Cable theft on the railways of Belgium has become a national catastrophe

Railroad disaster in Belgium (Buyzingen (Buizingen)), dozens killed

Theft of copper cable for the Belgian railways acquired this year, the extent of "national catastrophe."

Only the first three quarters of 2012 damage from this type of criminal activity has reached 8 million. Belgian railway operator — the company "Infrabel» (Infrabel) — estimates that since the beginning of the year due to cable theft in Belgium was canceled more than 10,000 trains and the total delay of trains exceeded 950 hours.

The dynamics of this criminal business is deeply troubling police and railway workers — if in 2011 the

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Sleepwalking: myths and reality


Professor Antonio Dzadra and his colleagues at the University of Montreal (Canada) reviewed the work of somnambulism made over the past fifteen years, and came to the conclusion that some of the concepts of this intriguing disorder sleep no more than myths.

Episodes of somnambulism is usually too short to man managed to hurt yourself. (Photo by Rainer Holz.)

For example, it is believed that somnambulism affects only children 6-12 years, and the cases in which this disorder manifests itself in adults — a rare exception.

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Licence to Kill

The incident with the murder of office of the FBI agents in Florida Chechens suspected of involvement in the recent terrorist attacks during the Boston Marathon, received an unexpected sequel. Journalistic investigation showed that over the past decade, the Bureau agents used weapons against suspects (and got them) for a total of 150 times, and never (!) Internal investigation did not impose any sanctions on the shooters. This may indicate either the absolute infallibility of the FBI, or the existence of a true "license to kill".  

Reporters from the New York Times

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In the United States because of errors investigation were sentenced to death 27 people

FBI conducts unprecedented scale revision of old criminal cases. Experts have found that over the past 40 years as a result of errors of forensic experts to death were sentenced 27 people.

Official results of the federal test are not yet available, so the number of wrongly sentenced to death, people can grow, writes The Washington Post. The investigation is ongoing and is expected, its results will be announced in late August.

The newspaper said the FBI experts have already learned about 21.7 thousand cases and found them more than 120 errors

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Drug dealers in white coats

Explanation for the epidemic of consumption of antidepressants given much: the economic crisis and demographic changes to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the spread of social networks. But, according to recent research, the cause may lie elsewhere: the majority of diagnoses of "depression", delivered by U.S. doctors, did not meet the "Psychiatric Bible" — a common standard definition of the disease.

According to a study conducted by the staff of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, this applies to almost two-thirds (!) Of all

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Study: suicide — the main killer of British

Suicide among men have become an epidemic in the UK. Every day, scores of lives reduce the average three. These are the data organization National British charity.

Activists argue that the public is hardly aware of the shocking fact — the main cause of the death of "stronger sex" in the country is suicide.

According to experts, in 2011, died by suicide more British than from AIDS, from the hands of criminals and accidents.

According to the Office for National Statistics, suicide during this period brought 6045 people aged 15 years and older.

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Perinatal Center opened in the Kirov region

Open obstetric regional perinatal center. As they say in such cases, it is difficult to overestimate the significance of the event. Brand new building in the most modern equipment, the safest conditions, new directions.


40% of births (about 5000 per year) Kirov region will take this body, primarily in the cases when there is any abnormal pregnancy and thus an increased risk. New directions — is nursing infants born with extremely low birth weight (500 grams), and carrying out the IVF procedure. Previously, this was not in the area.

We were among the first built

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The horrors and realities of Cyprus

Got a link to a pamphlet exposing the unsightly manner known native zastroyshika.http :/ /Ни in the least questioning the facts and versions regarding Zavos Group, I would like to draw attention to the following "revelations" that reduce the level of righteous fervor some stupid zakazuhi. With that, the real claim to all individuals on hearing the names of Cypriot developperov, can be added to the pile Luny.Itak, in order:Myth One: "Cyprus is a paradise on Earth where" … the summer and winter! "Nonsense! — The landscape of Cyprus is a parched desert with

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Theft of metal — a lucrative business in Germany

Manhole covers and grates from sumps, drain pipes, rails, wires and even sculptures — thieves do not shun anything. Metal prices, especially color, are growing steadily, and with them, and profit.

In the city of Darmstadt, thieves stole the gutters and downspouts from the building of the museum. And at the same time snatched 200 kilograms of copper sheet of prepared for repair. What museum in the city of Plauen robbers did not spare even the Church: she too had lost a copper gutter. In the town of Moers hunters systematically tearing metal bronze vases and lamps,

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In Russia there was the largest sawmill

In the production of "Northern metal centers" (St. Petersburg) commissioned a unique equipment — vertical semi-automatic band saw for metal VVS-1616-6 with CNC firm Everising.

The machine is designed for cutting of sheets, plates, large-sized forgings up to 1600h3600h6000 mm, and the cross-cut circles with a diameter up to 1,600 mm. VBS-1616-6 is designed for cutting pieces of structural steel, tool steel, stainless, alloy steels, high speed steels with the addition of cobalt and molybdenum, aluminum, titanium, cast iron, non-ferrous, heat-resistant, armored alloys. To date, the set of parameters VVS-1616-6 is the largest vertical band saw machines in

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