Whether the government will claim loyalty to the church in response to the Concordat?

Tsigankov: "Website of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus has published information that Belarus is preparing to sign a concordat with the Vatican. Would be appropriate to also remember that this year for the first time Alexander Lukashenko visited the Catholic Church Easter. Do you think that the attitude Belarusian control to the Catholic Church in the near future is changing, and if so, why is this happening? ""This act of Belarus takes a step toward Europeanization itself"Akudovich: "First of all — me, this news is very ustseshyla. And I would like, that the contract was signed, so she

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Discount for pardon before the end of the world 50%! Think of your soul!



Terms 50% discount for the indulgence of the Catholic Church. One person can buy one coupon for themselves. Activate the coupon and receive absolution by sending the coupon number on mail hase.santamaria @ yahoo.com One person can buy one voucher for yourself and an unlimited number of coupons as gifts. Advice can be obtained by writing an email to hase.santamaria @ yahoo.com Information

According to the predictions of our world comes to an end. But we will not be sad. The forgiveness of sins for you organize the Catholic Church of Assisi in the Italian region of

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Lightning burned the Greek Catholic Church in Lviv

13 August, p. Stremin Sokal district in the Lviv region struck by lightning and caught fire completely burned the wooden church of the Blessed Virgin, said UNN CCA Research Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region.

The church was built in 1864, belonged to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and was the architecture of the 19th century. local importance.

Vatican believe in aliens

November 23, 2012 5:21

Photo: techno.bigmir.net

The Catholic Church has made a number of very sensational statements concerning extraterrestrial life. Director of the Vatican Observatory — Jesuit priest José Funes — admitted the existence of other civilizations beyond Earth, RIA "Novosti". "Until today, we have found no evidence that extraterrestrial life exists. But in the universe of billions of galaxies, each with billions of stars, you can not knowingly exclude the existence of life, "- he said during a conference held in Rome on the initiative of the Catholic Church. Funes called attention to the fact that the

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All aliens — brothers?


The Catholic Church through the mouth of the Vatican's chief astronomer recognized the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrials. Sensation or progress? Whatever it was, in essence, the traditional religion took a very long time to admit that on other planets could support life.

"ET — my brother" — this was a revolutionary title in the Vatican newspaper published an interview with the chief astronomer of the Roman Catholic Church. Father Jose Gabriel Funes, head of the Vatican Observatory, said that it admits the possibility of life on other planets and in space

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Chief Pop restores Shabbat!

Tongued churchmen began to convince the flock in that the Sabbath holy resurrection, and that the Jewish God punished severely pray on Saturdays. And now, Christians of all planets are obliged to obey the orders of the Jewish …

New Testament of the Bible was written in the 16th century. And this fact is undeniable, written evidence, clear to everyone who can read. The so-called evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were sitting in an English prison in 1558!

This was written by Charles Dickens in the 19th century in the book "History of England for young» («Child's

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