In Chile, there was a strong earthquake


Tuesday, February 8, in Chile to 655 kilometers north of the capital, Santiago, there was a strong earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, an earthquake was recorded at 13:03 on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The epicenter was located 85 kilometers east of the city of Copiapo. Its center lies at a depth of 92.5 kilometers.

Information on casualties or damage were reported.

In February last year, this South American country has been devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake, which killed more than 600 people and caused widespread destruction.

Since then, the center and the south

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Remember the phrase heroine Ostrovsky: "Why do not people fly like birds?" Today we are witnessing a real "ptitsepad."

But outside of the media spotlight — another attack.


In Chizapikskom Gulf — this is opposite of Washington, in the state of Maryland — for the last week on the beach washed away more than a million dead fish. American officialdom immediately announced that, he says, "fish have died from the cold." "It is obvious that there are fish affected by cold temperatures." Calculation of the idiots. In Washington, the temperature dropped, but that does not mean that at the

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A large shopping complex burned in Omsk. Video


DHB, January 25 — RIA Novosti, Andrei Lebedev. A large shopping complex of more than a thousand square meters burned Tuesday morning in Omsk, the dead and injured is not present, the press service of the regional emergency department.

"At the time of arrival of fire flame burning roof, indicating a delay in reporting. On fire involved 22 units of basic and special fire equipment, 100 personnel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, "- said in a statement.

According to the press service, in a shopping center located auto shop, internet club, store household goods. Cause

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Rainfall in Israel gradually cease

On Sunday, November 20, rains continue in most parts of Israel, mainly in the center and the south, in the Negev, where the threat of flooding. In the north, rain will affect only certain areas, according to the publication "Haaretz".

By evening the rain gradually weaken, and on Monday is expected to partly cloudy and the rain held only in the morning in some cities in the south and center of the country. By evening, the assurances of forecasters, the rain stopped.

Tuesday will be cloudy and the temperature will rise slightly, but remain unseasonably cold weather. Wednesday is expected

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In Kalmykia, due to the abnormally warm weather blossom trees


23.12.2010.V our call center residents Gorodovikovsk with the message that the trees and swollen buds.

Reason — in the unusually warm weather for December, established in the region ", — said the head of the republican center of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Vladimir Badenov" Interfax-South ".

Last Wednesday, the temperature reached by the country plus 14 seats plus 15 degrees, today was another 1-2 degrees warmer.

According to meteorologist, by December 31 at night in the country may reduce the temperature to 0 degrees during the day will be kept warm. However, in the first ten days of

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Parachuting Center opened near Ufa

At the airport "PERVUSHIN" in Kushnarenkovskogo Republican district opened parachute center. 

At the opening ceremony of the skill and imagination in the sky showed the best jumpers of the republic.

The center will provide all types of hops between 800 and 3000 meters, will also prepare for the jump (theory and methodology).

The work center will allow national teams of Russia and Bashkortostan Parachuting not train outside the country and promotes skydiving.

Typhoon Guchol moves to Japan

Do not have time to fill mawari typhoon, as the day on June 11 to the south of the Caroline Islands, a new tropical depression. Day of June 12, it became a typhoon, the fourth this year. It was named Guchol. Pressure at its center was 1004 hPa, maximum wind near the center is 18 m / s.

Milky Way robbed mini-galaxy black hole

Scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA (NASA) with the Hubble Space Telescope have found evidence for a new cluster of blue stars near the black hole of intermediate mass HLX-1. This is stated in the official press release NASA.

According to the researchers, this discovery sheds new light on the presentation of the science of the development of supermassive black holes and intermediate mass black holes. Until now, scientists were very little is known about the existence of an intermediate-mass black holes. Now, thanks to new images Hubble, scientists are one step closer to unlocking their

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Another batch of Yak-130 training center received Voronezh Air Force

Russian Air Force training center in Boris Gleb (Voronezh region) received the first batch of trainer aircraft Yak-130 from three cars, told journalists Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Vladimir Deryabin.

Formerly head of the press service of the Western Military District, Colonel Andrei Bobrun reported that the Corporation "Irkut" ready soon put in Boris Gleb party of six such aircraft.

"Three of the Yak-130 followed a route Irkutsk — Boris Gleb (from the factory airfield Corporation" Irkut ") network with two intermediate landing in Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk airfields for refueling and crew rest," — said Derjabin.

He said that

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Bird deaths recorded in Beijing


21.01.11.Massovaya death of wild birds recorded in the suburban area of Beijing — near the village Shatszyin, dozens of dead blackbirds, mallards and magpies, are found along the river banks Xiaoqing, reported local media on Friday. Local residents fear that they could be carriers of a disease.

"We did not find a dead bird or avian flu signs of some other infectious disease," — said the center of the sanitary-epidemiological control, ITAR-TASS reported.

He did not rule out that they died of hunger and adverse weather conditions. However, experts point out, ornithologists that birds can for a long time

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