Landslides in Sochi. Picture story

Road traffic was, to say the least, difficult. All over the city on the road was a large traffic jam. Torrential rain and climb the river on the road of the city, was a stunning sight …

It is 5 km from the center of the Olympic capital, we saw such a sight. Residents of the lower Plastunka Street Leselidze twice are isolated from the outside world. For the second time, after heavy thunderstorms sag land. Once in a landslide hit people moving in their own transport home after work. Miraculously surviving husband, wife and two teenagers were taken with

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Opening Heliport in Moscow

First Heliport for private helicopters opened on May 17 in Moscow at the international exhibition of the helicopter industry HeliRussia 2013.

Terminal and heliport are located on the roof of the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" in the west of the capital.

Heliport, open company "Russian Helicopter Systems" (PBC), with the support of JSC "Helicopters of Russia" will be able to take a few helicopters simultaneously. Currently, there are four seats. The number of sites designed for several dozen cars.


The port has a check-in desks departing and arriving passengers, screening equipment,

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The opening of the service center KAMAZ

RusBusinessAvto Company, a leading provider of sales of trucks, buses and construction equipment, has opened a new service center for KAMAZ vehicles in the city of Rostov-on-Don.


In September 2011 in the city of Rostov-on-Don, the official opening of a certified center for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles KAMAZ in the Rostov region. The updated service center KAMAZ RusBusinessAvto company meets all the requirements of the service center "KAMAZ". For a company RusBusinessAvto is another step forward in the direction of improving customer service.

The new service station is a production area of 2,750.5

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The death toll from floods in Thailand reached 140

The death toll in the floods going on in Thailand since late July has reached 140, said in a statement Disaster Warning Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand, published on Friday.

Previously reported 130 dead.

The paper also reported that the flood has now hit 1 million 903 thousand 708 people in 140 districts of 23 of 77 provinces. Flood destroyed almost a million hectares of rice fields, 31 highway of national significance, and 23 local highway flooded and closed to all types of vehicles.

The water level in irrigation reservoirs increased to 97-99%. One of

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Open first alternate road Holiday Avenue.

The length of the new section of the Olympic highway on which opened to traffic — more than 5.5 kilometers. The track runs on four flyovers through three tunnels.

Traffic is carried out in two lanes from the river Agura towards the center of Sochi with the departure of the road "Traversing the city of Sochi" in the traffic circle outside Strawberry.

The estimated capacity of the first complex is about 2,500 vehicles per hour.

A key element of the first stage of alternate road — trestle over a length

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Centre for Quantum Technologies opened at Kazan Federal University

At Kazan Federal University Center Opened quantum technologies. As the supervisor of the quantum center Dmitry Tayurskiy, preconditions for the emergence of such a center existed for a long time.

"The fact that the study of quantum technologies at the Kazan University are engaged in a very long time. This research in the field of magnetic resonance, superconductivity, superfluidity, and extensive laser work. All this — quantum technology. In the general sense — is a modern technology and scientific research and advanced technology to create new devices, which laid the basis for the functioning of the

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Open the perinatal center of Perm Krai

November 28, 2011 in Perm regional perinatal center has received a license for medical practice. Work all offices and clinics.


The building of the center transferred to the operational management of the Perm regional clinical hospital staff formed. Some specialists will focus on his studies to learn how to work with high-tech equipment that is installed in the center.




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A new body of the test center Altaivagon

Test center hardware railway built in the Altai region in 2008. Then the volume of investment in its creation amounted to about 136 million rubles. To build and equip a new building to receive 300 million rubles. His work will allow the plant to produce more modern cars.

The plant is already preparing to release new products, among which the car weighing in at 75.5 tonnes, equipped with a new braking system, with each trolley car has its own brakes.

JSC "Altaivagon" for 9 years is a part of "SDS Mash." In the next 3

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Open Research Center of Health of Russian Railways

In August, Moscow hosted the official opening of the building, which will house Research and Clinical Center (NCC) — the first in the world Medical Research Center for the development of high technology on the production and transport of medicine.

"This is a unique institution for the global healthcare practice. Here, in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medical Sciences will be fundamental scientific medical research applied orientation. The center will be generated as new to science ideas protect the health of employees working in specific natural and man-made conditions, and are testing

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A new Medical Center of Moscow State University

New MSU Medical Center put into operation. It is a complex of buildings raznoetazhnyh from 3 to 9 floors with a total area of 52.8 thousand square meters. meters, connected by transitions.

The center provides 9-story hospital with 300 beds in the intensive care unit, surgical, therapeutic, cardiology offices, 5-story diagnostic and treatment unit, 3-storey operating theater, laboratory building.

Moscow State University Medical Center will be the first Russian university clinic. It will contain almost all the specialties of modern medicine — both therapeutic and surgical. Medical research and education center

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