesized the existence of materials with

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As innovative ideas are born …

Part 1 of the

The birth of an idea.

My brother, Sergei, watching as I give birth to the idea of Technopark Skolkovo and get them real patents, pestered me with his "invention." The essence of his ideas was as follows. Everyone, or almost everyone on the planet have a mobile phone or smartphone. And many people are using mobile or internet connection can be in the pocket of 2-3 or more SIM cards of different operators, which he regularly uses in everyday life! And to SIM-ki is not lost, Sergey

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In the center of Sankey had unusual exercises

In the center of Sochi Luge "Sledge" held teaching service professionals timing. Employees of different simulated emergency situations and the actions in case of their occurrence. For example, if the power supply fails equipment, the need to quickly connect a backup power source while maintaining the functionality of the entire system of timekeeping.

 "We have here is two-timing system, let’s call them" A "and" B ", both of them duplicates — tells the operator the bobsleigh track Denis Annikov. — We are always working on ‘A’, but in the case of a failure, switch to the second

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Russian Putin’s gambit.

Russian Putin’s gambit. Soon the world as we know it — will go to Ashes

What is a gambit in chess? I guess now it knows almost every one of the books or films of Boris Akunin Turkish Gambit. It is a tactic to win the game when you need to give something small. And it looks like GDP GM decided on this combination.


So. If it is short. U.S. by hook or by crook tried to ignite war in the Middle East. And

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Released information on potential combat module Epoch

A photograph from Vitaly Kuzmin, more fully revealing the shape of future combat module "Epoch", which is planned to be installed on new models of wheeled and tracked infantry fighting vehicles. 

The basic structural features of the new module are fighting block-modular design and versatility of combat use.

Weapon system is a 30-mm 2A42 AP with ammunition, 500 rounds (160 BPS / 340OFS), and range up to 4000m

and ur "Cornet" (4 pieces on two launchers), and range up to 8000m ATGM, SD "Cornet" with NDC — up to 10000m.

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On the basis of the Saratov Collective Security Treaty Organization, opened the first laboratory building

In Saratov Oblast Children’s Hospital has opened a new, meets all modern standards and requirements of the case. The initiator of the reconstruction of "protracted" (the project was implemented over 8 years) was made governor Valery Radaev. For the construction of the region’s budget has been allocated about 20 million rubles. For laboratory building was bought modern equipment worth 5.6 million rubles. At the moment there are 2 offices — infectious and sanitary-bacteriological. The opening of the new building allows several times to increase the volume of research studies to expand the range of different groups of pathogens. Also,

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Jail parents for refusing daughter watch pornography (!) In school

The girl came out of the class, not wanting to watch pornographic photos that showed the children the teacher in the classroom sex education. Her strength returned to class, then, for resisting, kept in the staff room.

For absenteeism lesson for parents fined. For refusing to pay it, the case was transferred to the court in which the parents do not have the right to self-defense. The court ordered the imprisonment of both parents.

As it turns out, this is not the only case in Germany. The Germans do not want

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