A new kind of wind turbine in the fight for the environment

A new kind of wind turbine in the fight for the environment to save the planet

The administration of a medical research center in Oklahoma has found its original method of power generation, fully meets the latest environmental trends. In a special compartment in the roof of the center of three parallel rows of 18 vertical mounted helical wind turbine height of 5.6 m, which supply 40-meter building with electricity.

The turbines are made of an alloy of aluminum and steel, which gives them the necessary strength and at the same time allows its direct functions and turning

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Russian scientists have created a model for the calculation of seismic hazard

In Russia it is the first model of this kind, which can be used to predict the effects of earthquakes in specific areas of the city.

Scientists from the Center for Geophysical Research Vladikavkaz Scientific Centre RAS-based REC "Geoengineering" looking for answers to questions about what will be the nature and extent of the devastation caused by the earthquake in a particular area

What factors influence the effects of the earthquake? This question is posed to science every time when assessing the devastation provoked by a powerful shift of the crust. Thus, the Niigata earthquake in Japan in

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Sinkhole in Murom. Video

Karst holes

10.05.12.V Murom sinkhole occurred in the city center. "Exposure of history" in the literal sense. In Murom sinkhole occurred in the city center. PE occurred in the area 1100 years.

These frames are sent to us by our colleagues from the television "Murom meridian." Rescuers quickly left the scene. That which was hidden under the asphalt, impressed many. It turned out that in the very center of Murom — vaulted underground passages. And the failure — one of its areas of landslides. What is it — a strange communication or brick cellars urban shopping malls, experts have

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In Vitebsk, a girl fell asphalt. Video

Karst holes

14.05.12.V center of Vitebsk girl fell through the zemlyu.S injured we had to communicate through the hospital window. Details of the unpleasant incident hospital administration preferred to keep confidentiality.

In a public place in the center of the participants were preparing to distribute charity homeless animals. Cells move away from the dogs, they were asked builders. Elena and did not notice that it fell under the asphalt. Together with the two puppies she fell into a three-meter pit.

Elena Volodkevich, the victim:

Well I have a right shock, but I did not lose consciousness and

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Russian magnetic resonance imaging

It appears in Russia for many years, there is the production of these complex devices. Research and production firm "Az" produces several models

Russian tomograph "Ellipse"



Company History

Research and production firm "Az" organized in 1988 as an innovative company in the development and production of domestic magnetic resonance imaging. Human resource base of the company amounted to scientific, engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers leading companies and research institutes.

Permanent head of research and production firm "Az" is the Archangel Vyacheslav A. — Member of the Russian Academy of

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Today, October 25 magnetic storm. Video


Photo from: tesis.lebedev.ru

MOSCOW, Oct. 25 — RIA Novosti. Magnetic storm began on Earth late Monday — Kp index of geomagnetic disturbances at the moment is 6 units, according to data center space weather forecast of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA).

The scale of magnetic disturbances Kp index 10 levels from 0 to 3 are the quiet magnetosphere, level 4 — perturbed, and the levels of 5 to 9 — magnetic storms five classes.

The beginning of the storm there were about 22.00 MSK, when geomagnetic index, measured center of the U.S.

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In Lviv shop sank into the ground

Karst holes

Photo Maidan

5.03.12.V Drogobych Lviv region fell photographic shop in the basement.

As reported in the press center EMERCOM in Lviv region, the incident occurred at about 23.00 in the center: on the ground floor two-story apartment building in the shop "Photo-Quelle" fell on the floor area of 15 square meters. m depth of about 2 m

Killed and injured there. In came the failure of the equipment shop.

Source: obozrevatel.com

The first tropical cyclone on the way

The first tropical cyclone on the way weather and climate

In the eastern Pacific, meteorologists found a zone of stable low pressure, which may be the first candidate for the opening of the season, "Tropical cyclone—2012." Future SC took the position approximately 580 miles southwest of Acapulco, Mexico. At the further unfolding of events in the direction of strengthening the cyclone will be named Aletta.

The left side of the photo shows the first in 2012, tropical cyclone One-E.

The first possible shopping center over the eastern Pacific Ocean. By the morning of March 15, 2012

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Part of the road went into the ground in the center of Tomsk


Tomsk. November 7. Interfax-Siberia — The collapse of the roadway occurred Monday afternoon near the house on Bolshaya N45 Podgornaya in the center of Tomsk, the press service of STSI in the region.

"In the area of the lane to lane in 1905 Sacco (about 800 m — IF), the motion is blocked. Destroyed part of the road is restored, traffic resumed after completion of the repairs, "- said in a press release.

The press service of the agency "Interfax-Siberia" made it clear that the reason for the collapse of the road, according to preliminary information, began excavating a

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The Russian team won first place in the competition PromAlp in Europe

October 5-7 at the training center Petzl V.Axess were the first European competitions Industrial climbing Petzl RopeTrip 2012. V.Axess center located in Crolles, near one of the plants Petzl.

The competition was attended by 75 people from different countries — Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Russia (3 teams), Spain, United Kingdom. The main purpose of the festival is the Petzl RopeTrip communication between industrial climbers from around the world, exploring new ways of working and discovering the best athletes. Petzl team of instructors did a great job of preparing the track for sorevnovaniy.Dlya participants was organized camping site

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