Dozens of countries are exhausted rains. Video


20.10.11.Chrezvychaynoe position announced in Latin America. The region hit tropical storms — the water leaving Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Colombia. The floods killed more than a hundred people. For about 15,000 people in these states remain homeless.

Mudslides destroyed bridges and roads, communication with many settlements lost. Huge damage caused to agriculture.

Binge verse continues in Thailand. There is much for the victims of the floods of the last half century more than three hundred people have been affected about three million! Water crept close to the capital. Now the authorities constrain the flow, but to

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In Perm — solid anomalies




"Komsomolskaya Pravda", 30.12.2003, Perm, n241-242

Author: Natalia Davydova

_ * Kama will be the center of the Volga-Urals ufology * _

Perm ufologists are organized in our city a regional office for the study of anomalous phenomena. First serious problem of foreign civilizations engaged only all-Russian scientific-research

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IVF over 100,000 made free for all

On January 1, infertility treatment was included in the compulsory health insurance.

According NGS.NOVOSTI the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the 1 January 2013 program of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is available under the policy of the MLA. This allows women living in Krasnoyarsk free to undergo surgery in private hospitals of the city.

"Earlier, from the regional budget allocated quota of 100 IVF. But free operations were carried out in the federal hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Many did not agree to go ", — the

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The fire center Tverles received modern equipment

Ministry of Forestry of the Tver region received regular Four fire engines and heavy wheeled tractor with attachments, designed to fight forest fires. Delivery of equipment is made for fighting forest protection center "Tverles" under an agreement with the Federal Forestry Agency. On this program in 2011 allocated about 130 million rubles from the federal and regional budgets.


Already bought 23 pieces of equipment. In November, the park filled up with 17 machines, and in December will be received four more firefighters tractor.

Fire Department of St. Petersburg has received new cars

February 18, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko handed the keys to new cars purchased by the city budget for the departments of fire protection in St. Petersburg.

Just governor paid a working visit to the St. Petersburg City Monitoring Center of the Committee on law and order and security and the Center for Crisis Management of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in St. Petersburg.

The Center for Crisis Management was organized direct on using video conference call with the National Center for Crisis Management. In 2011, the General Office of Ministry of Emergency

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Enterprise Kaluga oil dumping into rivers


18.10.11.V Lyudinovskuyu City Prosecutor's Office (Kaluga region) of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia on 12 October, it was reported dumping of oil into the river Nepolod.

As the correspondent of IA REGNUM Lyudinovskogo Assistant City Prosecutor Roman Hlan, on the communication has been audited by the implementation of legislation in the field of environmental protection, organized by the selection of samples for analysis of wastewater.

During the inspection, it was found that the JSC "Krontif Center" on networks stormwater discharge of oil carried in the river and on to Nepolod Bolva river, resulting in a confluence formed

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The tunnel of the subway station Khodynka to Business Center opened in Moscow

Third tunnel excavation right interchange circuit metro station "Khodynka" to "Business Center" started in Moscow, said in a press release of the Department of construction of the city.

Plot Third subway interchange circuit in the north-west would connect the station "Business Center" in the "Moscow City" station "Polezhayevskaya" Tagansko Krasnopresnenskoj-line. On the line will be located six stations — "Lower Maslivka," "Peter Park," "Khodynka", "Khoroshevskaya", "Shelepiha" and finish building the station "Business Center". The line is planned to be operational in 2015.

"Lovat Tunnel mechanized complex to go over the distance of 6.5 kilometers. He will carry through pass through

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Bird deaths recorded in Beijing


21.01.11.Massovaya death of wild birds recorded in the suburban area of Beijing — near the village Shatszyin, dozens of dead blackbirds, mallards and magpies, are found along the river banks Xiaoqing, reported local media on Friday. Local residents fear that they could be carriers of a disease.

"We did not find a dead bird or avian flu signs of some other infectious disease," — said the center of the sanitary-epidemiological control, ITAR-TASS reported.

He did not rule out that they died of hunger and adverse weather conditions. However, experts point out, ornithologists that birds can for a long time

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To wit: Fitness lovers rocked skyscraper in Seoul


20.07.11.V capital of South Korea was "shaking" 39-storey skyscraper. The cause of the incident, as it turned out, were training at the fitness center on one of the floors of retail and office building. Emergency happened on July 6 in the center of Seoul TechnoMart, which houses hundreds of shops, as well as offices and a cinema. According to RIA Novosti, the building height of 189 feet was shaking for about ten minutes, while there were about three thousand men. Some of the people were evacuated. South Korean experts have made an investigation of the incident and found that

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Manufacturers of laser equipment described new developments

During the exhibition "Metal 2013" was important for the machine tool industry conference "Made us: laser processing of metals." Domestic manufacturers of laser processing equipment reported on new developments, the experience of implementing laser machines for engineering plants.

The conference was attended by the following manufacturers: NTO "IRE-Polus", JSC "VNITEP", "ESTO — Lasers and equipment", FSUE NPP "Source", "Laser Center", LLC "Moscow Center for Laser Technology," EDO "Bulat" , "Laser Systems", Lytkarinsky Machine Works, State Research Center of Russian Federation Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Research temoyadernyh TRINITY, the plant "logic", "ESTO — Lasers and technology", etc. 

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