Whats the weather like on the other planets?

Alex Schmetkov

Mostly very different to what it’s like on Earth! The hottest and coldest places on Earth are in Death Valley, California and Vostok Station, Antarctica, which have official records of 56.7 degrees Celsius (134 degrees Fahrenheit) and -89.2 degrees Celsius (-128.6 degrees Fahrenheit) respectively. But it gets way more extreme in other parts of the Solar System.

Martian air is very thin, less than one hundredth of the density of Earth’s atmosphere, and so it can experience wild swings in temperature during a day, from highs of 26 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) to lows of -129 degrees

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Severe frosts in Europe recede

Severe frosts in Europe recede Weather and Climate

Photo: February 2, 2012, the ice floating on the river Spree in Berlin.

Cold weather in Europe continues to grow, and the forecast for February 4-5 portend further decrease in temperature. In the Czech Republic the night temperature readings reached -38 degrees Celsius, and Rome powder with snow. To date, as a result of severe weather conditions killed about 218 people, most of whom were villagers.

In Ukraine, the number of victims has risen to 101, almost twice a week, of which 64 people have died in the street. As a result

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Cold snap in Europe

Cold snap in Europe Weather and Climate

Strong winter storms piled on southern Europe from January 25, 2012, heralding the cold weather in Russia, the Baltic States, Poland, Scandinavia and other countries. According to meteorological services in these countries, the temperature drops to -20 degrees Celsius. People in Europe to such cold does not fit, especially when you consider that in many countries the temperature dropped dramatically.

The victims of the icy weather in central and eastern Europe were 38 people. In many countries, frost damaged the railway tracks. In Poland, by 26-degree frosts killed 10 people, and in Ukraine

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500 victims of the heat in India

May 29, 2013. According to the Indian Department for Disaster Management, 524 people died of sunstroke from April 1 to the last day. However, according to unofficial sources, the heat has killed more than six people in the last four days.

Indian weather bureau yesterday issued a weather forecast for the day. "The heat will continue tomorrow, and the sky will be sunny", — said the representative of the India Meteorological Department. The maximum and minimum temperatures will be between 28 and 43 degrees.

On Tuesday, the heat has risen to the level of 43 degrees Celsius. The

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After the test flood residents of Germany languishing in the heat

June 19, 2013. Climatologists are unanimous in saying that over the past few years for the European countries there is a tendency unstable weather conditions. According to them, this is just the beginning of the world to global warming. For example, Germany after a long heavy rains swept the all-time hot weather. According to the meteorological services, on Wednesday afternoon in several regions of the country the temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius in the shade.

For such heat waves were not ready to install cooling. In total, the six-speed express trains German railways refused to air conditioners. According to

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Unusually cold temperatures in Alaska

Unusually cold temperatures in Alaska Weather and Climate

Residents of Fairbanks, Alaska, to endure the most extreme cold in the last 10 years. January 29, 2012 International Airport was recorded temperature -51 degree Celsius. At this time, the temperature usually does not drop below 16 degrees. Record low is -60 degrees in 1933. Perhaps this record would be broken if it were not dense ice fog.

Since 1999, this is the second time the temperature reaches or exceeds -50 degrees. In January of this year for 2 weeks the temperature was between -40 degrees Celsius. Prolonged cold in Fairbanks, close

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In the U.S. temperature record broken in June

July 4, 2013. The heat that prevails in the western U.S. Last week, perhaps, was the record for some parts of the country in June. For example, the air in Death Valley National Park in California has warmed up to the mark 54 degrees Celsius. Previous temperature record was set in June June 23, 1902 in the town of Volcano, which is also in California.

On the official website of NASA's "Earth Observatory" there was a satellite photo taken and an infrared thermal imaging sensor. The image shows the heat waves rising from the valley of death.

The global

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Weather anomalies in Greenland



31.05.12.Na days, namely 29 May 2012, the temperature in Greenland has broken all records. The air warmed up to plus 25 degrees Celsius. Earlier, according to the observations of meteorologists, ever so warm in the month of May was not.

Previous record was set 20 years ago May 31, 1991. On that day, the air temperature was 23 degrees Celsius.

Summer weather, set the last few days in Greenland, which is interesting, reflected on the owners of restaurants and cafes. Restaurant and hospitality associations Greenland agreed to recommend restaurants and cafes to use the well-known Swiss dishes

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In Azerbaijan, the first snow fell


1.10.11.V Azerbaijan, the first snow fell. The first snow fell in the village Khinalig Guba. The snow cover is three centimeters, told Trend in the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

Torrential rains nature in Azerbaijan will continue until the second half Sunday, forecasters said Azerbaijani.

In the regions of Azerbaijan in October second time to wait for rain in places at night torrential character. Afternoon rain gradually cease. Will blow sometimes growing wind.

Night temperature 9 — 13, day 20 — 25 degrees Celsius, in the mountains at night 3 — 8, day

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Climate: from winter to summer

Winter just left the United States and parts of Canada, and the long ridge of high pressure is induced summer conditions. More than 1.054 parts fix new daily record high temperatures, but at the same time, 627 new record lows. Chicago has registered a temperature above 26.6 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile in Minnesota sostavilyaet temperature 16.6 degrees Celsius. Source: Discovery News

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