In Russia are SUVs on crawlers for private use

Russian creators cars on tracks for private trips are trying to launch their SUVs into production. Maybe soon they will … not on the roads.

Drive down this road — where even the devil did not make the way — it is always preferable to the caterpillars. Any tire on the cross can not be compared with caterpillars. For wheels need at least bad, but expensive. Machine is on tracks produced primarily for military purposes, in the best case — to the aid of the pioneers — the oil-and gas workers.

Entrepreneurs and owners of

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Amur Region has undergone invasion of caterpillars


7.06.12.Amurskaya area has undergone invasion of caterpillars. Voracious insects multiply rapidly and systematically destroy fruit trees. This type of apple moth larvae has been well studied by biologists, and methods of dealing with it are known. However, according to local environmentalists, the money allocated for pest control has already been spent. Catherine Chulenkova from Blagoveshchensk.

Larisa Golubeva lived in this house for 15 years. Most cherry always was a real gem of the yard. Every summer, picking berries, making jam, and now to a tree and can not go without fear. In a few days the tree was covered

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In Sevastopol, trees attack caterpillars. Photo


11.05.12.V Sevastopol on bird-cherry trees attacked by caterpillars of moths.

Pest twist around tree web, then it completely eats the leaves. Risk of bird-cherry moth is that the caterpillars with cherry shoots webs entangle to form special socket, which can lead to the death of the tree.


Source: "Krym.Kommentarii."


Gypsy moth caterpillars in the forests of the Tyumen region


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Tyumen. July 11. Interfax-Ural — Tyumen Oblast authorities concerned increased spread in the forests of the region of gypsy moth caterpillars.

"Lesions are registered in several areas of the region — Berdyuzhskom, Armizonskoe, Aromashevskom, Golyshmanovo" — said the agency "Interfax-Ural", the representative of the regional department of forest complex on Monday.

According to him, at present, the total area of forest affected by gypsy moth, is 22.5 hectares. He added that the area of damage due to insect activity will only increase.

Source: Interfax-Ural

Astana attack the hordes of caterpillars. Video


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11.08.11.Astanu attack the hordes of caterpillars! Voracious insects destroy almost all vegetation, leaving behind only the bare stems.

Summer People in a panic, all planting their gardens about die and city authorities to urgently allocate money and prepare equipment for the processing of fields and plantations with pesticides.

Weekday, but vacationers Astana for their gardens save the harvest. Need to have time to sprinkle every tree, shrub and flower bed. But there were a few days ago the hordes of caterpillars poison uneasy.

— That is now all the union. Well, that they immediately

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Near Kharkov caterpillar plague. Video. Photo


Voracious insects swarmed not only gardens ..

20.08.11.Starozhily Kutuzovka (10 km from the regional center) for the first time witnessed a terrible sight: millions of tracks in a matter of hours destroyed everything that grew on their site and the surrounding fields. The attack began last weekend.

— On Friday my site was green and flourishing. And when we arrived on a Sunday, my eyes could not believe caterpillars stuck windows, doors, all the plants of the track … I had never seen, although biologist by training — says Tatiana Dachnitsa Yurchenko. — Our site is a last

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Bashkir forests moth gnaws



15.07.11.V Abzelilovsky area — the invasion of the silkworm. Fat caterpillars literally sweep in its path all foliage. After the insects are only the bare branches and trunks.

How to tell "KP" in Abzelilovsky forestry, hordes of caterpillars is hosted on an area 1661 hectares. The forest near the village Askarovo on the verge of death caterpillars eat recklessly deciduous trees — mainly birch.

— Throughout the forest is a terrible crunch and the leaves fall to the ground, as during heavy leaf fall, — says Vladimir Ivanov, the owner of a garden nearby. — Birch

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Yuzhnouralsk attack the caterpillars. Video


26.05.11.Nashestvie caterpillars Yuzhnouralsk. Gypsy moth destroys forests Uvelsky area at high speed. Gardeners seriously concerned — tracks have already reached the apple and pear trees on the plots.

Spoiled leaves, bare branches of trees and lifeless. Already infected with 35 hectares of greenery — it is two times more than the whole of last year. South Ural foresters note: The last outbreak of this level was in the eighties. Not less worried and gardeners. Uninvited guests with great speed matched to the suburban areas. Salvation — poultry.

We need a serious electronics, avionics and heavy drugs. But this

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Caterpillar plague in the Belgorod region. Photo


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14.09.11.Krupny hearth dangerous quarantine pest — white moth found in the village of October Belgorod region.

In the department of supervision in the field of plant quarantine by representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor settlement administration to articulate a pest that destroyed the planting of trees along the railroad tracks at the station and have penetrated into the gardens of the villagers.

Studies have shown that it is an American white butterfly. When we reached the experts found that the focus of the border is about two hectares. Issued an order of liquidation and localization of, offers advice

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Blocked the tracks in Slavyanka


15.07.11.V earlier this week in separate neighborhoods Slavyanki could observe unusual sight of the animal, the newspaper "Khasan News". Small flocks of sparrows hopped on roadways, greedily pecking something there. Mining was so attractive that by nature timid bird snatched it almost under the wheels of cars, risking his own life.

It was found that urban birds attracted mass procession of black caterpillars with some, but they led to, crawling across the road. Black caterpillars, not pubescent, measuring about 30 mm.

Especially a lot of these pests can be seen on the outskirts of town or near neokoshennyh

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