The first step is an array of field sobriety tests, which includes sniffing your breath. If your performance is at par with a baby learning- to walk, either through intoxication or a God-given lack of motor skills, then you will go through a breath analyzer exam to determine the alcohol content of your blood. However, the legal limit is not yet set. The Department of Transport and Communications, Department of Health, and National Police Commission are still banging their heads together to figure it out (which is anytime in the next three months).

If there is cause to believe that

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The impact of the new ATP rule.

IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING. The so-called ATP rule took effect August 1. The impact on the industry-including those who train up-and-coming professional pilots—is apparent now.

Enacted in August 2010 in response to the February 2009 Colgan Air accident, Public Law 111-216 has significant ramifications for anyone contemplating an airline career track.

Of special note are Sections 216 and 217 of the law. Section 216 requires that all FAR Part 121 pilots hold an ATP certificate. Section 217 allows for a reduction in the minimum 1,500 flight hours required for an ATP certificate based upon

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I called the president to a duel on the tennis court

"Lim" in 1947, congratulating "Zvezda" of the 30th anniversary, says: "On the pages of the newspaper for the first time were written by such notable kalyaktyvnyya works as" Letter Belarusian people Stalin majestic "," Twelve Songs "," Motherland and the leader, "the best published works of folk poets Belarus Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas, the works of many other writers of our dedicated glorify the greatness of our era, a wise and excellent bolshavitskay party leader of the peoples, the creator of the Belarusian country — Comrade Stalin. ""The Banner of Youth", year 1987. Pavel Yakubovich Janka Bryl writes: "When

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ELOS figure correction

Recently, in aesthetic medicine more often used the combined effect of several physical factors at the same time. Do not just infrared radiation, and in combination with specific radio waves. Do not just vacuum massage, and in combination with the roller. This is not just cosmetologists. It is scientifically proven that the combined effect of more effectively because First, comes to the problem, so to speak, on all fronts. Secondly, properly chosen combination of factors leads to the fact that each action is enhanced.

The latest advancement in body shaping and anti-cellulite — apparatus VELA SMOOTH, Israeli

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What is it?

The word comes from the Latin angina "ango" — squeeze and choke. Although, with the sore throat still has not died of suffocation, the name stuck not only doctors, but also among patients.

The second name of the disease — acute tonsillitis. Sharp tonsillitis (Angina) — an inflammation of the tonsils pharyngeal lymphoid ring, and less often — other lymphoid formations in the pharynx (palatine ridges, adenoids). It can be one and two sides. More than half of the tonsillitis is caused by viruses, others — different bacteria, the most significant of which —

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Depression takes away the satisfaction from life, but often — and life itself

The main cause of suicideAccording to the organization, in the year 2020, depression will be second only to cardiovascular disease prerequisite insolvency. Depression least once in a lifetime unwell any 4th lady and every 8th man. Depression lowers the state of life and reduces its duration. On present day it is the basic premise of suicides.25 million patients in the U.S.If a person for a long time feels sadness and depression — is not only after a personal catastrophe, like the death of someone close — also decline interests, energy, activity, feeling of general lethargy, hopelessness, guilt, weakness, terror contacts

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Mogilev youth activists again summoned to KGB

On days of Mogilev to human rights activist Boris Buhelya addressed two Young people, who said that they were called to an interview in the State Security Committee.Unemployed Yuri Twitter refused to come without a formal agenda, and to the student Mogilev municipal institute named Kuleshov, a human rights activist whose name does not name, KGB came to the institute.2- Young people summoned to the regional council of the KGB after, February 10 they visited the Embassy of Lithuania in Belarus, where participated in the lecture event dedicated to NATO. On the lecture they have learned from the web and

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When you work in a hospital — you can not sign for the candidate?

In Dobrush chief doctor at the local hospital Alla Moskalenko called to account for themselves in nurses and other staff who put his signature for nominating a candidate UCP activist and former high school teacher Vutsevskay Adam Varanets.Knows the collector of signatures in support of the democratic candidate Dmitry: "Chief Dr. Alla Moskalenko caused by eight o’clock 6 hospital employees who have signed up for the nomination Varanets Adam — I’ve been collecting these signatures. She urged the staff how well you work with us and sign some papers? Short, gave realize that they more like did. Signatures Tipo not

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Warts— Infectious benign tumors of the skin, having a form of nodules or papillae. The disease is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). At the moment there are more than one hundred species (types) of HPV, some of them are harmless, others cause warts, others hit the genitourinary organs.

The virus that causes the development of warts, is transmitted by direct contact with an infected person, as well as through the common goods.

Contamination contributes to skin irritation and microtrauma — warts often occur in the course of scratches, cuts, etc. Tight and synthetic shoes can also

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Bridges: active members of the group summoned to KGB

Ales Zarembyuk of Bridges now called interregional department of the KGB in Shchuchyn in the blast on July 4 in Minsk. He should come to Shchuchyn tomorrow — August 1 in 12 hours.Ales Zarembyuk — Manager campaign Dmitry pint SLM from the general list, which is going to run in Mostovskoi constituency number 56.Another member of the active group Dmitry Dmitry pint Krasnapevtsavu call from the district police department and said, now the 16th hour he must be in the KGB in Shchuchyn.Dmitry Krasnapevtsav — Student Faculty of History Institute of the Yanka Kupala Grodno. At the moment he is

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