Energomash — Atommash supplied equipment Krasnoyarsk Cement

Production of heat exchange of the body and containers made of two shipping mills made for JSC "Holding Company" Krasnoyarsk Cement "(Kemerovo). Oversized Products diameter of 5 meters and a length of about 10 meters shipped by water transport from the factory specialized berths for heavy loads.

The acceptance of the equipment carried out by representatives of the customer together with the experts of technical supervision of the Moscow representative office of the developer KHD Humboldt Engineering (Germany). Experts confirmed the high level of quality manufacturing mills. The design of these large products laid down tough

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Portland slag cement


Initially, blast furnace slag was just a waste of steelmaking and nothing more. At the end of the 15th century, the melted slag was first used in Germany, at the time of his cast cannonballs. In the 17th century slag were used in the form of crushed stone for road fill and rubble as filler when pouring concrete foundations and supporting structures.   In the mid-19th century, when the metallurgical industry of the developed countries was in full swing, and mountain ash continued to litter the surrounding area businesses, the product of the melt domain has become a

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Cement terminal opened in Omsk

In Omsk, the launch of a cement terminal. Company "Omsk cement" will produce Portland cement — hydraulic cement, used in modern construction for the production of monolithic and precast concrete. The production capacity of the new venture — 700 thousand tons of cement a year, promising an increase of 1 million tons.

Photo: RIA "Omsk-Inform"

Construction of the terminal began in 2011 on the site of an abandoned factory agloporitovogo gravel, construction of which began in the middle of the last century. General contractor NGO "Mostovik" reconstructed and built 12 facilities with a total area of over 8,500

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Cement record

Cement production hits record. For the first time in the modern history of Russian cement output reached 6.5 million tonnes in the month, exceeding established in August 2007 to a maximum of 6.6%, the "Expert Online» Director of PR and GR LLC "SMPro" Roman Kuprin.

 Photo source:expert.ru

According to experts, the main reason — the growing demand from builders and manufacturers of building materials.

"The main reason for the manufacturing boom — growth in demand for derivatives of the cement building materials: concrete, concrete, dry building mixtures — explains Kuprin. — In the season of 2011 cement

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Cement plant opened in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Factory Ltd "Sahtsement Longxing Temple of Shijiazhuang" was opened on September 12 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

It is a joint Sino-Russian joint venture was set up at the end of last year. Participant from the Chinese side is LLC "Import-Export Company Longxing Temple of Shijiazhuang-Zhuykay Heilongjiang Province," the Russian — industrial and building society "Beton-Service".

The plant was built in compliance with all safety standards, special attention is paid to the environment. Here are equipped with modern sewage system, so around the plant do not build cement dust, yet any emissions. In the plant built 25 office and

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Cement, who quickly grasped not only in summer but also in winter, developed in Khabarovsk

Anyone who is involved in construction work, whether on a construction site of a large object, or on the construction site of your own home or garage, know how sometimes need quick-setting cement. Especially this material is needed in an emergency or extreme situations, when there is no possibility to use the traditional technology of concreting.

In Khabarovsk PNU (Pacific State University) developed a new method for quick-setting cement, comprising adding to cement an active mineral supplements. As such an additive is a mixture of fine sand and curing accelerator (accelerator taken as potash and sodium fluoride

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Tyumen Technopark technology is ready for use

Presentations developments resident business incubator Tyumen Technopark builders can become traditional. They will be held under the auspices of the General Directorate of Construction and Housing of the Tyumen region. This was one of the first presentations of the director of the West-Siberian Innovation Centre Alexander Sakevich.

"We try to represent those projects whose products can already be used in the construction of buildings, structures and other facilities. This is really new materials and technologies. Already have facilities where they apply. The builders may be interested to know about them and use at as a test

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Cement may again become disadvantage

These numbers are now referred to a joint meeting of 2-chambers of the National Assembly of Belarus, Minister of Architecture and Construction Alexander Seleznev. Shortage of cement will eliminate procurement in China. "But deliver it Belarus will hard — Sovereign Seleznev said. — No port on the territory of the former Soviet Union does not accept bulk cement, and takes only the bags. But for industrial companies need bulk cement concrete. "

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Belarus refuses to export cement

This now Minister Alexander Seleznev said, answering questions of the MPs. Seleznev said that even at the moment, "supplies of cement export braked." This is due to the fact that it is not enough on building sites within the country, public and private. Incidentally, member of the House of Representatives Victor Marahin complained that the stores Minsk at the moment can not be find Belarusian cement. There are only Russian, which is more expensive. • Cement in Belarus may soon become more expensive, 26.10.2007

Belarus zasyplet cement?

Minister lamented that programm production of construction materials poorly funded from local budgets. But yesterday it was reported that Prime Minister Wen Jiabao pledged $ 500 loan to Belarus millions of dollars, which absolutely will expand production of cement.Misha Marinich, last Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of Belarus in an interview with "Freedom":"Placing such productions are always environmentally unsafe. And those countries where there is currently more concerned about the future, try to get rid of hazardous industries. With their country’s highly developed nations endure." • Chinese funds will go toward the creation of a dirty, 5.11.2007

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