Metrological Center opened in Moscow RUSNANO testing laboratory

Metrological Center RUSNANO opened a testing laboratory in the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute in Dolgoprudnom Moscow region.

The lab will focus on measuring the spatial and structural parameters of nanoscale components wide variety of products, including nanopowders, suspensions, aerosols, porous materials, coatings, film structures, the bulk material (in particular ceramic based composites, polymers and metals).

It is assumed that the services of the laboratory will use a RUSNANO project company, as well as independent producers of nano-products.

"Our laboratory can be called one of the most modern facilities in the Russian nanotechnology industry in the field of metrology, —

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Mexico will bring a communications satellite into space by Russian rocket Proton-M

The Government of Mexico has signed a contract with the U.S. kompanieyInternational Launch Services / ILS / output on a satellite in space communication "MEKSSAT-1" with the Russian carrier rocket "Proton-M". This was reported today HUD majority share is held by the State Research and Production Space Center / Khrunichev / them. Khrunichev.

As she clarified, now adjusted its schedule of upcoming launches to display the satellite "MEKSSAT-1" in geostationary orbit from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at some point in the period 2013-2014. Satellite "MEKSSAT-1", the weight of which would be 5800 kg, is now under construction division of the

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Universiade Village Medical Center opened in Kazan

Medical Center was built for the Summer Universiade in 2013. The center also houses the student health center, which will serve 27 schools with a total student population of about 70 thousand people. Professional staff of the Medical Center — 197 people.

In the Medical Center are all basic research methods.

The conditions created at the Medical Center, enable accurate diagnosis, prevention, and timely quality care with maximum comfort for patients. Here, in particular, may be given emergency care. There is a day hospital, physiotherapy department, the unit of doping control, infection study.

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MGIU prepares specialists for the defense and space industries

In 2008, the Moscow State Industrial University in the framework of the Federal Target Program of Education was established Intercollegiate Resource Center "Technology of the XXI century", the purpose of which is to train engineers with the use of innovative teaching methods, possessing both professional knowledge and modern information technology in the automotive and mechanical engineering.


Using the intellectual and technical resources of the Center MGIU conducts various forms of study (laboratory and scientific research, training and retraining). Students graduate departments technological direction have the opportunity to learn the skills of-the-art CNC equipment, used for the

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About the chakras and the third eye

December 11, 2011 16:57

Modern man does not know what he can and should be. In his ignorance, and ignorance, he rushed to acquire material imaginary treasures and neglected higher real treasure, which is carrying all the days of his existence: "The kingdom of God is within you." The wisdom of the ages shows — "Know thyself!". This is blasphemy, that people are more revered machine (body) than great energy, which consists in them. But for all the predictions of the ancient prophets, New Age yet to come, which will be a lot of people who would replace the most

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Even today, 28 April

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.


Rain, thunderstorms, the temperature during the day plus 18-25.

In the Spotlight

In Minsk District Courts continue trials former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and other members of the Square.

The campaign "Stop Petrol" plan to hold a protest against rise in price of fuel in Minsk and other major cities, they agree to pay at the pump in small denominations and move to the city center with a speed of 30 km per hour.

Do not pass

To be held in Brest "sacramental Concert" Liavon

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Earthquake of magnitude 4.0 occurred in Romania

Magnitude 4 earthquake occurred today in Romania. This was reported by the National Institute of Geophysics. Quake epicenter was located in the mountain range, located in the county of Vrancea / center Romania / center lies at a depth of 130 km. Victims, victims or damage. Tremors were felt in many cities in the county. Vrancea mountain range — seismic zone, located on the docking area of the southern and eastern Carpathians. Maximum magnitude of earthquakes in the seismically active zone reaches 7.6.

Magas — the capital of Ingushetia

Magas — the youngest of the administrative center of Russia. The city was founded in 1995 and was intended for and implementation of administrative tasks. At the end of December 2000 became the capital of Ingushetia Magas, replacing it as the Nazran.

Population: 6,180 people.

Some photos of the city being constructed with a 100-meter multi-purpose center "Ingush tower."

Investment project "Ingush Tower" is being implemented at their own expense famous Ingush patron Alikhan Harsieva.

The large area and good layout of the tower floors allow it various cultural events, academic

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Shock trio of helicopters Mile

Russian designers make helicopters XXI century

Freight, passenger helicopters are perhaps the most versatile, because without a fundamental revision of basic design can solve a wide range of tasks — from transportation and VIP-persons working in the Arctic to extinguish fires and transfer units landing. Our homeland, one of the world leaders in the sector, offers a line of helicopters Mi.

Helicopter soldiers

Difficult to find a country in the world where nothing is known about the Kalashnikov assault rifle — it's the star of world importance. Much the same can be said about the other world star — rotorcraft

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Lukoil opened Russia’s first corporate training center

In Ilinka Astrakhan opened Russia's first corporate training center for staff to work on offshore oil and gas facilities.


The center consists of teaching and administrative buildings, training ground with training, production and special facilities, swimming pool, hotel rooms and the socio-cultural and domestic purposes. Training center is located in the immediate vicinity of the integrated transportation and industrial base, designed for logistical support offshore oil production facilities and gas in the northern part of the Caspian Sea.


The training program provides hands-on exercises using various simulators that reproduce the real conditions

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