Two jubilee celebration of Kupala in Vyazynka

At the entrance to the memorial complex Kupala police inspected the things guests asked about unregistered symbols, flyers and banners.On the ground in front of the house-museum of the poet were folk groups, read poems official Writers’ Union members — Victor Shnip Lyudmila Rublevskaya and others.I wanted to buy a book with the works of Yanka Kupala or souvenirs for the anniversary, but the product itself was not.Immediately at the monument to the poet gathered a group of people with white-red-white symbols on clothes. Belarusian people sang patriotic songs. Over time, there were about 200 people. Following — group "Echo"

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General celebration days of the Will

Listen:• Lukashenko: Belarus will respond to the deployment of U.S. missiles• Lukashenko: My scion Victor will not be succeeded as president• Lukashenko: opposition is not able to make contact with the authorities• Lukashenko: We sell companies with whom we can not manage • General celebration Will a day or • Lukashenko: I do not forbid print "Narodnaya Volya"Belarus• Lukashenko: Europe urge us not allow

In only one Maladziechna Belarusian-class

"In the political part of a comment to this event, we note that if it came out a year earlier, celebrations honoring the players would be much greater, since this victory, which is Actually very large, left one of the majestic ideological subtext: that suspended confrontation with Europe and the West. Now, when we put up with Europe, when we try to get closer, this major political subtext left. It was interesting to watch what the celebration were moderate about this truly majestic victory, "- says journalist Viktor Martinovich.

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Alexander Milinkevich addressed an open letter to Alexander Lukashenko

According to Milinkevich, "a good opportunity for steps towards each other would be a celebration of a day or proclamation Belarusian People Republic. Date March 25, 1918 as a schematic for Belarusian independence as July 3, 1944. Belarusian public has already spoken for a joint celebration of a day or, and I believe that such a celebration may be starting point for the beginning of the demonstration of unity of Belarusians ".In a letter to the head of Belarus Alexander Milinkevich writes: "In our power to find a joint solution to overcome the confrontation in society for the sake of

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Organizing Committee in celebration of March 25 will send a letter to Alexander Lukashenko

According to the chairman of the organizing committee, a favorite of the BPF party Vintsuk Vyachorka, quite approved texts appeal to the Belarusian society, to the international society and the text of a letter to Alexander Lukashenko.Vecherko: "And such makarom, we will produce the concept of celebrating the 25th of March in new internal and external criteria. If verbally segodnyaschy authority argues that independence is an asset for her, and if she verbally claims he wishedand to start a dialogue with the democratic Europe just March 25 gives such an occasion: to give official permission for special occasions — rallies,

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U.Prakaptsov overtaken Beijing in the game with eight

So early the State Art Museum of undisclosed guest almost never before. But wake up with the sun now together for such celebrations wanted many, including several diplomats of foreign countries and high-ranking Russian bureaucrats.About their own 55th a day or birthday and the 10th anniversary of the reign of the State Art Museum of Vladimir Prokoptsov accept personal exhibition of eight paintings that have chosen out of eight written in recent years. At its opening, he invited 88 guests, but the word for a festive greetings gave only eight of them. And all asked to meet at eight seconds.

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Celebrations in the center of Minsk is not allowed

In Minsk Executive Committee applicants celebration March 25 Liavon Borshevsky, Anatoly Lebedko, Statkevich and Anatoly Sidorevich met managing ideological control Gennady Kurbeka, deputy prosecutor of Minsk and the chief of the city police. According Lebedko, the applicants were willing to discuss compromises routes manifestation spoke about the historical significance of the BNR, the features of the present political situation. But their arguments did not act on the imperative side — it was announced in the usual such cases solution: enable the collection of demonstrators in Academy, march to Bangalore Square and a rally in the park of Friendship of Peoples.UCP

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Buraukin: main thing — that the anniversary of the BNR learned people

On the days of the House of Representatives Committee on Education, Culture, Science and scientific and technical progress of the Organizing Committee refused to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the BPR in the proposal to declare 2008 as the Year of the Belarusian statehood. Organizing Committee meanwhile continues to develop different activities to prazdnichkom. How are the preparations for the celebration of the anniversary of the BPR? How power can relate to mass actions to mark the anniversary of the BNR? On these questions meets one of the co-chairs of the organizing committee Gennady BuraukinTsigankov: "How are the preparations for

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Catholics celebrate Christmas prazdnichek

Holy Mass preceded by domestic triumph — believers are divided Oplatka vigiliynuyu and arrange dinner.Now Minsk Christmas songs sounded at the monument of Adam Mickiewicz. This is a regular event, which holds church in Reddish day of birth poet. On This time took part in the celebration of Bishop Anthony Demyanko:

"We are completing preparations for the celebration of Christmas, and now also a special celebration, as we honor day of birth Adam Mickiewicz. He was born in our land. Also in his own poetry glorified where born. "Not counting the church priests, at the monument to Mickiewicz Minsk dwellers

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Soon Shrovetide

In 2009, the beloved people of Carnival is celebrated from February 23 to March 1. This is one of the oldest holidays, granted to us by ancestors-Rusichi, and the only pagan holiday, officially recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church. Where did the tradition of burning effigy at Shrovetide? What does the pancake pancake? Why for centuries it was carnival is celebrated as widely riotous, fun? It is worth recalling that, prior XVI year in Russia began in March, ie carnival has long been a meeting of the new year! Slavs believed that if the "do not entertain in grand carnival

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