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Uralmashplant (Ekaterinburg) is upgrading production

February 18, 2013 at JSC "Uralmashplant" was put into operation and the third largest Italian company RAMA machine cost a quarter billion rubles.Gantry machining center is designed to handle large equipment for the metallurgical and mining industries.

The machine frame — not the only one who appeared in the production. Two more Frame, smaller, are already in place since 2012, and currently there is an installation of the South Korean carousel turning and machining center Henkuk.

In the coming years, major investment in a deep modernization of the plant will be

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Unique medical center in Tyumen earned with a maximum load (photo, video)

Today, it is the only place in the country where, under one roof several types of diagnosis, including the production of special products, as well as nuclear medicine therapy. Now there is no need to seriously ill people to go for treatment in other regions, and even more so abroad.

Alexander Savitchev already familiar with ultrasound, MRI and biopsy. However, this procedure takes place in the first time. Before the examination of men radioactive drug is administered intravenously. It's safe — the level of exposure is low.

Complex technique using gamma radiation produces three-dimensional image on the monitor —

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The unique study video analysis of movement

Siberian Clinical Center FMBA Russia today presented a unique diagnostic laboratory analogues in Russia yet, — study video analysis of movement. Here at the Clinical Center, completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment in the lab video analysis of movement. Cabinet allows using modern technologies to detect any violation of human motor functions, described in the press service of the Ministry of Health of the region.

Diagnosis involves the simultaneous use of four methods of investigation: camcorder (video capture), power platform (fixes the distribution of body weight while moving), electromyography (sensors on the body of the

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Seventh Adventures Belarusian consul in Odessa

Passing Ryshelevskuyu school and mail, he looked around for a moment and thought — something subtly changed for today, he spent the tireless cultural work. Upon reflection, he still sent a Derybasavskuyu — it was easier to get lost in the mass. Even an inexperienced observer could think that man ist from anyone hiding. Giving circle for conviction, he went through a dark courtyard in a flat who filmed the last two months in Madame Rosa. Madame Rosa met him at the door: — Sovereign Consul already remove from your eye glasses, they spoil the figure for you. The Bolsheviks

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The diagnosis will put Europe’s leading cardiologist

World-renowned scientist, founder and first president of the European Society of kardioradiologov Professor Rainer Rienmyuller regularly happens in our country. He teaches and implements research projects at leading medical centers and research institutes. Since November 2012 the Russians have a unique opportunity to consult a professor in the Nordic health center. On the possibilities of modern technologies in the field of diagnostics, the positive experience of working with colleagues from Russia, as well as the peculiarities of the Russian health care system from the point of view of a foreigner says Mr. Rienmyuller.

You are working in

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Minsk will 10s skyscrapers

In order to give the capital a new look, even to destroy objects that could considered the hallmark of the town — namely, the number of construction sites in the Upper town, high-rise hotel "Belarus" houses on Volodarskogo and Karl Marx, and even the whole airport "Minsk-1". During the meeting with Minsk nedavneshney urban development asset Alexander Lukashenko has approved plans by architects building constructive revolution. Namely, just decided to build a business center under the title of "Minsk-City" on the spot airport "Minsk-1", as do point of attack on the heath, where the sky vzlyatsyats first Belarusian nebasyagi. Their

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We Poltavі target geologіchny naukovyi-virobnichy Center

DERZHAVNAYA service geologії i Nadra Ukraїnі i Natsionalna aktsіonerna kompaniia "Nadra Ukrainy" vіdkrili in fourth at Poltavі Ukrainsky geologіchny naukovyi-virobnichy center "Ukrnaukageotsentr."

For the words of the head of NAC "Nadra Ukraine" Oleg Proskuryakova, center obladnaniysuchasnoyu tehnіkoyu for 3D-vіzualіzatsії i Suchasni laboratorієyu for vikonannyapovnogo complex robіt s Poshuk that rozvіdki gas i naphtha peredaєkorespondent agency "Іnterfaks-Ukraїnu." Especially in mіstse robotі center pridіlyaєtsya doslіdzhennyu shale pokladіv, Hoca in perspektivі vіn bude zaymatisya takozh іnshimi napryamki, napriklad doslіdzhennyam shelf. "Staffing is the Tehnologії potentsіal dozvolyayut to Visoko that yakіsnomu rіvnіvivchati structure korisnih copaline in Ukraїnu without neobhіdnostі іnozemnimpartneram vivoziti materіal at

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Paradoxes electoral moods Russians

The survey was conducted in January to order our radio Russian Levada Center in collaboration with InterMedia Survey Institute. Were interviewed 1,600 people in 45 Russian regions. The results look paradoxically: 45% of respondents expressed doubts that the elections will be fair, 65% believe that the response to the question of who will be followed by the president, is dependent on Vladimir Putin and his administration, and only 19% believe that it will be depend on the will of the voters. And together with those three-quarters of respondents they say that they will go to vote, with all 45% of

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At KPI vіdkrito tickle in the center Ukraїnі Nanoelektronіka i nanotehnologії


19 October 2011 for participating Nobelіvskogo laureate akademіka Rosіyskoї akademії Sciences Jaures Alferov that mіnіstra osvіti i science, molodі is the sport of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnik vіdkrito tickle in the Ukraїnі spіlny naukovyi-Navchalna center "Nanoelektronіka i nanotehnologії" naukovyi-virobnichogo concern "Science" that Natsіonalnogo tehnіchnogo unіversitetu Ukrainy "Kiїvsky polіtehnіchny іnstitut." Rosіysko-Ukrainsky center zdatny stvoryuvati konkurentospromozhnі on svіtovomu Rinku rozrobki. Tse is permitted in vіdroditi Ukraїnu promislovіst Visoko How? I Dusty poshtovh rozvitku vіtchiznyanoї ekonomіki

A major meta center — stvorennya in Ukraїnu nanoіndustrії Shlyakhov vikoristannya rezultatіv Applied doslіdzhen and takozh pіdgotovki visokokvalіfіkovanih naukovyi that іnzhenernih kadrіv scho duzhe

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We Kіrovogradі vіdkrili sudinny Center

On Kіrovogradschinі in one іz kraschih lіkuvalnih zakladіv regіonu — Oblasnaya kardіodispanserі — vіdkrito sudinny center.

About priznachennya that mozhlivostі center proіnformuvav zavіduvach rentgenendovaskulyarnim unit kardіodispanseru Vitalij Crumb.

"Stvorennya such a great center є prorivom kardіologіchnoї for the Service of Region scho permitted to nabliziti rіven nadannya medichnoї Dopomoga to єvropeyskih standartіv" — vіdznachiv kardіolog.

"Svoєrіdnim" sericite "center є nadpotuzhny angіograf fіrmi" TOSHIBA "vartіstyu 15 mln., Pridbany for Costa derzhavnoї subventsії — povіdomiv kardіolog. — On tsomu aparatі mozhna vikonuvati koronografіyu that stentuvannya sudin scho є radical methods lіkuvannya atherosclerosis that іshemіchnoї hvorobi sericite.

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