style a la mode


Kelvin Teo of Space Sense Studio is known For his graphic monochromatic interiors, yet when tasked with designing a modern French-inspired home, he nailed it on the head.

Louis and Ellane Kwang initially envisioned their four-room Design Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat as a New York-styled loft. Being on the highest floor gave them the high ceiling, but Ellane had some misgivings. «Though we love New York, the look is too raw for our liking. I wanted something classy yet

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High style under the High Line

Integrated architecture and lightning transform Intermix’s newest store

The challenge to house the latest Intermix branch in a red brick, 80-year-old former warehouse space was unlike anything the design team had previously encountered.

«There it was —a full-scale set of train tracks overhead,» recalls architect Steve Scuro, who, with partner Mark Janson of New York-based JansonGoldstein Architects, and lighting design consultant Bill Schwinghammer, observed the future store at Gansevoort and Washington streets in New York’s Meatpacking District.

Their previous expertise in creating traffic-generating branch stores in other locales for the contemporary mid- to high-end apparel and accessories Intermix chain paced

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Appeasing the Five Senses.

The Barai’s one-directional journey, closeted initially between chromatic maroon walls, begins at the Arrival Court where a series of stepping stones lead to the tunnel-like Arrival Gallery and on to the Wall of Stars. Here, sunlight pours through star-shaped cut-outs on the western wall, displaying constellation-like shapes on the solid wall across. Deliberately designed to slow down guests — physically and mentally -a hushed tranquility descends and transports you into another world.

You walk past admiringly and come to the spectacular ‘salarai’ water court or ‘baray’, the spa’s central core. ‘ Barai ‘ comes from the Khmer word ‘baray’ —

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A Heady Simphony!

Well, then how about an utterly delicious weekend at Pride КС Hotel & Spa, in Panchkula, which is just 10-minutes away from Chandigarh Railway Station. Situated in the heart of the planned city, the Hotel and Spa has a classy ambience, which is made more beautiful by its sheer simplicity! And yes, this is a haven for golf lovers too… Explains the General Manager of the property, Sabyasachi Chatterjee, «The inspiration was very simple. And we were sure that we wanted to give a contemporary look with the best of modern amenities to guests. The aim has been to create

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The apartment resident Don settled barabashka



For three and a half months in the entrance number 2 five-storey building in the Red Sulin happening what simply can not be. …Already seeing me, Valentine Sinyavina sadly nods to the baseboards in the hallway ceiling. They smeared with something yellow. — It's there in the hallway lay eggs. And suddenly began to fly up to the ceiling and beat — she says. For three and a half months in the entrance number 2 five-storey building in the Red

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Donetsk blacksmiths forged a three-meter chandelier dancing

Donetsk masters arranged on the ceiling of one of the city’s hotels are a theater.


More than six months blacksmiths worked on a unique design — the dancing chandelier and end up with a huge miracle takipodvesili the ceiling. "This building is probably nowhere else in the world — said avtoridei, chairman of the Guild of Blacksmiths Donbass Victor Burduk. — In Germany and the Czech Republic I saw made popohozhemu principle hours. But we needed a chandelier — it is in this room is needed not only kakoriginalnoe decoration, but also as

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In Tatarstan, the construction of the first plant in the Russian American Company Armstrong

April 3, the SEZ "Alabuga" a ceremony of laying the foundation stone of a new venture for the production of ceiling tiles. The total investment in the project is $ 100 million. The company will be located on a plot of 10 hectares. The annual production capacity will reach 22 million square meters of ceiling tiles.

The plant in the SEZ "Alabuga" will be the first Russian company to produce suspension systems of mineral fibers. The plant and the first products planned by the end of 2014.

 American Armstrong is the founder of suspended

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Moscow Metro: work on the construction of the car-marker art. Alma-Ata (PHOTOS)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

Two nights in a row overall size car checked on-line dating site Zamoskvoretskaya — tunnels and stations "Alma-Ata". Today, the plant is expected to test train, and I’m in the night from Thursday to Friday traditionally went into the ground — the car ride to the outline to show you this important and crucial stage.

Collection point has been specified station "Zyablikovo." Overall car will go first in her dead-ends, then on CERs (Service-connecting rod) moves to Zamoskvoretskaya line.

1. Slowly going to the station. Gabaritka expected half past two

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12 people were killed by the collapse of the underground garage in China


Photo: EPA

9.10.11.Chast ceiling collapsed in an underground garage in the north-east of China, 12 people were killed, the agency Xinhua citing rescuers.

The incident took place last night in the city of Dalian, Liaoning Province. Cause of the collapse is not yet known. According to the agency, in the garage were building. All during the collapse of the ceiling under the ground there were 17 workers, four lifeguards rescued. Search for another still ongoing, according to RIA Novosti.

Source: Voice of Russia

Disposal of munitions on the range top Aduy became hell for local residents



10.04.11.Pochti year on the range top in the Sverdlovsk region Aduy disposing of shells and missiles obsolete. Several times a day, local residents heard explosions. The houses are shaking chandeliers and crockery, pots of flowers fall to the floor, walls and ceiling are covered with cracks. People complain to other authorities, but explosions still rattle.

— Blow constantly, the house breaks, everything in it is moving. Plaster from the ceiling collapsed. Great-grandson was very scared and cried: "The ceiling collapsed!" Cat nearly killed. Plaster fell to the floor, on the bed. To this day I

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