We Kіrovogradі vіdkrivsya Novi perinatal centers

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych took fate in vіdkrittі Kіrovogradskogo oblasnogo perinatal center — Perche mortgage vіdkritogo within realіzatsії іnіtsіyovanogo head of power Natsіonalnogo project "Nova Zhittya — new yakіst receptionists motherhood that of Childhood."

Yak povіdomili UNIAN press-sluzhbі at the head of power, vіtayuchi prisutnіh іz tsієyu podієyu, the President called її one іz vazhlivih krokіv at kontekstі natsіonalnoї medichnoї reform.

Viktor Yanukovych podyakuvav blagodіynikam, yakі doluchilisya to realіzatsії project Kіrovogradі.

"Sogodnі on vsіy Ukraїnі, de vіdkrivayutsya perinatalnі the center, close by іz DERZHAVNAYA sluzhbovtsyami, pratsіvnikami mіstsevoї Vladi will be patron of the arts. Tse butt great-power

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We Kiєvі vіdkrito 50 and stantsіya Metro: Vistavkovy center

 Photo source:in.ua

Stantsіya "Vistavkovy center" became spravzhnіm Podarunki for Kiyan to New rock. Stantsіya bula pobudovana two Razi shvidshe, nіzh planuvalosya.

Stantsіya vіdkrita 27, 2011 Breast-rock. On 11 godinі vіdbulasya ofіtsіyna tseremonіya vіdkrittya novoї stantsії subway. [7] and Pershiy poїzd іz "Vasilkіvskoї 's passengers poїhav about 13:10. Krіm addition, at a time (pitched on 27.12.2011) Tse єdina kіntseva stantsіya, pіslya yakoї potyag passes not rozvertayutsya and їdut at zvorotnomu napryamki just Zi stantsії.

In his Cerga kerіvnitstvo metropolіtenu vіdznachilo scho at budіvnitstvі stantsії Bulo zekonomleno 160 mln. i budіvnitstvo obіyshlosya 750 mln.

Stantsіya for konstruktsієyu

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We Vіnnitsі vіdkrili Suchasni dіagnostichny Center

Large-scale projects — stvorennya i have vіdkrittya Vіnnitsі Suchasni munіtsipalnogo advisory dіagnostichnogo center — CCB іnіtsіyovany Mіnіsterstvom zakordonnih ref Іzraїlyu i realіzovany spіlno s Vіnnitskoyu mіskoyu radoyu that Blagodіynim Fund Poroshenko. Privіdkrivayuchi zavіsu, rozpovіmo scho іdeya vіdkrittya such center in Ukraїnі z'yavilas pid hour peregovorіv Poroshenko (if vіn CCB mіnіstrom zakordonnih right) i Pan Lіbermana. And from far away i share, Vlasnyi, mіstse roztashuvannya viznachilis pid hour Working zustrіchey mіzh vіnnitskoyu mіskoyu Vladoiu i Embassy POWERS Іzraїl in Ukraїnі.

— Mi zavzhdi radі podіlitis svoїmi of knowledge i tehnologіyami s friends, — said at the center

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Tyumen region: the inhabitants of the village Karasul able to be creative in the new leisure center

Culture Center in s. Karasul Ishim district built by the fund to support youth initiatives and healthy lifestyle "Our choice — Small Homeland". It is a wooden building with carved aprons, total area is 250 square meters. m

"Construction of the center was conceived long ago and now finally come true, — the chairman of the board of trustees" Our choice — a small homeland "Yuri Shafranik. — I am sure he will be a gathering place of children and adults, especially in rural areas every third is engaged in some form of creativity. The center will house an art

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In Profound found a bomb near a department store

Slonim This time not subsiding passions around the House of Representatives election. Officially won the elections chairman of the local executive committee Mieczyslaw Kostiuk. But his opponent from the UDF Dr. Ivan Sheha believes that the results of the vote rigged. About it and he knows in "Gazeta Slonim." Reads an employee of this publication Nicholas Kononovich:"He then states that all complaints, comments and acts that were made, the district Election Commission answered the same: no violations of election laws do not, although there wasand obvious violations. But provides some examples. Reached that Chkalauski polling station have voted for it,

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Truskavetska hotel Mirotel Resort &Spa upgraded to 5 stars

Hotel complex (SC) Mirotel Resort &Spa (Truskavets, Lviv region). Assigned category "five stars" in the category "four star" plus ", the company said on Wednesday.


Category of the "five stars" confirms the certificate issued by the State Agency of Ukraine for Tourism and Resorts, said in a statement.

"We always try to keep a finger on the pulse and is equal to the best representatives of the hotel industry" — are reported to the director of marketing and sales Mirotel Resort &Spa Elena Gerashchenko.

As reported, the Civil Mirotel Resort &Spa

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Minsk after the stock markets on January 21

Head of the department of public relations mall "Zhdanovichi" Leonid Chvarkov explained:"A small piece does not work for one simple reason — in connection with the renewal of individual entrepreneurs in the private unitary enterprises. This is a temporary phenomenon. As they have issued, immediately start to work."I called one of the fish market women, Svetlana, whose seat is vacant. She said that filed for renewal in December, but they This time not ready. And now she can not work as a personal nor businessman nor "PUE".

The shopping center "Fashion World" and part of the construction market

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Retail and office center Gagarin

"Gagarin" — the only major trade-office and entertainment center, located within the city limits and accessible to everyone. And the only one where there is a world-class entertainment area: 1,500 m2 professional ice!   In the Ice Palace, we are trying to 190 people: free, without the hustle and queues in locker rooms, dressing rooms and rental. There are international and Ukrainian hockey competitions, discos on ice, working groups for children and adults. And even declared a set of the women's hockey team!

This level of entertainment and there will be no other shopping and entertainment

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In Minsk again judged specialists cardiologists

According to investigators, the defendants lured from unhealthy for heart surgery and means for operating materials.New business surgeons already interested public and journalists who every day is filled with Hall of the Metropolitan District Court. In the dock — recognizable heart surgeon Alexander SHKET and Deputy Director of the joint venture "Multymedytsyn" Igor Vasyukevich which journalists know more on the first trial of spices center "Kardyyalegiya." 3rd suspected of this case — Boris Wightman — died during the investigation. On the sidelines of the court said: a person could not stand the heart after his arrest and unfair accusations. Three

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Technologies for monitoring the Earth’s surface

Near Moscow Center of Engineering and Technology Center "RDC" in the village of Rumyantsevo

Antenna systems software and hardware "UniScan"

The antenna system of the station's "Alice-SC". The main applications of meteorological satellite data: Hydrometeorology and weather, agriculture, monitoring of forest fires and floods, monitoring of ice conditions and snow cover dynamics.

Receiving network and processing the Earth from space. They take data from 15 modern satellite remote sensing of the Earth from space, covering the entire territory of Russia and surrounding areas.

Communication equipment and satellite data processing equipment.


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