Xenia Chudinov: «Frankly, I do not like cats»

Xenia Chudinov — one of the brightest representatives of contemporary journalism. In her work, we can see genuine interest to many important cultural phenomena of social life in Russia. She indifferent to the problems of pets in our country, which knows firsthand: at the very lives at home cat Pear.

When meeting with Xenia and her cat for the hundredth time I am convinced that pets are like owners: Pear slender, graceful, natural. For the media to communicate both are ready, with the interview begins Pear. Good, she looks into his eyes and meowing with careful articulation that I

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Males with nedokomplekt paws

Six years ago, we wound up Vas. I believe that cats and dogs do not start is because they are a great success infest themselves. People can make mistakes, even in the selection of the breed, to say nothing about the individual compatibility! And any sane at the time of weaning the kitten from the maternal nipple able to put the right person in the eye, and if he’s not allowed to impose on itself more and paw, it’s not a cat wine. Therefore, you are required only a sincere intention «eye-shatitsya» and your beautiful animals will not be

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And you will be cured, and I will cure

Cats, horses, dolphins … animals can heal people and having fun doing it. NOTE, absolutely free, and sometimes at the cost of their health and life

Animaloterapiya — so-called treatment involving animals as doctors. And though the recognition it has received relatively recently, in the 50s of the last century, about the animals’ ability to influence people positively known since ancient times. The ancient Greeks wrote: "The greatest happiness of the Earth lies on the back of a horse"Noting the benefit of riding for people. Hippocrates noted that horse riding helps wounded recover and leave the state of melancholic

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Live TOY

It SEEMS THAT CHILDREN AND ANIMALS IS-something from an opera. Both are nice in the extreme, demands care, attention and love, will not give up the games and tasty sweet

The animal in the home, which is about to have a baby … For some it is incompatible concepts, but someone does not see any problem. It is not necessary to persuade or warn anyone. The main thing — to outline a set of rules to the joint manner of life of children and their shaggy friends pleasant, happy and safe.

Nine months before the …

The first fears

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That company is!


This cat walking on its own, as befits a real cat, she was born in the spring, summer walking and decided by the autumn, to see, to find a shelter. Baba Fenya milked a cow for a third when two of her cat, Tisha and Misha zafyrchali loud and wary.

«Again, I suppose, rat bazovok come» — sadly thought Grandma. No! Near the bowls in which cats splash tasty fresh milk, sat ladnenko, dark-haired, with white muzzle and shirt front chest, kitty-boy. «Look at you, what occasion — a stray profit», — he said the woman Fenya aloud

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Explosive chamber candidate

Detective temper procedure records acquired after, as director of the studio went "Broadcasting company" Gomel " Viktor Kotov and saw that the trustees candidate Zhukovsky parallel recorded his statement on his camera.Voice MP candidate prince Zhukovsky: "We initially agreed with the staff of television, we relaxed launched. Removed test footage, and later recorded all my speech. Immediately removed and my people. Was this oral agreement servants television. And finished recording in the studio burst Director" Broadcasting company "Gomel "Cats and began to yell," Why are you here? you want to undermine us! "And the incredible rush charges. Called the police

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What leads people to renounce from pets?

The room in which are enclosures with adult dogs with longish hair, resembles a large greenhouses — for As the last, there such as triangular glass roof and walls with windows bolshennymi greenish color. But the air temperature is not much different from that on the street — now funny day in Minsk was eight degrees below zero. In the coming days expect more frost. In a bowl of water to drink instead — snow. He absolutely does not melt. In general, dogs are constantly bustling open-air cages for sonorous bark. Their recently fed — at the entrance, I saw

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Troop Navy SEALs

"Navy SEALs" — an elite group of special purpose, which is involved in operations in at least some areas. A special emphasis is placed on training and equipping the unit for operations in coastal and marine criteria. Title «SEAL» («Navy SEALs") is the acronym for the titles of localities in which squad has been training: Sea — Air — Land (sea — air — ground). Their small, perfectly cooked squad silently conducting night operations of local significance. "Seals" are deployed around the world in order to protect the interests of municipalities. "Navy SEALs" and their high-speed boat, operated by staff

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Elaine Hilton. Cats saved my life

Elaine Hilton (Elaine Hilton) — 39 year-old resident of Doncaster (UK) argues that better than cats animals simply do not exist. And it's not just words. Once pets have saved her life and her unborn child.

While at home, in the 40th week of pregnancy, Elaine decided to take a bath, so turned on the boiler. After a while she became ill, it is often the women in her position, and she decided to lie down on the sofa to rest. As soon as she closed her eyes as her

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Neo-colonialism by the example of Côte dIvoire

Africa, as it is clear from the course of history, has become the prey of the European colonizers. In the middle of the 20th century, after the second World War, the colonial system almost fell, African countries are "free", or rather have the illusion of freedom.

At the current time the country Africa to a greater or lesser extent under the control of the Western countries, Western transnational corporations and transnational banks. One example — the government Cat-d'Ivoire, also known as the Ivory-saving value.

April 3, it became clear that the Republican Guard in Abidjan, remained faithful to President Laurent

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