Leonid Zaika: Belarusian people naturally lose

Rates bucks in exchange in the center of Minsk is very different from the official one. Now the rate of the State Bank in 2120 rubles worth a buck. But in exchange of the dollar price has reached 2170 rubles. Not all exchangers were bucks for implementation.Purchase, for example, five thousand dollars can be exclusively in one of the 10 heat exchangers. In most cases, offered 500 bucks or less. Here’s what one of the pronounced Fri exchange:Correspondent"You can buy bucks?"Cashier"No".Correspondent"There is no perfect?"Cashier"No, no."Correspondent"But why?"Cashier"I do not know. Took everything. People took the customers. "Correspondent"What, this problem with bucks?"Cashier"Yes.

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