Liquidators in Kalinkavichy NO room

Society In Kalinkavichy local authorities do not give room Chernobyl liquidators to hold a meeting on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

"There was a preliminary agreement that we will hold a meeting on April 17 in DC railway. Eventually we were refused. He was going to invite to the meeting of experts of the Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology and Republican expert advice determining causation of diseases with the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster," — says member Tips socio-ecological association "Center for Support of Chernobyl Initiatives", II group Vasily Siliverstov.

"I am a

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Testing center Uralkhimmash received new equipment


September 29. In the mechanical laboratory testing center have been installed two new multi-purpose machines — with capacity of 10 tons and a capacity of 60 tons, intended for physical and mechanical testing of metallic materials, welds, semi-finished and finished products for tensile, static bending, shear, shearing, flattening and compression at ambient and elevated temperatures. In total, the equipment Testing Center with modern control and measuring equipment as part of the investment program for 2010 — 2011 Year spent more than 80.5 million rubles. Universal machines acquired under the modernization program, which is implemented by means of

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The country SHOPe watch online

We offer a new humorous series, presented by Igor growth, which to tell you a lot of fun and exhilarating comedy stories, beam 1st buyers of shopping centers.

In this comedy sitcom participates perfectly familiar to fans of humor Alex Svetlakov which appear before the audience in some unexpected forms. Apart from this, the project will introduce you with some new faces in this genre.

You will learn about the reasons for making fun shopping at the mall, are aggressively quarrel best friend, why it's so easy to lose the baby, and how you can

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Christmas celebrations in Kamchatka canceled because of bad weather

Authorities Petropavlovsk canceled Christmas holiday celebrations in the city center and fireworks due to squally wind and snowfall caused by the cyclone, said Mayor regional center.

Planned that the fireworks will be launched for the first time over the city at midnight local time (16:00 MSK). Also for the first planned broadcast of the New Year greeting the Russian president on the big screen in the center of Petropavlovsk.

"For the residents and guests of the regional center was cooked a big holiday program. However, bad weather has made some changes," — said in a statement.

According GUMCHS RF

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Information Centre Yew and boxwood trees

Yew-tree grove is part of the Caucasian State Nature Reserve. She is not only one of the most beautiful places in the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, but also a rare monument of nature, which has relict vegetation and climate. That is why the grove chosen as the object of the show for a Winter Games in 2014 with the introduction of a program of construction of Olympic facilities and development of Sochi as a mountain resort.

This status has imposed certain requirements of the natural complex arrangement to ensure the safety and accessibility for all

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Information center of the state corporation Rosatom opened in Bangladesh

Information Centre for Nuclear Energy State Corporation "Rosatom" has opened in the capital of Bangladesh — Dhaka. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the leading technical universities in Russia, as well as heads of ministries and educational institutions of Bangladesh.

As previously reported by the head of "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko, the corporation begins to work on the construction of nuclear power plants in Bangladesh. Total installed capacity of the two reactors will reach 2,000 megawatts, and their total cost will exceed $ 2 billion. NPP is planned to start at the beginning of the 2020s. The

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Innovative school garden propose to build in Tomsk

Organizers of the project "School Skolkovo in Tomsk," expect to build an educational institution that combines the kindergarten and school.

"The building will be made in the shape of a flower and bring together six blocks: entrance hall, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and early development center," — said the author of the original architectural idea of the project "Skolkovo School in Tomsk," Michael Mokrousov the press conference at the press center of the agency "Interfax-Siberia" on Thursday, March 1.

According to him, the school will be two stories with a ground floor area of its premises

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List of CIA-funded Russian public organizations

Here is a list of organizations who in 2009 received financial support from the Fund National Endowment for Democracy, which was created by the CIA

List of Russian organizations that have received grants through the "State Fund of the United States for democracy" (the National Endowment for Democracy, NED) in 2009, according to its own Annual Report of the Fund. An asterisk indicates the organizations that were other than grants NED, additional funding from the U.S. Department of State. Amounts expressed in U.S. dollars.

All-Russian Public Movement "For Human Rights" (HRA)75,000 *

To improve the criterion of prisoners in

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In St. Petersburg, lightning killed a man and a woman

Two people were killed on Friday in the city center. Man and woman hiding from the rain under a tree and killed by lightning.

On Friday night in the city center a heavy downpour, accompanied by thunder. Storm, in particular, affected the historical center and Nevsky Prospect. The tragedy occurred on the streets of the Rebellion. In place already working law enforcement officers. Clarifies the identities of those killed, reports "Interfax".

Typhoon Sunbeam become second supertyphoon this season

Typhoon "Sunbeam", which arose on September 10 in the Philippines, is rapidly gaining strength and may soon become a supertyphoon — the second this season poslesupertayfuna "Bolaven", it is possible that it may affect the Russian Far East, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

Typhoon "Sunbeam" became the 16th typhoon of the season in the northwest Pacific Ocean. According to the center of tracking and forecasting of typhoons in Tokyo, at 10.00 MSK 13 September the maximum wind speed at its center was 50 meters per second, with gusts up to 70 meters in a second. "Sunbeam" is already on

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