Cathedral Square.

For a long time or a short walk Tsar Saltan and his retinue around the walls and towers of the Kremlin, but we finally brought him to the central part of the hill — Makovytsya where stretches the oldest area of ​​the Kremlin, surrounded by majestic cathedrals. Thanks to them, the area seems to be a huge hall in the open air.

We continued the story of how 500 years ago the Grand Prince of Moscow, Ivan III of Moscow has conceived an ambitious restructuring and comfortable «The Emperor of All Russia» -Moscow Kremlin. In place of the old, dilapidated

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In Vitebsk, prayed for the restoration of historical heritage

Worship at the former Cathedral Square rules priest Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Father Leonid Akulovich:"Here holy place namolenae, there must reign Spirituality, Word of God, not some dancing!’s Why you can not build something here spakushalnitskae!I think the authorities should realize that absurdity. Hope will be restored and St. Nicholas Cathedral. After all, it is necessary to think not only about the bread, and the spiritual — that we can quit for their own offspring, for our motherland! " After the service, everyone could put his signature under the appeal to the city authorities. This initiative co-chair of the organizing

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Vitebsk: Plein Air for the revival of the cathedral and the area

Announcement of the plein-air appeared on the web on one of the forums Vitebsk. The invitation was the following: "By the fact that at the Freedom Square destroyed the foundations of St. Nicholas Cathedral, destroyed by Russian authorities in the 60s of the last century, we invite everyone to Vitebsk painters role in the outdoor open air" Revival Nicholas Cathedral and Cathedral Square. " In the open air and also invited journalists who are interested in this problem. It so happens that journalists and participants artists came equally — of four. Although in general the appointed time on the Liberty

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Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ Belarus

At Holy Spirit Cathedral is another festive service began and the 7th in the morning. Many believers came to pray together with the children. Reporter: "Who is in your hands?"Lady: "Grandson. Yesterday was 5 years old. "Reporter "was not hard to get up?"Lady: "No, he was asked to."Reporter: "Why so early?"Another lady, "No, it’s not too early. True believers, then in the evening the night defended his own."Many people also come to sanctify Easter eggs and other food. They laid born on longish tables, also stood in line to collect holy water.Man: "This holy water, it is also the priest

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Belarusian flags on 5th Avenue

The committee went Week   Cuban representatives, Belarusian, Estonian, Bulgarian, Chinese 

and other communities. Celebrations began in the Cathedral of Sts. Patrick where he wasflags and covered participants, including — and white-red-white. Words of encouragement gave New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

 In This year in a march in New York participated  

representatives of the Belarusian youth organizations in America, who have expressed solidarity with those who struggle for freedom in their homeland.

 Under police guard the marchers walked along 5th Avenue from the Cathedral  

St. Patrick’s Central Park, where a rally was held.

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Vatican representative visited Grodno

Sermon he delivered in Italian, it was translated into Belarusian.He also visited Grodno Higher Catholic seminary. Believers gathered in the temple, and the square in front of the chair, said that the condition was reached that between the Vatican and Belarus will sign an agreement, and that the Belarusian authorities have officially invited to visit the country Pope Benedict XVI-th.Correspondent"In Grodno Cathedral held worship with the role of State Tarcisio Bertone, the Pope. Posted on top of the facade of a large white-yellow flag of the Vatican. Priest Who knows Polish, I hear about St. Francis Xavier, whose name is

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Holy Trinity Cathedral in Dnepropetrovsk region Novomoskovsk Restored

Started the restoration of the monument of wooden architecture of the XVIII century — the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Novomoskovsk Dnipropetrovsk region. Reconstruction work began with the consecration of Bishop Novomoskovsky Evlogy.

"Cossack Cathedral Novomoskovsk — one of the oldest monuments of wooden architecture of Ukraine and Europe. It is the center of spirituality Dnipropetrovsk region and a symbol of national spirit and the Cossack glory throughout Ukraine. Restoration Council, which launched today — is the origin of new life wooden sights XVIII century. This is a powerful impetus to the revival of spirituality in the Dnipropetrovsk

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In the sky above the Orthodox cathedral under construction in Arkhangelsk captured shining dome


In the sky above being built of Michael the Archangel Cathedral of Archangel sealed lights, resembling a dome. A photograph of an unusual phenomenon has made one of the parishioners, the press service of the local diocese.  


"It is remarkable that the builders of the spring of 2013 completed the construction of the vaults of the central part of the cathedral and began preparatory work for the installation of the domes. Now

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Russian cathedral in Nice finally became the property of Russia

Paris. April 10. INTERFAX.RU — Russia finally won the legal battle regarding ownership of the cathedral in Nice, told "Interfax" on Wednesday, representatives of the Russian community in France Xenia and Nikita Krivosheins.

"The Cassation Chamber — the supreme body of the French Republic — April 10, 2013 announced that the complaint Russian Orthodox religious association (ACOR) Nice (nominated for the cathedral -" IF ") is completely rejected," — said the official.

Thus, according to them, Russia is now irrevocably becomes the legal owner of the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nice, "the right and

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Flatwater — tourist center of Ivanovo Oblast

During the past year, vacationers Pleso spent 1.7 billion rubles, said a regional department of economic development. Each year an increasing as the number of tourists visiting the "pearl of the Volga", and the amount of funds that they leave the city, increasing the revenue side of the budget and promoting the development of small businesses.

Reach — city in the Volga region in the north of the Ivanovo region. The history of the Reach stems from 1410, when the Prince of Moscow Vasily I, son of Dmitry Donskoy commanded to build a fortified customs outpost. Population —

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