Principles of nutrition Microbes

Therefore, in the culture medium should contain all these nutrients in amounts corresponding to the specific needs of the organism. However, the physiology of microorganisms is extremely diverse, and so are as varied their specific nutritional needs. For the cultivation of microbes offered literally thousands of different media, and often in the description of these environments does not specify precisely why they put those or other components. Meanwhile, the composition of the culture medium can and must be based on scientific principles of nutrition. These principles will be discussed in this section.

Because the chemical composition of cells which is

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Austrian Telekom will become the owner of the Belarusian Velcomu?

As the APA news agency, citing sources in monetary circles, some details will be announced in the October 2nd meeting of the Supervisory Board of "Telekom Austria".For all press inquiries management company meets the "No Comment". But reporters APA has learned that talks to acquire the company "Mobilkom Austria" (daughter company "Telekomu") of the Belarusian mobile operator conducted long and are a secret character.Chapter Austrian Mobilkom Boris Nemsich (Pictured), which is also called "the prince heir" "Telekomu", is considered one of the most successful European businessmen and also the European Commission is a professional in the field of telecommunications. Dyplyamavanamu

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Anti-aging and disease all at once already exist — will tell you the manufacturers of cosmetics, food additives, as well as some doctors and pharmacists. These substances are really fight free radicals — corrosive molecules that destroy cell membranes of human DNA and cause mutations. But you can not consider them as a panacea: an overdose of anti-oxidants are not less harmful than their absence.

Free radicals

Free radicals are also known as active forms of oxygen, chlorine, nitrogen, lipid peroxides … Typically, it is quite large molecules that have free electron, ready to form a chemical bond, literally,

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Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune disease — a disease associated with the violation of the immune system of a person who begins to perceive their own tissue as foreign and hurt them. These diseases are called systemic, because, as a rule, affected the whole system or even the whole organism.

In our time, often speak of the new infections that pose a threat to all humanity. This is, first of all, AIDS and SARS (SARS), avian influenza and other viral diseases. Looking back, most dangerous viruses and bacteria manage to win, and largely due to the stimulation of the body's own immune system

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What leads people to renounce from pets?

The room in which are enclosures with adult dogs with longish hair, resembles a large greenhouses — for As the last, there such as triangular glass roof and walls with windows bolshennymi greenish color. But the air temperature is not much different from that on the street — now funny day in Minsk was eight degrees below zero. In the coming days expect more frost. In a bowl of water to drink instead — snow. He absolutely does not melt. In general, dogs are constantly bustling open-air cages for sonorous bark. Their recently fed — at the entrance, I saw

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Thyroid Disease

Diseases thyroid — The most common diseases associated with dysfunction of the endocrine system. The manifestations of these diseases are primarily dependent on the level of hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

Lack of thyroid hormone is called hypothyroidism. This syndrome is very common, especially in older women. The reasons for its occurrence may be inflammation thyroid different nature (for example, autoimmune thyroiditis), deficiency of iodine in the diet (endemic goiter), trauma thyroid, diseases of the pituitary gland (hypothyroidism), etc.

The excess of hormones produced by the thyroid gland is called hyperthyroidism. This condition can occur in diffuse toxic

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Alzheimer disease

What is it?

Disease Alzheimer's disease — often in conversation it is not quite true is called senile marasmus — a disease in which certain cells of the brain (neurons) as a die, resulting in the development of senile or senile dementia (dementia).

Disease Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia that develops in elderly and senile age. The first symptoms may appear after 40 years, and after 70-year-old age incidence rate reaches 30%.

This disease more common in poorly educated people, with unskilled occupations. A person with a high IQ are less likely to face

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You just need a cellulite?

It's hard to believe, but to1970 years of the last century, cellulite does not exist — small bumps on the skin affectionately called the "dimples" that were not considered a cosmetic fault. But as time went on, the ideals have changed, replaced gentle "dimpled" came a rough "orange peel" and the bulge on the body are not a sign of beauty, and metabolic disorders.

The emergence of the concept of "cellulite" we owe the Land of Burgers, where in 1973 the owner of a large New York Beauty Nicole Ronsard published in Vogue magazine article titled "Cellulite". New attack,

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The man on the palm. The unique technology will accelerate the development of pharmaceuticals and make them safe.

Capsule less than a mobile phone and the radiating tubes in my hands — neither more nor less than created by the country's first cellular model of human organs in one-millionth of magnitude. In this chip are all kinds of human cells — in every cell of your mini-organ. In one example, liver, other intestine, brain … Bathes them instead of blood culture medium — it provides the life of cells within four weeks. During its movement is responsible for microchannels small control unit, it allows configuration and automatic maintenance of the required parameters of cell culture. In fact,

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Solidarity action near Belarusian Embassy in Moscow

"Here, in the street near the Belarusian Embassy Maroseyka gathered several 10-s activists of the initiative "Solidarity with Belarus" and friend of the Belarusian diaspora. In our hands a symbolic cell, from which we will release political prisoners. The policemen did not hinder us, but at this point intervened riot. They are trying to take away the box and delay 1st activist, his surname Yang Markov. But the stock lasts, people chanting "Freedom to political prisoners!"According to Oleg Kozlovsky, none of the employees of the Belarusian embassy did not come out to protesters talk, but watch for the action "a

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