Earthquake in China (recording with CCTV cameras)

Chinese authorities issued a recording of CCTV cameras, depicting 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Gansu in the north-west of the country in the morning on July 22. According to recent reports, the accident killed 95 people, injured thousands.

Source: RT

Published footage CCTV cameras in the earthquake in Turkey

Turkey came from video footage taken CCTV cameras during the recent earthquake. On records recorded the first tremors. Almost at once the lights go out. People are in a panic ran out into the street, many people can not stay on his feet. Following them rolling wave of debris from collapsed buildings, and the top covering of dust.

In Minsk metro blind camera

Company's CCTV system Minsk metro is outdated and does not meet the requirements of the time, says deputy minister Interior RB Eugene Poluden. About This was announced Interfax.

"It (the system) need to be updated, although it is expensive," — said Thursday at a press conference Ya.Paluden. In the metro need technical innovations. For example, "in China, for 10-15 seconds when the subject is left unattended, the video surveillance system gives the signal, and is guided into place by a security guard," — said Eugene Poluden.

In China, the man was still alive after two lightning strikes


After the video was shown to a unique broadcast TV stations in mainland China CCTV, unknown lucky person looking for the entire country.

On the video from surveillance cameras captured a passerby, in which lightning strikes twice, and the young man is still alive and, more than that, he leaves the scene, according to LifeNews.

A few moments after the first blow to the hero video can go up and continue on your way, but after a few meters, it falls

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