Crucian with two tails caught in Primorye



21.05.12.Prishlos us on Sunday to visit the Khanka channels …

And what a surprise it was, when the hands were carp, caught by accident near the family vacationers. On the surface nothing remarkable — the crucian carp like, but here's the tail, then he had two!

And then we thought, and whether it is necessary to use the fish as food? On the banks of the very ditches seated many fishermen, and all of them something so caught, and then driven back to their mistresses.


But even more, which struck us as a dead

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Military depots caught fire near Nizhny Novgorod


14.07.12.Voennye warehouse caught fire near Nizhny Novgorod. To extinguish the fire in the Ministry of Defense facility left 20 fire brigades.

In the village Yuganets where burst into flames with ammunition left spetsbrigady rescuers. The fire started in an open area around 6.30 am.

— Pre-fire area of 500 square meters, there were 3 open hearth, — reported in the MOE of the Nizhny Novgorod region. — In Yuganets directed fire train and helicopter fire. Conducted pouring structures.

An hour later, the fire was contained and eradicated. No one is hurt. In the basic version, warehouse caught fire due

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In Lipetsk sea caught piranha + Review


28.07.11.V Matyrskom reservoir appeared piranhas. Exotic fish caught on a hook Lipetsk fisherman. An exceptional case — tropical predator in the middle zone not found.

Vladimir Korol — anglers with a decade of experience, but a miracle fish previously seen only on television. Surprise anglers no bounds.

Vladimir King, an amateur angler, "pulls out, and did not understand what it is. I thought I plucked a white bream. A friend shouted: "What are you doing there caught?" — And I do not understand. Then he went, said, as if like a piranha. "

Unusual catch at first lived in

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Dead whale sharks off the coast of Pakistan. Video. Photo


8.02.12.Pakistanskim fishermen managed to pull out of the Arabian Sea huge whale shark carcass. Dead predator caught in the port city of Karachi in the south. To get a shark weighing seven tons took just five cranes, said "Zaporozhye time."

According to the owner of the fishing sector, in which the carcass, and caught the first time saw a shark in the sea about ten days ago. It was 150 miles from the coast and no signs of life. Pakistan has become one of the largest fish ever caught by fishermen. Soon, she was sold for 1.7 million

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Miracle-Judaic fish kit in Orel. Video


4.05.12.Chudo-Judaic, but not a fish-kit! Orel fishermen from the Oka River near the bridge Gertsenskogo caught by their assurance piranha. Unusual catch decided to give us.

By the way, voracious fish is not uncommon for our region — last year in lime pond got hooked real black piranha. That this time caught in the pond — it turns Alina Chaban. Stepanovich had never thought of the Oka river he fished just such a fish.

The truth does not put much effort had to, she could hardly breathe. Under Gertsenovskie bridge, said Vasily, you can find anything, but this

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Voronezh fisherman caught a piranha


18.08.11.Rybolov tropical piranha caught the worm in the Voronezh Reservoir.

This was announced on Thursday the head of the regional branch of the local FSI "Azdonrybvod" Konstantin smoothly. Exotic fish is 30 cm in length, excluding the tail fin and weighs one kilogram.

According Gladkikh such catch in Voronezh — it was an accident, although isolated instances of the predator at different times found in waters of various regions of Russia. "Most likely, the fish got into the pond from the aquarium of the exotic fish. It is simply set free, "- said smoothly.

For lovers of swimming in

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Hooked on the South Ural fisherman caught a piranha. Video


11.07.11.Ekzotichesky catch fishermen Chebarkulsky district. The fish, which traditionally lives in South America, fell for the bait a few kilometers from the village Misyash. Toothy discovery carefully inspected and made a conclusion on the hook — piranha. This fisherman on Lake Misyash now learn from afar. Among all the other fishermen Valery Ustinov certainly local "superstar." His story has become number one in the list of stories, which tell on this shore. About how hoping to catch dace and bream, and met the "sea monster". "When pulled closer, he noticed that the head is not the same kind —

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In the Volga caught huge piranha. Photo


Photo from: Nikolaevsk.NET

25.07.11.Na Nicholas coast July 24, 2011 at p. Piranha caught in the Volga, its size has reached about thirty centimeters, it is rather the adult fish.

With the huge teeth, like a human, but very sharp. This exotic fish found (rather dated) in South America in the Amazon River.

The hero of this catch was Mushtaev Edward, that he caught her in the flooded suburb of Old Bank Nikolayev, where nearby is the unofficial city beach. This catch was reported to the regional center, is now expected to arrive on July 25 a group

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In the Chelyabinsk region appeared piranhas


24.06.11.V village Agapovka (Chelyabinsk region) man caught in the Ural River piranha. Rybak says he has never seen this kind of predatory fish in its "native" water body.

The man immediately posted pictures of their catch to the Internet. However, many users have questioned the reliability of information. The opinion. That the photos are fake.

However, some residents Agapovka already fear that soon, in the Urals will not swim.

Normal habitat piranhas are fresh water in South America. Also fixed a small population in the United States and Mexico. But recently caught piranhas of increasing talk in Russia.


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Giant piranha caught at Rostov


The winner of the trophy was unprecedented fishing railwayman from Rostov

14.05.11.Piranyu not seen in nature sizes caught in Salt Lake. Predatory fish weighing nearly three pounds sent an urgent examination.

Unusual catch swallowed the bait railway Chekunova Stanislaus, who came to the lake to go fishing with his sons.

But instead of the usual bass fisherman pulled out of the water an amazing fish.

— On sensitive teeth, I immediately realized that this piranha — says the fisherman. — I have in the tank had little piranhas, but this one was just a huge, weighing in at

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