What makes the kitchen so special?


One of the top priorities for this brand new kitchen was to make it look like it wasn’t brand new at all. Although it’s the hub of a freshly built 5,355-square-foot, four-bedroom home in Richmond Hill, Ont., «the homeowners didn’t want it to look like it was just a big, new kitchen in a big, new house,» explains designer Halina Catherine of Catherine + Davis. To that end, plenty of architectural interest was added with a beamed tongue-and-groove ceiling, reclaimed elm floors laid in a herringbone pattern, honed Calacatta marble countertops, a servery (not shown) and a

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The document, signed by Catherine.

Not so long ago in the life of the Academy of Arts was a truly remarkable event, after years of wandering in the native walls returned a unique document — a copy of the first parade of the Charter of the Academy in 1764, personally signed by Catherine II. The name of the Empress inextricably linked to the entire history of the Academy of Arts of the XVIII century. At the beginning of her reign ended with the so-called «particularistic» (unofficial) period of the Academy and has been legally sanctioned activity of the institution as an institution of higher

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Trumps: On our side sing, dance, play, they say!

Village harp, when you go to the deepest side of Minsk, not impossible to see.The village lies at the highest, forested mountains, the top of which can be seen for a good ten miles. And on arrival at the village look traveler lured three highest crosses carved in stone.Such a fabulous mix of great sorrow and stone crosses suggests the idea that there lives a giant. And it’s true.Hercules really live under the mountain. His name is Alexander Kolbasich. He is 83 years old, 20 of which he, in the prime of life, gave camp. Initially, the German working, and

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K.Sadovskay defenders refused to premature release

"At spouses no disciplinary action. But friends prison commission has not liked the answers to some questions that they asked Catherine. For example, she was asked who is the smartest in Belarus? And she did not named, although it urged only utter the name of ethe man "- Said Viktor Sadovsky spouse defenders.Gomel duty female colony not commented on Catherine Sadouskaya information and refused to say a phone number boss Svetlana Pohadavay colony.Recall rights activist Catherine Sadovskaya sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on charges of defaming the government.

Detained the Young Kasia Galician and Ivan Spiryn

Kasya taken to the interrogation the prosecutor’s office of the Central district of Minsk. She was told that she is in vyshyku. Ivan kept in the duty of the police. Catherine Galicia previously questioned in the case against "Junior Front"Which aroused the KGB for his role in an unregistered organization.Malady associates believe that Catherine and Ivan paused to isolate them at the time of "Chernobyl Way".

Police: What makes Young front?

In the last week they were interested by 4 young people. Dmitry Sokolov and Denis Haberava interrogated Major Ivan Miniatures and the Chief Inspector of Polotsk city police department Valery Dragun, and the inspector juvenile commission Julia Demeschenko interviewed students Polotsk gymnasium № 2 Catherine Zhogal and Karen Platonov. Asked specifically about Ales Krutkin — 1st of the favorites Polotsk youth. Policemen questioned, he is campaigning for the introduction into "Young Front" or "The very young Belarus" which features and what makes it generally takes the mentioned structures.Ales Krutkin itself does not exclude that in Polotsk is preparing a case

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Mogilev region: the farm Light — Dark Days

Veremeyko now visited vice-chairman Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Alexander Dubko. In addition, the police department Cherikov Interior sent in place of the conflict group of policemen.On the results of the meeting knows Catherine Ignatov:"Voice of the main operators. Promised us that three months people will not cut. Well throw all control."Catherine Ignatov says that complex Veremeyko quarter century. All this time it was state property.But present day found that the owner will be svinakompleksu Mogilev bakeries. And people protest against the intention of the new owner to reduce the establishment.Economist Ioannina Cold convinced that this will not interfere with current

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Andrei Klimov said the innocence and refused to testify

Andrei Klimov refusal to cooperate with the investigation and testify said lawyer Catherine Dudko, which provided legal services to Klimov, when he was charged. "He normally kept when it introduced with the prosecution — says Catherine Dudko. — Do not say that I was puzzled, but he did nothing about it read. Declared that he was not guilty and refuses to testify." Commenting on the accusation Andrei Klimov, lawyer Catherine Dudko abstained.

Catherine Dudka: "He normally kept when it introduced with the prosecution."

Which criteria contain a political prisoner? Investigator of Minsk Anatoly Guodong nothing about it said, referring to

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One day in the family of a political prisoner Catherine Sadouskaya

Listen: "Catherine stubbornly wherever worked, defended the truth"Apartment Catherine and Victor Sadowski is on the 11th floor of a 12-storey building in the neighborhood Uruchcha-6. Earlier in the apartment was always a lot of people. Human rights activist constantly helped write complaints or those who had lost all hope for a positive solution to the issue of its own courts, or give advice to people who are protecting their own interests. The apartment is always someone lived, quite often were people who had nowhere to go to sleep. Viktor Sadovsky states that previously it was annoyed, but now misses the

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FOTAZHNIVO. Second round of the competition.

 First round of the competitionFollowers of the first round of the competition:1st Oleg Pakhomov for photo Seagull2.Ruslan Bugaevich photo for ApplesFollowers of the second round of the competition:1.Zmitser Chepiga. Vitebsk, Assumption Hill — site of the murder of Jehoshaphat Kuntsevych. 2.Katsyaryna Labetskaya. Sea Fantasy (Spark of life)Misha Oginski. Dostoyevo: meaten that housed the manor Dostoevsky. Currently there unblemished field

Misha Oginski.In This year Dostoyevo visited the great-grandson of Dostoevsky with offspring

Misha Oginski. Dostoyevo: inDostoevsky museums in the local school

Misha Oginski. Dostoyevo: monument to Fyodor Dostoevsky

Catherine Labetskaya. In the field

Catherine Labetskaya. Sea Fantasy (Spark of life)


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