Prerequisite of accident could be ignorance of language

On this day, it’s a disaster, which 21 years ago with one line then told Russian press, a few lines — edition of the then German Democratic Republic, but very detailed wrote the West German media, has acquired a variety of rumors. As rumors continue as before to believe some relatives of the victims. Approximately one third of the passengers were students from the East German town of Schwerin. During the academic year 15-17-year-olds competed for the right to go to the venerable Minsk. Ultimately, the best selected. Manage student’s group was also the best — teacher Horst Wurm. "Nobody

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Cable theft on the railways of Belgium has become a national catastrophe

Railroad disaster in Belgium (Buyzingen (Buizingen)), dozens killed

Theft of copper cable for the Belgian railways acquired this year, the extent of "national catastrophe."

Only the first three quarters of 2012 damage from this type of criminal activity has reached 8 million. Belgian railway operator — the company "Infrabel» (Infrabel) — estimates that since the beginning of the year due to cable theft in Belgium was canceled more than 10,000 trains and the total delay of trains exceeded 950 hours.

The dynamics of this criminal business is deeply troubling police and railway workers — if in 2011 the

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Star sunk into the abyss of gravity




Sensation in the world of science — scientists were able to see what the view is basically impossible. Astronomers first observed as a "black hole" swallowed part of the star. One of the most important scientific discoveries of mankind — Albert Einstein's theory of relativity — now confirmed in practice.

The massive

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The Great Flood — the future of humanity?


Modern archeology regularly discovers new evidence that once existed on Earth an advanced civilization that destroyed the global natural disaster — Deluge. Reconstruct the events of the past tried the famous traveler and author of several books and monographs Andrei Zhukov.

— Andrew, what are the evidence of the Flood?

— In my opinion, irrefutable evidence of a mythology that is human memory, which has preserved the memory of a global catastrophe in ancient times. Other evidence must be of the geology and paleontology. But in these fields the situation is

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End of the world: how it is

At all times, in different cultures existing ideas about the end of humanity. But never have they been so varied as to the XXI century, with the development of science, not only did not reduce the apocalyptic fears, and even added new ones. How is modern man sees the end of its existence the species?

Net mysticism In traditional cultures doomsday and the loss of humanity associated with the anger of the gods. Such fantasies are popular and now in December of next year, we should ditch the Mayan gods. Most recently, American preacher urged mankind to

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Volcanic hazard

Scientists are concerned — if it happens, the world will come to a climate catastrophe. In the geological past of the Earth these events occurred more than once. The eruption of the Toba volcano in Sumatra nearly destroyed the entire human race is more than 70 thousand years ago.

Uturunku the eruption, at least, can be worse than the eruption of an Icelandic volcano in 2010. Optimists claim: nothing bad will happen.

The main question of the program: a volcanic eruption threatens global catastrophe?

Guests: Senior Researcher, Institute of Earth Physics Artut Saltykov, a political adviser Anatoly Wasserman,

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New Zealand: Will the ecological catastrophe?

Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key said the situation with the oil spill off the coast of the country requires the answers to "very serious questions." Oil spill took place on October 5 due to a clash of Liberian container vessel "Rena" with a reef, resulting in a damaged tank with oil, the volume of 1700 tons. According to the head of government, the authorities are just two investigate the causes of the disaster. "People know about the reef, and eventually ran into him for no apparent reason — at night, in calm water. We need to understand why,"

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Prehistoric disaster / Prehistoric Disasters (5 episodes) watch online

Since the creation of the Earth 4.5 billion years ago was struck planetka series of disasters, have put life to the brink of extinction. But after the disaster comes new life — and while the dominant species on the planet had been destroyed, the surviving creatures thrive in the coming vacuum, after the disappearance of the last species. These beings, in turn ruled on the planet, until they themselves do not become victims still 1st mass extinction. In the history of the Earth's many prehistoric disasters that have shaped planetoid and changed the course of evolution. But every disaster

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The Secret History. Roswell incident

How gracefully said television critic in London "Daily Telegraph", having been at a preview of the film, "If too mouth wide open in amazement, brains may fall out."

Are you interested in the mysteries of the universe, space, aliens and other worlds? Then, the portal Space and people you will find a lot of information on these interesting and mysterious topics.

I opened my mouth. And it is very wide. Brains not fallen out, otherwise it would be difficult to write even this note about four minutes,

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Who is hiding the truth about UFOs?

Ufologists around the world have repeatedly accused the government and the security forces of the great powers in an effort to conceal from the public the truth about the place had contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

In this regard, we can recall the mysterious crash in Roswell (USA) in the summer of 1947, or the rumors about the fall of UFOs in the Urals in the late 60's. In all such cases, the authorities have stated that there are no strangers in those places were not, and enthusiasts who tried to conduct its own investigation, had serious trouble with

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