He began work access center Skolkovo technology park


On the basis of SEC thin film technologies in power at the Physico-Technical Institute in St. Petersburg, Ioffe opened the first center in the country shared Technopark Skolkovo (JUC)

According to the CEO of Technopark Sergey Kurilova, CCT is an integrated solution to support business innovation that pervades the entire chain from basic research to manufacture a new product.

Integralness evident in the fact that, first, there is the Ioffe Institute. Ioffe — the leader of the fundamental and applied research in the field of photovoltaics, providing scientific expertise on the basis of which the

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The national project Nova Zhittya

In the framework of reforming the healthcare industry of Ukraine opened the eighth perinatal center. The medical establishment cost about 70 million USD opened in Poltava, writes the "Interfax-Ukraine".

The opening ceremony was attended by the First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Iryna Akimova and Vice Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul.

"National Project" Nova life "- is one of the biggest public projects. This is the eighth center, which has earned the country. It's nice that in addition to budget money invested in its construction and sponsorships, "- said Akimov.


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Science and Technology Center opened in Petersburg SEZ

The company "Angle-Engineering" which belongs to "Perspective", and is the first resident of a special economic zone (SEZ) in St. Petersburg, opened a research and development center for the development and production of new industrial automation systems. 

Center is located on the site, "Neudorf" SEZ, the cost is estimated about 400 million rubles. Planned terms of return on investment is five years. The center will lead the development of automated control systems for hydropower facilities, thermal power, nuclear power and large industrial enterprises of power.

"Always nice to start a project or to participate

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Science is sent into space / multipurpose laboratory module is ready to fly

MLM — multipurpose laboratory module, named "Science", another "brick" in the building of the Russian segment of the International Space Station. Module size is comparable to a small house 13 meters long, 5 — wide. While he was still on Earth — in the Khrunichev Space Center, and a complete copy of its simulator — Cosmonaut Training Center. Soon the module "Science" will take its place in orbit.

Spiral galaxies grow from within

By happy coincidence group of Hawaiian and French astronomers succeeded in resolving a long-standing debate about how spiral galaxies formed.

This accident was a gravitational lens as a galactic cluster, located between us and the distant spiral galaxy located at a distance from us 9.3 billion years. "Lens" has increased its brightness by 22 times, which has allowed her to study in detail the range and structure.

Until now, scientists could not agree among themselves as to how is it that spiral galaxies are formed. The dispute could resolve one of the main characteristics of the

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NATO has not used a transit center in Ulyanovsk

NATO never once failed to use transit cargoes from Afghanistan to Ulyanovsk, which was launched a year ago. The reason was dissatisfaction with the officials of the Alliance of inflated prices for services of Russian shipping companies. It is reported by "Kommersant" reported, citing sources in the framework of NATO.

One of the sources of the publication in the diplomatic circles of the country — member of the international coalition in Afghanistan, said that the cost of transporting a container through Termez Uzbekistan — 30 thousand euros, while a Ulyanovsk — 50 thousand euros.


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The violence in the settlements

In the UK, the police check the information that the immigration center guards raped women awaiting deportation

In British immigration center "Yarls Wood" women are sexually abused by guards. This was reported by one of the defenders of the former occupants of the center, it has spent six months pending deportation. Police launched an investigation, and lawyers called on the authorities to check carefully the activities of "Yarls Wood", which is not the first time attracted the attention of the public.

Police launched an investigation into the incident at the British immigration center "Yarls Wood"

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Science: The confirmation of the presence of extra dimensions in the universe.

Star near the center of our galaxy

New method for estimating the deflection of light by gravity black holes can confirm the presence of extra dimensions in the universe. Curvature direction of radiation by powerful gravitational field — one of the known effects of General Relativity. These gravitational lenses are actually observed in the universe and are an excellent practical confirmation of the validity of Einstein's calculations — as a rule, they are such massive body, as dense and entire galaxy clusters. For example, the famous Einstein Cross — images of distant quasars, distorted by light passing around

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In Simferopol, hailing the size of a grape

On Friday, the center of Simferopol was paralyzed due to heavy rain and thunder. The Crimean capital hit rain and hail the size of a grape. Due to suspended sediments transport movement, pedestrians were hiding in doorways and stores nearby, and the water does not go into storm drains clogged — the streets were flooded. "The reason for this kind of weather was the fact that the peninsula was in the northern part of the storm centered over Turkey, moreover, affects vnutrimassovaya Sunny" — told "Today" in the Crimean weather center.

Even today remain unstable weather with rain and thunderstorms,

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Ground-space interferometer operates RadioAstron

 Photo source:fian-inform.ru

The interferometric signal ("petal") from the quasar 0212 +735 obtained in ground-space interferometer RadioAstron when observing November 15, 2011 at a wavelength of 18 cm along the vertical axis shows the amplitude of the signal in relative units. The result is given for the base Spektr-R — 100-meter radio telescope in Effelsberg (Germany). The projection of the interferometer base on the plane about 45 mega wavelengths. Experts Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute received the first correlated signal from the quasar 0212 +735 with the ground-space radio interferometer RadioAstron that marks the beginning of the existence

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